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Collectionneur: kse-23
Localisation: Mountain View,CA USA (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers electromécaniques des années 70'
Inscrit le: 14/02/2015
33 flippers
mis à jour le: 03/07/2019
nom du flipperDBfabricantÉtatà vendre?notesphotos
ALIEN POKER Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPaid $800.00 on eBay. STI picked it up for me, in Hawthorne, CA. Pinball Pirate repaired.  
BOW AND ARROW Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased through eBay on 6-9-15 for $306.01. STI picked it up at Alexandria, Virginia. Doesn't work. PP repairing, June 2017.  
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC  Bally (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisPurchased for $1, 170. on eBay, 5-21-18, from one owner, who bought it from a bar in New Jersey. I had to pay $159. extra, as machine was in basement of New Jersey home...two strong men were hired to bring machine up the stairs. STI shipped to CA in record time!  
EIGHT BALL DELUXE LIMITED EDITION Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendPurchased on eBay for $700 in August, 2013. My favorite pin, when in arcades. I like the talking machines. Pinball Pirate repaired in October 2015 for $477.  
EL DORADO Gottlieb (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisPurchased for $500.00 at Pin-a-go-go show on May 20, 2017. One owner! PP repairing June 2017.  
GENIE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
Purchased on 1-9-2015. for $50.00 including my trade of Laser Ball. Rented truck to pick-up in San Rafael, California. No legs, no playfield glass, smoke-full environment! Eventually repaired by Pinball Pirate, Chris, who completely overhauled it for only $1, 075. Took 100 days...April to July 2015. Backglass near perfect. $1200. for sale.  
GORGAR Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased in July 2013 on eBay for $1, 000. Had it shipped by STI from Los Angeles. I like talking machines...  
HEE HAW Chicago Coin (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased in 1977. Backglass is shattered, but on pin still.  
HONEY Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased in 1978. $400 in Campbell, California  
HOT TIP Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased for $225.00 cash from a pinhead in Oakland, CA on 11-8-2015. Gary & the pinhead had to haul it up 15 outside stairs, but in two pieces! Borrowed pick-up to get it. Solid State version. Spotted on Craig's List. Pinball Pirate repaired.  
JACK IN THE BOX Gottlieb (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisPurchased 1-9-2015 for $575 on eBay. Rented truck to pick-up in San Rafael, California. Waiting for repair. June 2017.  
MATA HARI Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased through eBay on 5-24-15 for $374.99. STI picked it up for me in St. Louis, Missouri. Pinball Pirate repaired.  
NIGHT RIDER Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisSolid State version. Purchased for $610.00 through PayPal on 8-20-2015 from a pinhead in San Jose. I borrowed a pick-up truck to get it. One of my absolute favorites! The backglass was cracked, but the same guy found a perfect backglass later...sold it to me for $135.00.  
NIP-IT Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisInstead of buying this pin in any condition, I waited for a near-mint model! I now enjoy playing it with my wife. I especially enjoy Nip-It's complexity. Purchased on eBay for $1, 395. Paid previous owner $200 to ship from Rocklin, California. Delivered on 2-12-2015.  
NUGENT Stern (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
Purchased off of eBay in August 2013 for offer of $1, 128. Original price listed was $1, 495. Last owner turned down $500 for backglass. I like Ted Nugent, but the game itself is so-so. STI picked it up for me in Illinois. $1, 200. for sale.  
ODDS & EVENS Bally (USA)Monté, jouableOui!
Purchased 2-1-2015, in San Carlos, California, for $500. Found on Craig's List. for sale $600.  
OLD CHICAGO Bally (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisPurchased 8-16-15 on eBay, for $499.00. To my surprise, there were no other bidders for a shopped machine! I just need to put on four extenders, as the pinball stops on the playfield. STI shipped it in record time from Maryland!  
PLAYBOY Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased on eBay for $700+ in August 2013. Picked up by STI in Pennsylvania. Pinball Pirate repaired, & delivered on 9-16-15. I had purchased near-perfect playfield on eBay for $500+. It now plays like a dream. I sold the scratched up playfield for $300.00 on eBay to someone in Nevada. High Score is 1, 100, 000+.  
QUICK DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased for $412.00 using PayPal, from pinhead in San Jose. I borrowed pick-up truck on 11-7-2015.  
RO GO Bally (USA)Monté, doit être réparéOui!
Purchased for $500.00 at the Pin-a-go-go show on May 20, 2017 in Dixon, CA. for sale $600.  
ROYAL FLUSH DELUXE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased off of eBay for $575, in poor condition, but a pal fixed it up. I haven't played it yet! STI picked it up for me in Pennsylvania.  
SEA RAY Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendPurchased through CraigsList on 7-31-15, for $225.00. Doesn't work, cosmetic wood damage, front left leg doesn't connect to bolts(stripped). My wife & I picked it up in South San Francisco, CA. A forklift was used to place it in pick-up truck! Sold as project.  
SHARPSHOOTER Game Plan (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased through CraigsList on 7-26-15, for $550.00. Gary & I picked it up, with pinball dolly, In Antioch, CA, on a hot Sunday. I love the backglass! The playfield is really scuffed up, drop targets need replacing, so I purchased on eBay, a new playfield already wired, from Alabama.  
SHERIFF Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamais  
SKY JUMP Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased 4-26-2015 for $500.00. Borrowed a pick-up truck, with my wife, drove 30 miles to San Francisco. Seller lived on a VERY steep street, but with my new pinball dolly, was able to maneuver Sky Jump onto the truck!! Found ad on CraigsList.  
SOLAR CITY Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased on eBay for about $700. Had STI pick it up in Kentucky, in 2014. Almost bought Target Alpha for $600, but only had $300 with me. It's OK, I like these backglass colors!  
SPACE ODYSSEY Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI first played Space Odyssey at the Boardwalk, on the beach, in Santa Cruz, California.  
SPACE SHUTTLE Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased on eBay for $912.02 from someone in Wyoming, on 9-10-16. No repairs needed so far.  
SPACE TIME Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisOwned since 1978.  
STAR TREK Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased through eBay for $399, August 2013. Picked up by STI in Reno, Nevada. Didn't operate, scratched playfield. Update: Mechanic repair on 1-30-2015...machine plays normal now!  
SUPER SOCCER Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI love extra play inside the backglass!  
SURF CHAMP Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPurchased quickly on eBay for $900, from someone in Michigan, in July 2016. One of my favorite games at Pacific Pinball Museum.  
TOP SCORE Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisPurchased in August 2013 on eBay, for $599. I love this pin! Decided I preferred this backglass over the 300 backglass. STI picked this up for me in Virginia.  
IMPORTANT: Cette page montre la collection de flippers du membre kse-23 de Mountain View, CA, USA. Les flippers à monnayeur énumérés ci-dessus, y compris leurs images, ont été téléchargés dans notre base de données par kse-23 lui-même; kse-23 est le seul responsable de l'information contenue en cette page. Les flippers montrés ci-dessus ne sont pas nécessairement à vendre! Veuillez se référer à la 4ème colonne dans la liste pour savoir si un certain flipper est en vente ou pas. Très probablement, la plupart des flippers de kse-23 sont des flippers d'occasion qui ont été installés dans les cafes et d'autres lieux publics; leur valeur en tant que collectable dépend en grande partie de l'aspect et de la fonctionnalité de chaque flipper.
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