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Localisation: Brighton, United Kingdom (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers à afficheur Dot matrix
Inscrit le: 31/07/2013
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nom du flipperDBfabricantÉtatà vendre?notesphotos
ALICE COOPERS NIGHTMARE CASTLE  Spooky Pinball (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisDEPOSIT PAID - Waiting for it to be built.  
BLACK KNIGHT SWORD OF RAGE  Stern (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
IN great condition. Great pinball
BLACKOUT Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépend  
CACTUS CANYON Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisCurrently being renovated and will be one of the best examples around when finished. Nearly everything going on is NEW. Also fitting the extended kit software, colour kit, shaker kit, new upgraded audio kit. New playfield, new decals. mirror chrome polished trim. New ramps etc etc the list goes on and on. Will look stunning when completed. Serial Number 332  
CENTAUR Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisMy 2nd centaur  
CENTAUR Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisWas the first pinball title I ever owned. I now own 2 and sadly neither are my original one. Will make one beautiful one from the two when i have the time to do so and than will sell the other one.  
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendPascal Janin Board fitted, pics coming soon  
DRACULA Stern (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisMy 2nd Stern Dracula project  
DRACULA Stern (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisBought it because Iíd never actually found one for sale. Than within couple weeks ended up with 2 haha  
FREDDY: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, fonctionnantCa dépendIn great original condition!!  
GHOSTBUSTERS LE  Stern (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
LOTS of MODS fitted!! Colour dmd Convolux plastics River of slime. Shaker Topper Art blades Upgraded leds Shooter rod  
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY  Stern (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépend  
ICE COLD BEER  Taito (Brazil)Monté, jouableJamaisRare not pinball, upright skill game
IRON BALLS  Cirsa (Spain)Démonté, fonctionnantJamaisSo so rare!! And luckily for me I have 2 of them!!  
IRON BALLS  Cirsa (Spain)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisMy 2nd Iron Balls  
IRON MAIDEN PREMIUM  Stern (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendHome Use Only, not had that many plays. Great machine.  
JOUST Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI donít know of another in Europe. Searched many years to get one. Thank you Xianek!
MEPHISTO Centro Matic (Spain)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisSearched long time for this unusual rare horror theme. Now just need to find time to make it great  
MUNSTERS PRO  Stern (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
NEMESIS  Peyper (Spain)Monté, jouableJamaisBought it due to beautiful artwork and never seeing one before. Havenít seen another since  
ORBITOR 1 Stern (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI looked for years to find one for sale. A unique machine. Sterns Last pinball before they went bust years ago. AWESOME MACHINE!! Everyone should play this game at least once. It is all 100% working.
PRIMUS  Stern (USA)Démonté, fonctionnantJamaisExtremely rare. Only 100 made and only US citizens were supposed to purchase and stern built but you could only buy through primus website. Only 1 in UK and I only know of 2 in Europe so far inc mine.
RED BARON  autre (voient les notes)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisIF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PINBALL PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AND LET ME KNOW Manufacturer - Barni Cannot find any real information about this machine. SUPER RARE
ROB ZOMBIE SPOOKSHOW  Spooky Pinball (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisOnly 300 worldwide! Imported from the states NIB. Have added shaker motor and the Topper by laserific and some other extras
ROBO-WAR Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, fonctionnantCa dépend  
THE SHADOW Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendVery nice condition. Pinsound. Alternate translite  
THUNDERBIRDS  autre (voient les notes)Monté, jouableOui!
Owned from new. In immaculate condition.
TX-SECTOR Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, fonctionnantCa dépend  
VALKYRIE  Jeutel (France)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisSuper Rare!! Only 100 made and that was back in 1982!! So how many left? Ive only ever seen this one  
WALKYRIA  Juegos Populares (Spain)Monté, jouableJamaisSUPER RARE company only existed for 1 year between 1986-1987. Suspect there are very few of these if any left. My game is working 100% and in great condition! Like with many of these obscure 80s titles absolutely love the art work.  
Flippers que athena possédait dans les années passées
(les flippers suivants ne sont plus dans la Collection de athena)
nom du flipperDBfabricantà vendre?notesphotos
AC/DC LUCI VAULT EDITION  Stern (USA)Vendu HUO - £££££ spent! Laserific Topper. Art Blades. Shaker. Bell Mod. Better LEDS. Shooter Mod.
ALIEN  Heighway (UK)Vendu HUO. Please note HAS BEEN FITTED WITH LATEST PC AND SOFTWARE CODE 1.2!! BACKBOX 27 inch SCREEN UPGRADE. Like new and fully working. Brilliant Game!!
ATTACK FROM MARS REMAKE LE  Chicago Coin (USA)Vendu The LE version with Topper, green trim, shaker and mirror blades. Stunning game!! HUO
BATMAN Stern (USA)Vendu Great condition fully working. Also has manual included. Great game
BIG BANG BAR Capcom (USA)Vendu My one regret, should have kept it  
BLACK HOLE Gottlieb (USA)Vendu 
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Williams (USA)Vendu Top example. many extras fitted. Mirror Polished lockdown bar, side rails, legs and bolts. new recalled cabinet. shooter lane coffin mod. houses are all painted, snow added and window lights up. alternative sling shots fitted. fully LEDS. dracula mod replacement. playfield protector fitted. topper. original manual included. great example of a great game.
BRIDE OF PINBOT 2.0  Dutch Pinball (Netherlands)Vendu SWAPPED WITH FELLOW MEMBER ALEMOT - Lovely condition, BOP with dutch pinball 2.0 kit fitted turning it from alpha numeric displays game into a Colour DMD pinball!!. BRAND NEW PLAYFIELD FITTED. Dutch pinball decals fitted. Lots of extras such as Laserific Topper. Under cab lighting, LEDs, excellent large shuttle mod, speaker lights, mirror blades, mirror polished siderails, lockdown and backbox hinges. More pics available.
COBRA  Bell Games (Italy)Vendu Some very cool 80s music whilst playing this. Have video available on WhatsApp if interested Multiball, Ramps, Kickback this pin was ahead of its time!! Great game and rare
DEADPOOL PRO  Stern (USA)Vendu Like New. Only a few months old. Goody bag still stapled inside. MINT HUO
HOUDINI  American Pinball (USA)Vendu HUO - Shaker motor and art blades fitted. Like New.
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Vendu STUNNING!! 24 KT GOLD PLATED TRIM INC COINDOOR, BACKBOX HINGES, EVEN the BACKBOX LATCH! Legs, lockdown side rails and APRON all in GOLD! All the gold wire form ramps replated! Gun plated! Redecalled Cabinet. Colour LCD Display fitted. PINSOUND Fitted! More mods on the game, TANK, ARK, Indiana Figure, Indiana in Minecart and boulder! Propeller on plane spins around. Playfield is mint. Pictures show how stunning this is. Flipper control boards just been replaced. Comet LEDS BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE
IRON MAIDEN LE  Stern (USA)Vendu HUO - speaker lights fitted
JETSONS  Spooky Pinball (USA)Vendu HUO - Only 100 units made! SO SUPER RARE. Mine is Special Edition with Topper and Purple Trim they only made 25 of them!!
METALLICA Stern (USA)Vendu Fully Leds and Fully working. Excellent condition. fitted wth latest code version 1.7
MYTHOLOGY  Martina (France)Vendu SOLD TO PINOWNER MEMBER / It appears to be unlicensed CLASH OF THE TITANS Very rare french conversion game of a gottlieb system 80a widebody.
NO GOOD GOFERS Williams (USA)Vendu Top example! Cabinet and playfield in excellent condition. Fully Leds. Mirror blades. Powder coated legs and back box hinges. Colour DMD! Recently rubbered.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Vendu EXCELLENT EXAMPLE! LEDS, Inside Cab Decals, Colour DMD! Great condition Pirates pinball. Fully working and nicest example I've seen, plays great.
PISTOL POKER Alvin G. (USA)Vendu Very rare. Only 200 made!!!  
SCARED STIFF Bally (USA)Vendu Super example. Has been put in a brand new built cabinet. Lots of money spent. New legs, bolts, siderails, ramps are all 100%, Fully LEDS. Cliffy fitted to spider hole. Custom EYEBALL shooter fitted. Terrifying overlay fitted and than mylared over the top. New Crate Decal.
STAR TREK VENGEANCE PREMIUM Stern (USA)Vendu HUO latest version. Shaker fitted. Speakers upgraded. Speaker inserts and lights. Only few months old.
STAR WARS Data East (USA)Vendu Excellent condition. Refurbished. Fully working.
STAR WARS LE  Stern (USA)Vendu HUO - Stunning example with many mods added!!
TAG-TEAM PINBALL Gottlieb (USA)Vendu Fully working rare gottlieb pinball. Don't see for sale very often.
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Data East (USA)Vendu Original topper!! TOP condition. Excellent example
THE ADDAMS FAMILY SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION Bally (USA)Vendu Number 0691!! Genuine original ADDAMS GOLD! Leds fitted, uncle fester mod and polar bear added. All new gold trim just been replaced, lockdown bar, side-rails, legs, bolts, levellers and ball shooter assembly all new! In great condition especially considering itís 24 years old. DMD perfect. Original Gold Manual present, certificate is official repro ordered from states.
THE CHAMPION PUB Bally (USA)Vendu STUNNING CONDITION! RARE PINBALL. Looks and plays like new. Powder coated legs, colour dmd, fully workshopped, rubbers all changed, fully leds, cabinet and playfield both look perfect. All plastics perfect. Mirror blades fitted.
THE SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY Stern (USA)Vendu STUNNING!! Best Simpsonís youíll ever find!! Speaker panel decal, speaker inserts, colour dmd, flipper fidelity speakers, shooter rod mod, tv mod, cointaker backbox light mod, beautiful tilt topper, powdercoated yellow trim!! Inside cab sideblades. Leds fitted. This pinball is excellent example. If you want a Simpsons this is the one!!
THE SOPRANOS Stern (USA)Vendu Very good condition. See pics. Great game. Fully LEDS
THE WALKING DEAD LE  Stern (USA)Vendu HUO - MODS !!!Beautiful example LE with mirrored backglass. This rare and highly desirable LE has also had lots of money spent on it. These simply donít come up for sale, they are in high end collections and arenít ever sold. Inside cab decals. Bicycle girl mod. Roof top mod. Saw Blade mod. Railroad sign mod, Highway 66 sign mod, apron cards, Shaker motor.extra sounds from series in the game. Itís in like new condition and the extras make it even better.More pics available
TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION  Spooky Pinball (USA)Vendu Like New! HUO and only set up a few weeks ago. Shaker motor fitted and target decals added.. GREAT GAME!
IMPORTANT: Cette page montre la collection de flippers du membre athena de Brighton, United Kingdom. Les flippers à monnayeur énumérés ci-dessus, y compris leurs images, ont été téléchargés dans notre base de données par athena lui-même; athena est le seul responsable de l'information contenue en cette page. Les flippers montrés ci-dessus ne sont pas nécessairement à vendre! Veuillez se référer à la 4ème colonne dans la liste pour savoir si un certain flipper est en vente ou pas. Très probablement, la plupart des flippers de athena sont des flippers d'occasion qui ont été installés dans les cafes et d'autres lieux publics; leur valeur en tant que collectable dépend en grande partie de l'aspect et de la fonctionnalité de chaque flipper.
Commentaires par d'autres membres de notre communauté
 De drenngur le 16-03-2019 09:59:
I never cease to be amazed by your collection. Where do you FIND these machines? Thunderbirds? Rare Sterns, limited edition Jeutel ... fantastic. Iíd love to drop by some day and see your outfit up close! Keep it up!
 De mlbarreira le 21-01-2018 17:08:
WoW! Amazing collection! Your Tron Le is stunning!
 De chatplume51 le 22-05-2017 20:22:
nice collection,all Tobin's pinballs are in good condition
 De kurgan999 le 17-05-2017 03:47:
so amazing collection and the way how you treat pins and take care of em is very inspiring!

 De tonymadrid le 25-02-2017 22:13:
Beautiful pinball of all generations
 De surfchamp le 13-04-2016 00:16:
Your Red Baron game is stunning! Never heard of it!
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