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.cri   OlotSpain
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1320buick455  Easthampton, MAUSA
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8560june  Springfield, KYUSANeed to make room in my collection. Will sell or consider trading for another Gottlieb EM.
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ac70  TorontoCanadaMy first game. As a newbie I took a chance buying this one off a guy who had it in his barn for last 15 years. It cleaned up well enough and only need a few electrical fixes and as such it was a good introduction to the EM world. After playing the game for the last 2 years I felt like this game deserved some better restoration than I was able to do as a newbie. As such, I gave the playing field the full tear down, clean, touch up and clear coat treatment. I re-adjusted and fixed all electrical contacts. Okay, the cabinet still needs some work, maybe a repaint and definitely a new coin door while the back glass could use some touch ups in the oranges but I will save that for the future as for now the game plays fantastic - smooth and fast. I absolutely love the rule set and layout of this game which is both fun and challenging. I never seem to tire of its allure. It is my favourite game!
ajfclark   HorshamAustralia
alishabonita New orleans, LAUSAI got this game as payment for some summer work i did for my step father over the summer. I planned on keeping the game for some time but due to issues with my financial aid this semester I must depart with my new love to pay for schooling this semester. life lessons for sure. i have brought this game back to life by doing a tune up. New fuses, bulbs, rubbers, cleaned and polished. It looks amazing now and works fantastically. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information. MY Machine is also currently listed on ebay!
arch   OsloNorway
atlanta_paul   Acworth, GAUSASaved from hackers at a flea market. Nice overall shape, complete in the restore. Playfield turned out to be very nice. Cool scoring method. Sold to make room for something new.....
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bakerhw   Michigan, MIUSACabinet repaint, extensive playfield touch ups, clearcoated, backglass repro from bgresto. All mechanicals cleaned and adjusted. New pop bumpers, all new rings and lamps. All functions working. Plays fast and clean.
bdonegan2   Simsbury, CTUSA
bicyclenut  Fresno, CAUSARedone the whole machine. Even did the webbing on the cabinet thanks to a friend who knows how to do the the Gottlieb way. Custom made new stencils for the graphics. All NEW backglass, plactics, coin door, strike plate, legs, roll through guides, light bubls, rubber kit, pop bumpers and drop targets. Playfield is untouched and orginal. Just cleaned and waxed.
bke1 AdelaideAustralia$2,000 + SHIPPING
bobbyg  Grass valley, CAUSAThis original machine needs bulbs and bands, rarely used machine from Konocti Harbor, CA
brianc   Raleigh, NCUSA
budski  Morton, ILUSA
budski  Morton, ILUSA
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captain b zaar   BodenSweden
catsabug   Anaheim, CAUSAcan not sell my favorite game
cawllins   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
charlietango   Wichita falls, TXUSANice looking game, has been moved from Minnesota to Wyoming to Portugal then Belgium then Washington State, then Texas... still in good shape!! Sturdy machine.
chopsey   AlcesterUnited Kingdom
cpiel   Allentown, PAUSA
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daffy4  Clacton on seaUnited Kingdom1st time owner, if you own this game let's get in touch
darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSA
deedle Sun city center, FLUSAI am downsizing to a new home and will not have room for my favorite game. This fun game is for sale. It has been maintained and in original condition. Clean, Bright, Working,
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 05001 Rebuild complete 3/2013 Sold 4/2013
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04817. This one is just passing through as part of a 3-way trade. I'll get to play/enjoy it for a little while though. Traded 2/2015.
dmagic198   Canton, ILUSA
drew_eckhardt   Menlo park, CAUSA
dropcardcrazy   Midlothian, ILUSA
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elvisinmypants  Fargo, NDUSA
enzo  TarnFrance
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faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fastenator   York, PAUSALooking for new backglass
footer  Scandia, MNUSATraded 02/2015 for "300".
footer   Scandia, MNUSAser#: 07778
frenchy   WinnipegCanada
full house 66   LondonUnited KingdomRestored, a superb game, much better than I expected. Clever, well balanced playfield layout.
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gap  PerthAustralia
gms   WinnipegCanada
gnance Spokane valley, WAUSA
goomba   TorontoCanada
goverment1984   EnfieldUnited KingdomJust purchased barn find chimes working now score reels need some fine tuning
greywolf   Boulder creek, CAUSA#47116 - Would like a newer playfield; Would like a better backglass; New bumper caps; Everything else original. Plays awesome.
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hammerhead   MelbourneCanada
hanky  Green lane, PAUSABeautiful repro Shay backglass
hawkmoth   LoreUnited Kingdom
heatbag   North vancouverCanadaI have a Wade Krause play field that I will install when I restore this game that I remember well from my teenage years
homebrood  Glenview, ILUSAPretty nice one, playfield is in good condition with some very minor planking. New drops rebuilt Chime unit.
hurl   VéringesFrance
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jeepgeek23   Draper, UTUSA
jeffc   Alexandria, VAUSA
jimirvin   Macungie, PAUSA
jimpy   WinnipegCanada
jndiana2010 BariItaly
jonmyers12   Provo, UTUSASerial # 07936
jpsanders   Austin, TXUSANot collector quality, but an addictive player. Very tactical game.
jufath   Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
jumpfly   Phoenix, AZUSALooking for Triple Action
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keriwing08  Overland park, KSUSABought this while I was in Austin. It works but needs a shop job. It's currently at my brother's house. I got distracted working on other games but plan on keeping it once I get my own game room.
kingpinman   San leandro, CAUSA
king_coaster  WinnipegCanada
klauerpower  Oshkosh, WIUSA
kse-23   Mountain view, CAUSAPurchased 4-26-2015 for $500.00. Borrowed a pick-up truck, with my wife, drove 30 miles to San Francisco. Seller lived on a VERY steep street, but with my new pinball dolly, was able to maneuver Sky Jump onto the truck!! Found ad on CraigsList.
ksnuclear   Spring hill, KSUSA
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laquer-head   Rockford, ILUSA
lenub   Oxford, PAUSA
lwest   Springdale, UTUSAMy father-in-law's Game. Needs a Cabinet touch up
lwest   Springdale, UTUSA2nd game.
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malibu ss  WinnipegCanada
manitouguy   VancouverCanada
maribel   MazanFrance
markham Barrington, ILUSAGreat original condition. I have two Gottliebs (Sky Jump and Surf Champ) Owned both for about 10 years. Both for Sale as package: $5800. I can be available to help a third party shipper, but I will not ship units.
mars2112  Cornelius, NCUSA
matadorman   Madison, WIUSA4200 made. A classic machine with a cool backglass, and I love the asymmetrical playfield layout. Mine is in nice shape, but since I'm an AAB guy I'd like to trade this one for its cousin, Free Fall!
mbaysek   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
michel maignaut   MontfrinFrance
mikeo   Overland park, KSUSA
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neonart BrisbaneAustralia
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
oberdorfer  Casey, ILUSAneeds better back glass, relay fell apart, '50 relay' need picture showing how to put it back together
onestargator   Hudson oaks, TXUSA
osprey   Brookings, ORUSAOn perma-loan from a close friend.
otaku   Union, NJUSA
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particlebox   San jose, CAUSA
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAPicked up this immaculate all original "project" Sky Jump (April 2017). Restoration finished May 2017*. Almost no wear on the playfield and the chrome shined up to an insane level. Backglass is a 9+ original. Got real lucky with this great drop target wedgehead. Love the scoring on this machine and the moving special. A very underrated game and glad that I have one for the collection.
pierre-benoit  Montréal, québecCanada
pinballdad1961   Macomb, MIUSA
pinballprowess   Anaheim, CAUSA
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinbit23 TorontoCanadaGood shape. This was my 2nd pin. Changed rollover guides from white to red. Nice Wedgehead. Game sold May 2012.
pincushion   San antonio, TXUSAPurchased game from Ken Head in June 2014. This was the Sky Jump set up at TPF 2014.
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSAfun game
pinhead52 Southlake, TXUSABought it off of local CL. nice PF and BG, cab needs work
pinhead52   Southlake, TXUSA
pinkingsnephew   St. louis, MOUSAWorks great nice pf and backglass
pm22   BarrieCanada
pricemo  Fairfax, VAUSAI fixed quite a few EM related problems along with lots of cleaning and new parts/rubbers. I play it several times a week. I bought it for only $100. It's missing the AS relay which controls only the match, so thats no big deal to me. The playfield was in pretty bad shape when I first got it(3 out of10rating) so I paid an artist $120 to touch it up. I would now rate it a 7 out of 10. Its a fun pin to play!
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raggarn   PiteåSweden
ray47   RuncornUnited KingdomLooking for service/installation manual. I have a schematic diagram but I'm struggling a bit to get a sensibly priced manual. I don't mind paying for a PDF version.
redknight  Riverside, CAUSA
rentall911   Brunswick, GAUSA
ruspin2   Roseland, NJUSA
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scott1958  Kansas city, MOUSANeeds a complete restoration and will get it. Already have a new glass and stencils for it, a Wade Krause playfield will also be in its future. One shot of the restored head and pedestal on top of the cab which is awaiting the repaint
snazzy81  Hamilton, ontarioCanadaRestoration complete
spanishsilver  Litchfield, NHUSAMachine is for sale
specialwhenlit  Green lane, PAUSAMint original playfield and repo plastics, Touched up cabinet, Mint original backglass. All new metal, game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration From the collection of Mark Niemkiewicz.
spider99  CatanzaroItaly
strangeways   MelbourneAustraliaWorking game, but I plan on restoring the playfield
stubbens  HallstahammarSweden
surfchamp   Clarion, PAUSAPicked up 2-17-19 in Johnstown Pa. I have very special plans for this one. For years I have wanted to do a custom Rat Fink themed pinball and this is the one......2-22-19 got it back from my buddy and she is working great. Love the layout of the playfield and a very fun game.
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tap455  Georges mills, NHUSA
tengle93  Jackson, NJUSAFound this gem on Craigslist less than 10 minutes after posting, dumb luck, $150. Had to drive about 3 hours to get it but well worth it. Other than the poor coin door and normal cabinet scratches, the machine is in nice shape. Needed some serious rust removal on the coin door as it was really stuck. Plays perfect, fun game.
tglover   HamiltonCanada
thyouwzy  ChateaurenardFrance
tiger05  SydneyAustraliaThe cabinet has been hand painted over the original design by a previous owner. It is water based so will come off easily and prefer the original artwork, regardless if it has faded etc. The playfield and backglass are both in excellent condition.
timr720  Lafayette, COUSAnew plastic set
todd   OshawaCanada
todd   OshawaCanada
tomdrum7   Port matilda, PAUSA
tscottn  Friant, CAUSA
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ujunkin2   Quincy, ILUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
vasev   Helena, MTUSAGot from the original owner, family owned.
velobaby   NuneatonUnited Kingdomlooking for the plastic for the 7 bank knock down targets
viking1   Hobe sound, FLUSA
vinignini   Elk grove village, ILUSA
vitty  Minnetrista, MNUSASer# 06948. This machine cleaned up nicely, but is probably just a touch nicer than 'players condition'. The machine plays great. The backglass was toasted and redone by the previous owner. The cabinet is in good condition with a few minor touchups here and there. SOLD - to my sister and brother in law
vivasantana   Pittsburgh, PAUSAWhat needs to be said. It is a little rough but nothing plays like SJ
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yopsolo   Le buisson-de-cadouinFranceRecherche d'ailleurs réparateur: gros bruit au démarrage. Certaines cibles ne remontent plus. Anomalie arrivée d'un coup

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