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1021 flippers STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (STTNG, ST:TNG) trouvés dans le database
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-spider-   RodenbachGermany
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
.cri   OlotSpainGermany
.cri   OlotSpain
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
17al3x17 MathaFranceParfait état de fonctionnement, tous révisé, monté en Led, Kit Hp amélioré, caisse non décoloré, pieds Chromes plateau en superbe état, Dot neuf, Stickers Targets, Etc.
1975david   BergamoItalyPerfetto
1979wade   WinnipegCanada
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
4eyes   OttawaCanadaRestored - beautiful
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
5701pin   ViennaAustria
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
703evo   SassariItalyGià venduto a 3500,00 euro...
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
80sphoenix LondonUnited Kingdom
80sphoenix  LondonUnited Kingdom
80sphoenix  LondonUnited Kingdom
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
a.stebel  BarrieCanadaGood STTNG, no wear on playfield. No fade on the cabinet (not that I have ever seen a faded STTNG).
aahgo   Hartford, WIUSA
aakatz1  Geneva, ILUSAGame is in excellent condition. Solid 9 out of 10. This is by far my favorite game and would be the last to go. I've gotten lucky with this game - it's not very forgiving play wise, which is nice. Despite what I hear a lot, this game rarely gives me trouble. Has topper and under-cab lighting.
aapin   Central point, ORUSAHome use for nearly all it's life. No cabinet fade.
aard  Den boschNetherlands
abukede  Paços de ferreiraPortugalFULL restored, like new... playfield painted and clear coated, all metal parts cleaned and polished, all plastic parts cleaned and polished, all cables cleaned, etc, etc...
action76   Flowood, MSUSA
adamper AvestaSweden
aeon ElverumNorwayGood condition. Strong colors in original cabinet decals. Ok playfield. Nice legs. DMD works perfect. All lamps and switches works ok. All plastic ok. Mods: Purple Cabinet LED, Complete plastic protector kit + lots of plastic spare parts, Cliffy Neutral Zone Protector, New rubbers, New Neutral Zone target decal, 6 new Premium Chromium Steel Pinballs. Great fun to play and perfectly implemented theme even for non "Trekkies"!
agusta   Avon, COUSAS/N 50423354051 - MFG DATE 11/16/1993 (dxb)
agusta   Avon, COUSAS/N 53323483091 - MFG DATE 03/30/1994 (co)
ajfclark   HorshamAustralia
akatar   SchildwoldeNetherlands
akltm1  BremenGermanyPerfect condition! Completely revised, lighted Backplex, black mirror blades, playfiled + backboard leds, original cabinett decals, Visaton subwoofer, non-reflective playfield glass, ColorDMD.
aladinice  NiceFranceen tres bel etat collection
alaindeloin16   SeraingBelgiumen Belgique France Allemagne hollande contre shrek
alamdq  Mar del plataArgentina
albel75  Candelo (bi)ItalyFull Comet leds, new cabinet decals and blades, Eaglemoss mods,custom topper and color dmd
alemot MilanoItaly€ 1700 - NICE CONDITION, FULL WORKING. FOR SALE.
alex kid   AthensGreece
alexis88  MelunFrance
alexpier   ScandianoItalyTotalmente restaurato, installato Led, modifiche gun, astronavi, lucidatura, adesso è perfetto!
alexsmendes   NiteróiBrazil
algrande   CalgaryCanadaClear coated PF, red powder coat..very very nice pin
alistair   RoodepoortSouth Africa
altan   Somewhere, GAUSAThis is, perhaps, the pin that required the most amout of effort to get working. While the game played, there was one non-obvious problem followed by another. Lots of info on my web site.
alucinoff   MadridSpain
alveolus   Oklahoma city, OKUSA
amg   WissenGermany
andluc   SchioItaly
andrea11   RomaItaly
andream   VareseItaly
andream   VareseItaly
andrew77 BergamoItalyBellissimo! Piano ripulito, adesso è uno specchio. Mod: varie astronavi illuminate, backboard decal e decal anche sui fianchi interni per dargli colore, led sulle insert. Accetto proposte per acquisto o scambio
andromeda   ToursFrance
andy123   BaselSwitzerland
andymac   RomaItaly
andypinball   RomaItalyPeretto!
andypuk   BirminghamUnited Kingdom
antoniomauro  LatinaItaly
antor   TallaghtIreland
aquasat   OostendeBelgium
arcade4all  VantaaFinland
arcadefan   EssenGermany
arcadetreasures   Pelham, ALUSA
archerfly   EmpoliItaly
area-52   AttiswilSwitzerlandbest condition! like new
argos  WindachGermanyBetter than new, restoration made by, clearcoated PF, LED, pinballpro sound....
arkanerd   Ham lake, MNUSA
arnoldskynet   PixboSweden
arsenio_lupin_69   MilanoItaly
asp1310  LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
astrofilo   AvezzanoItaly
avida   Cso:mo:rHungary
avo   SiegenGermany
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
axl   NesoddtangenNorway
axo  BydgoszczPoland
axwell PoitiersFranceEntièrement démonté, rénové, vitrifié, tout les décors sont présent, superbe caisse, écran parfait. Vendu pour changer des larges.
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backrush   Charlotte, NCUSA
bad214   HouillesFrance
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
baddanation   LeccoItaly
bagnouf   MulhouseFrance
bagss   Philadelphia, PAUSA
bailorgana  Los angeles, CAUSAIf you own this game let's get in touch to compare repair tips.
balintfr   HarkanyHungaryRestored HägerstenSwedenthis game was co-owned together with my three friends at LD
ballydude   LondonUnited KingdomColorDMD Fitted
bandekarts Upper black eddy, PAUSAGreat machine with lots of add-ons. Completely gone over. Rebuilt flippers with new solenoids. All weak solenoids replaced. Complete rubber replacement of entire play-field. Complete LED light system with extra lamps. Don't want to trade. Trying to make room for other acquired items.
bandi-to5  TorokbalintHungary
bandrik   Elkhart, INUSA
bangerjay   Mchenry il, ILUSA
barclayblue  NottinghamUnited KingdomThe whole family have enjoyed this game. The two guns have lazer lights. It has the extra voices from the crew.
barry609   OldhamUnited KingdomModded to the max
barry609   OldhamUnited KingdomModded to the max
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSAOpto board replacement
bay78  WinnipegCanadaWOW! Finally found one. COMPLETELY shopped with new ramps, rubbers, LED's etc. Finished my first ever playfield swap. It turned out well. I did have a friend who has done it before help get me started on how to mark everything and swap over the wiring harness (my nightmare about the swap). Looks AWESOME now. Now I don't just have a STTNG , I have a REALLY nice one!
baz999   NottinghamUnited Kingdom
bcgames  Anaheim, CAUSAnow has color DMD
bcgames   Anaheim, CAUSA
beaker   Cedarburg, WIUSAOne of the best games going, but the outlanes are a killer.
beeblebrox  Castrop-rauxelGermanyPerfect shape. Most of the illumination changed to superflux-leds mirrored black metal sides. Illuminated Translite.
bejelit ViterboItalyBellissimo 3700 euro
betts777  Bagneres de bigorreFranceTrade for ST Stern or 3000 euros.
bhemming   BramptonCanada
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bigblackhemi  OlomoucCzech Republic
bigblackhemi  OlomoucCzech Republic
bigblackhemi  OlomoucCzech Republic
bigian   BelfastIreland
bill220  St-imierSwitzerland
billy   BenidormSpain
bimbo   KlosterneuburgAustria
binelle   Cazouls lés béziersFrance
binger   Woodstock, ILUSA
bioba  BrisbaneAustraliaExcellent condition in every way. Full LEDs, chrome flipper bats, Custom paint job on Borg ship and cannons, new subway ramp, custom topper, extended out lanes, Hallmark Klingon ship, Romulan ship and shuttle with led lighting, .
biondogiallo  RiminiItalyPer ora solo il piano che sto riparando e restaurando a breve le foto
black panther  FeucherollesFrance
blasco71  GenovaItalyCerco, possibilmente in zona Genova, un tecnico in grado di sistemare il mio flipper, che funziona tutto tranne che non vanno le leve quando si premono i pulsanti e sempre la partita parte in multiball.Per il resto devo dire che sembra andare tutto.
blkmach  Silverdale, WAUSA
blue_dragonlore   WürselenGermany
bluice  BoItalyTotalmente restaurato (pari a nuovo)
bnagaki Parker, COUSAI bought it ten years ago has been in the guest room in my basement, it is in mint condition, and just had it serviced and checked out and everything is running great and in perfect running condition
bobpants   BournemouthUnited Kingdom
bok-tapok  LahtiFinland
bomber777   PlymouthUnited KingdomHand painted borg ship and other mods
bondto   HeinolaFinland
bonitaeric   Rochester hills, MIUSAHardly ever used
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
borsen   SäterSweden
bouda MagescqFranceLeds éclairage plateau violet et bleu , ajout USS Vengeance sur la cible neutral zone vente ou echange
br549pace   Seffner, FLUSAAwsome!!!!!!!!!!
brainscan LecceItalyPiano laccato in buone/ottime condizioni generali, total led, display color dmd blue, mirror blade, gambe cromate, lockbar cromata, sidebar cromata, gettoniera cromata, gun cromata, copertura zona pulsanti cromata (con logo sttng), decals nuove, profili della testata cromati, toys moddati! Su richiesta foto e video nel dettaglio.
brandaris   's-gravendeelNetherlands
brunodalp  Castiglione torineseItalyimpeccabile in ogni parte
btrip   Des moines, IAUSA
bubble   MilanoItaly
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
calacak   Westerville, OHUSAMy first game!
capnbirdseye   RedditchUnited Kingdom
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
carla   åmålSweden
carycarmichael   Seaside, CAUSANow with NOS playfield!
cavez4   LommaSweden
cdel  GexFrancePlateau et caisse bon etat. Leds noflix plus sous inserts et eclairage GI. Caoutchoucs premiums transparents
ced54   LorraineFranceSuperbe état d'origine, l'une de mes plus belles machines, il est Beautiful ! Collector
ced77   RognesFrance
cele1984 Rocca di papa(roma)Italyperfetto completo di copriplastiche.Non so come fare per mettere qui delle foto se siete interessati chiedete
cenobyte  SprundelNetherlands
cflipperfingers  Ringoes, NJUSA
charlemagne   ParisFrance
charlymatic Corrales de buelnaSpainPinball para proyecto de restauracion.
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaAll leds. Cab could get some love. PF at 9/10 Silver painted Borg ship. "Circular"led strip in pop bumper Works flawlessly
chester_pete   UkUnited Kingdom
cholm   GothenburgSwedenNormal condition as this previously has been owned by a pinball operator. Everything works, nothing is missing or broken. Addons: ColorDMD display, KBOP WingLED mod, Interactive Mission Light mod, Noflix LED Plus kit installed. Price: 32000 SEK or 3200 Euro.
chris15  WeyerFrance
chrisd   Long island, NYUSABeautiful example, great playfield, unfaded, undrilled cabinet with 1 scratch on the head.
chrisgrahamuk   LichfieldUnited KingdomLED conversion
christian123204  StockholmSweden
christian78  ViennaAustriaComplete sound, led and airbrush mod!
christophe94190  Villeneuve saint georgeFrance
chrysos1411   Limassol ( cyprus)GreeceA lot of space, good distant targets, killer outlanes, great multi ball and multi tasking...A top 20 pin u don't give up easily...
chuckwebster1964  Wakefield, MAUSAcompletely restored with Color DMD, laser canyons, rebuilt everything and LED lights.
ciop_nb VillorbaItalyAquistato da Massimo restauratore genovese...un grande...un po' caruccio ma grande affidabilità per le macchine prese da lui....
clarkkent   GrimmensteinAustriaExcellent condition.
claudius   WeinsbergGermany
clemens1411   GallspachAustria
cloz74   CheshireUnited Kingdom
cmderken   Kingsley, PAUSAA beautiful copy of this game, with Laser cannon, Lighted BORG ship, and Klingon cruiser mods.
coaster33   VancouverCanada
coinoperator   ArnhemNetherlandsHas prototype Coils, Guns and the Special sounds.  LimeiraBraziltudo 100% como nova!  LimeiraBraziltinha 2, 1 vendida !
corner   StockholmSwedenNew plastics, new ramps.
cortex  DuevilleItalyRestauro perfetto, sembra nuovo. Convertito a LED!
cpzengel   AschaffenburgGermany
craigc   Elmhurst, ILUSA
crni034 BeogradSerbia-Montenegro
crnobog   Slovenj gradecSlovenia
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsvery good condition
c_mario   SydneyAustraliaFully Restored. Totally Stripped. Resprayed inside cabinet. Playfield swappped out. All GI changed to LED's. New Decals. New Ramps. New Balls. New Plastics. New Connectors. new Flippers. New Rubbers. New DMD. New Legs, New Levellers, New Glass, Restored Electronics. In perfect condition.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
d89ean   Redmond, WAUSA
dajaab   AnnecyFrance
daniele345   BergamoItaly
danjan   örebroSweden
danschki  TraunAustria
darko69 KocaniMacedonia
darthboman   TäbySweden
dave   BergamoItalySia il piano che il cassone sono molto belli,c'e' solo qualche problema elettronico da risolvere
david49   AngersFrance
david83grimaud GrimaudFranceBonjour, Voir sur mon site pour plus de photos et de détails. Merci. David B.
davidemessia  FrosinoneItalyAltro pezzo appena arrivato!
davidemessia  FrosinoneItaly
dazzamataz  Perth, western australiaAustraliaFully restored and reconditioned. LED lights and new Borg Ship
deaconblooze   Edgerton, WIUSA$5,000 Firm
deathlance   Den haagNetherlands
debo CorreggioItalyArrivato senza vetro, con tanti problemi, sporchissimo ma funzionante. Restauro del piano completato, grazie anche ai consigli dell'amico Droico. mobile molto bello, piano lucidato, sost. plastiche rotte, 2 rampe e gomme nuove, pulsanti nuovi, palline nuove, vetro nuovo!! + installate n.2 MOD. ripulita anche rampa sotto playfield, adesso è quasi come da nuovo!!
degen   UmeåSweden
deuteros  MysenNorwayCascading problems with power driver board. Struggling to find source of problem.
deviliann   LédenonFrance
dex82 CandeloItalyUn bellissimo regalo dell'amico andrea! Grazie ancora bro interamente ripulito e tutto full led comet pinball! bellissimo lo scambierei solamente con stern o con White water davvero bello! PS gioca benissimo X info non esitate a contattarmi watsapp 3402438026
dgpinball   AldergroveCanada
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgiumpictures for whatapp
diegotech Botticino seraItalyUn flipper a mio parere veramente bello, ho montato lampadine a led perché non è molto luminoso.
dimitridc  OudenaardeBelgium
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
diodo1979  MassaItalypiano perfetto ,cabinet sciupato un po' nei lati .. da avere
dipstickjimmy   ThorntonCanadaRestored with Clear Coated pf, Cliffys all around. Hallmark Enterprise and B.O.P. Custom painted Borg Ship and LEDs thruout.
djcult   IngolstadtGermany
djs   NorwichUnited Kingdom
dj_pat_pio   ViennaAustria
dkviking   Sonder ommeDenmark
doageorge  PatrasGreeceAnother great game factory condition.
doctor pinball  BucharestRomania
donis43 LisbonPortugalVENDU
dos.reboot   TecumsehCanada
doubleosix   Hollywood, CAUSAI just fired it up for the first time in a while and it re-set itself to Factory Settings. D'oh!
dp   SkopjeMacedonia
dr.diablo  LubinPolandNew Dmd , completely renovated
dr.holmberg   HammaröSweden
drano   TorontoCanada
drtom4prez   Grand forks, NEUSA
dsaintos   Downtown, MAUSAPerfect Machine
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsonnyd   Morgan hill, CAUSAExcellent condition
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
duty007   YoGermanyfantastic game
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
earl   RitterhudeGermany
ebjimmyg  West chester, PAUSAgame has been refurbed by gameroom collectibles. leds, rebuilt flippers, pop bumper assemblies, cannon harnesses. $5000
echolite   BudapestHungary
eddbell OxfordUnited KingdomIn good working order and good/ average condition.
edii23  EmpoliItaly
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
ekthoren   Green bay, WIUSA
el topo   RavensburgGermany
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
elwoodbe  CourcellesBelgium
emmanuel   LyonFrance
emy760   ArtenaItalyringrazio aniello per avermelo ceduto questo flipper
enaud   Alabaster, ALUSA
eneatoluzzo PeregoItalyFlipper davvero in ottimo stato. Come da foto il cassone non presenta segni di usura. Immacolato. Piano veramente in condizioni eccellenti cosi come per le plastiche delle rampe. All'accensione non da alcun tipo di errore. Provato anche a distanza di mesi. Tutto OK! Numerosi interventi di restauro, in stile classico onde evitare di deturparne l'originalità. Pulitura, lucidatura, smontaggio totale dei pezzi del playfield sopra e sotto. Per chi mi conosce sa che sono una garanzia. (sono anche l'unico in Italia ad aver già costruito ben 3 flipper funzionanti da solo - Guardate su Spazio.Tilt - sezione tecnica - Medieval Madness FATTO E GIOCATO). Il piano non è stato laccato poiché perfetto. Pronta consegna una settimana dalla conferma dell'acquisto: per una pulizia generale e la preparazione dell 'imballo cosi che possa assicurare il TOP della qualità all'acquirente.
eneatoluzzo PeregoItalyUn ottimo flipper. Leddato. Originale. Niente laccature. Funzionante al 100%
enkaho   ToulonFrance
enrico53  FirenzeItalyè in ottime condizioni, come potete notare dalle foto anche tutte le luci sono funzionanti, se volete ho anche un video per dimostrarvi che funziona perefettamente
enterprise   JerxheimGermany
epb0   LardyFrance
eriebuckeye   Galloway, OHUSA
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalyNa favola !
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItaly
ert5710   VossevangenNorway
esteche  NyköpingSweden
etk   EnschedeNetherlands
etta   ComoItalyDMD colour
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evolv12   VeldhovenNetherlands
ezio56ge   ReccoItalyEra conservato malissimo e oltretutto mancava del vetro del piano....In fase di restauro ho già rimontato il piano che è venuto benissimo...devo ancora ultimare l'assemblaggio del cassone e restaurare la testa (decals)...
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
fab31  ToulouseFrance
fabiograv  MonzaItaly
fana1313 SiraultBelgiumSuperbe ambiance ce flip, les cannons avec les tirs d'adresse dans les différents modes et différentes cibles, une multi-bille à 6 billes , 2 video mod, une ambiance sonore et musicale énorme, beaucoup de missions avec certaine à découvrir pendant le jeux, une musique vraiment excellente, les rampes sont super sympa. Niveau circulation de bille, c'est super rapide. Les billes fusent car le plateau est large et bien dégagé. Jeux de profondeur hyper technique, les missions sont très dure à finir. A garder..
fandeflip  ToulouseFrance
fastrmacr   Denver, COUSA
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
febuvi   SevillaSpain
fedemilano  Cesano madernoItaly
felestedt   GöteborgSweden
ferruxe  ManzanaresSpain
fewkes  NarbonneFrance
fightcox  SavonnieresFranceParfait état de fonctionnement, magnifique plateau 0 défauts super gameplay, decals de caisse du fronton à refaire.
finokiss  KirchheimGermanyGood condition, LED's + SW. Looking for a better one.
firebaall   ReginaCanada
fish  HobartAustraliaL.E.D's , klingon war bird mod and green L.E.D mission start hole mod. Got this game cheap, only thing wrong with it was the flashers didden't work. Great game. New ppb cause of battery leak.
fishbulb   Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomextremely nice example of this machine, no fade on the cabinet, minimal neutral zone wear and playfield is generally one of the best i have seen.
fishbulb   Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomFOR SALE, This is a super minty example, nearly all LED's perfect cabinet, was a ex- Pinball Heaven mint restoration in the past and works perfectly. extended lane guides fitted, new rubber all round within the last 6 months P.O.A.
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomThis is a super minty example, all LED's perfect cabinet, mint restoration in the past and works perfectly, METALWORK MIRROR POLISHED, new rubber all round within the last 6 months new decals, £3200
fishbulb Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomA beautiful example of a Star Trek Next Generation pinball machine, and fully refurbished. LEDs have been fitted to all playfield General Illumination, controlled lamps, and flashers. The cabinet has nice vibrant colours and is in way above average shape considering its age. The playfield is also in top condition. This is pinball at its best - one of the most enjoyable pinballs ever made and consistently in the top pinballs ever made! It has just undergone a comprehensive deep clean, strip-down, wax and full refurbishment. New rubbers have been fitted; all three flippers have been fully rebuilt and a new backglass translite fitted. All three ramps are NEW, the plastics have been flame polished, NEW cannon covers fitted and NEW lane extenders fitted to make gameplay even better. It plays beautifully without faults or errors.
fishbulb Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomall working, needs tidying up though
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomstored waiting refurbishment will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!
fishy  HobartAustraliaFull LEDs. Extra lamp posts. Topper. Klingon ship mod.
fjn   GothenburgSweden
fjn   GothenburgSweden
flashberg   Jupiter, FLUSA
flashman   WinnipegCanadaOverall the game is in very nice condition. Has bumper cap mod and cannon domes installed.
flip13800   IstresFrance
flip69   LyonFrance
flipper50 AarauSwitzerlandTechnically perfect: Playfield clearcoated. Metal parts galvanized. CHF 3'200.-
floyd1977   Montgomery, ILUSA
flugs  MontechFranceClearcoated playfield, new ramps, full LED
flypin   AmsterdamNetherlands
fmeissonnier   CanetFrance
folio  HelsinkiFinland
forbes256   Florence, KYUSA
forceflow   Saratoga springs, NYUSA
formula1vhs  GoriziaItalyFANTASTICO!
fourchette84  EyraguesFranceNew Dot. Excellent machine
fr3ak   St ingbertGermanyin play but cabinet needs some attention
fr3ak   St ingbertGermany
francescop   FermoItalyUno spettacolo tutto originale ! Difficile trovare un cassone così messo visto i suoi anni 10/10. Piano solamente lucidato e laccato 10/10 . Tutto led , gambe e pistola verniciato a glitter riprendendo i colori delcassone.
francvav   BariItaly
franklin   FermoItalyCompletamente restaurato 100 % , full LED ,cassone originale segna nessun graffio d'usura , piano rifatto a nuovo è laccato . Veramente bello grazie al mio amico Giacomo !
fras  Tezze sul brentaItaly
fras Tezze sul brentaItaly
freddyspp   EchzellGermany
freebee  DeventerNetherlands
freeman98   Monte carloMonacoEN COURS DE RESTAURATION
fricfrac   VictoriaCanada
fricfrac   VictoriaCanada
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
froesius   LemgoGermany
frogfather  Chantilly, VAUSAPinball in great shape. Just started having a low voltage issue. So needs some repair. Common issue, I just have not fixed it yet. Pin turns on, start game, then when you hit the flippers, restarts. This is a common issue where the voltage drops below 5v and the board that controls this will need some work, so I read on the forums. So for now I have it tuned off waiting repair.
ftrmech   Hamilton, OHUSA
fugus   MaughanNew Zealand
funwiz   Lakeland, FLUSA
fuseball   Ashford, middxUnited KingdomLooking for Gun Handle Assembly. Previous owner somehow lost it!
fuza   SmolenskRussia
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
gabbygabba   BucharestRomania
gabrielo  MadridSpainIN VERY GOOD CONDITION   PadovaItaly
gamelot  AgropoliItaly
gannet   LondonUnited Kingdom
garymartin   Lawrence, KSUSAVery nice STTNG, modded out, plays great.
gbak   SegeltorpSweden
geix93  BiellaItaly
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermany
general lee  BierbeekBelgium8/10. In used condition but plays 100 procent. Some plastics broken. Led's in playfield.
generalgman  CalgaryCanadaSold to another collector in Edmonton. Reimport but worked flawless after going through everything. Added laser cannons and powercoated shooter handle.
genudoc   Nyc, NYUSAWas working, now not Need someone to evaluate
geoninja   CreteilFrance
geoninja   CreteilFrance
geraldo   BergheimGermany
gerbil72   Jacksonville, FLUSA
germain01   Bourg-en-bresseFranceça c'est du flipp !
gerritcriens   GroningenNetherlands
ghiandalf MilanoItalyRestored, new parts, playfield great, Led, ecc
ghigos MilanoItaly
ghigos  MilanoItalypiano perfetto. tutto originale vendo per trasloco 1700 euro. ritiro a milano
ghostri   VilamacolumSpain
gianni74  Massa e cozzileItalystupendo favoloso uno dei più bei flipper di sempre ..... perfetto come orologio svizzero
gibon  LondonUnited Kingdom
gilbi  ThionvilleFranceCliffy, Pinsound, Full LED
gipelo GrenobleFranceSuper caisse 10/10 plateau sublime 10/10 2200€ a debattre ou a echanger
gipo   RomaItaly
gizmonic   Albany, NYUSA
gnokketto   TarquiniaItalyTeminato.. Bellissimo
goodfella  SárvárHungary
grant.md83   NewcastleAustralia
grasshopper   Springfield, MOUSA
greg75  EgerHungary
gregtopf  River edge, NJUSA
grosmono  Hallennes-lez-haubourdinFrance
grozby88  RambervillersFrance
grudaallegro   KwidzynPoland
grusom BergenNorwayFull LED and Titan rubber in 2018. Extra ships ans more. Beautiful playing.
gto   LaholmSweden
guillaumix  La baule-escoublacFranceNew decals set, Full led, New plastics set and plastics protectors, New Ramps, Cliffy set, Topper Laseriffic, PlexiGlass Custom Backboard and L.E.D. Light Strip For Plexi Backboard, Target Decal Set, Door decal, Shaker motor Kit, Mods: Klingon Bird of Prey w/ LED's - USS Enterprise Ship w/ LED's - Start Mission Hole GREEN LED Mod Kit - Romulan Ship Mod, Full Chrome parts: Highly polished chrome Legs set - Side rail set - Backbox hinge set - lockdown bar - Door - Shooter Assy - Buttons (start, extra ball)
gun001   Den helderNetherlandsPerfect Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Machine- This machine is fully functioning with no switch errors. 4300 euros everything is perfect
gundam_pilot_   Burton, OHUSA
guysmiley   EdmontonCanada
gwalton   Adamstown, PAUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
hall76   BoxholmSwedenGreat condition, playfield like new
hammerhai2   PfalzGermany
hammerhead   MelbourneCanadaAdded Klingon BOP mod, tastefully LEDd, silly sound roms.
hanbee   KirchlengernGermany
hans carlstedt   NyköpingSwedenAs new
hansh  HerrljungaSweden
hare   StuttgartGermany
harryfotter   MarcheItalyIn buone mani
harryvi   VilleperrotFranceDot
harta_1  LindesbergSweden
head  BalassagyarmatHungary
herold30   Bad oeynhausenGermanyBuy Date 1997 Merkur Gauselmann Germany...SOLD !!!
hil   KlippanSweden
hilander   HenleySouth AfricaMy best pin
hiseminence44   LethbridgeCanadais in good condition and plays 100%
holleywierd   Seabeck, WAUSA
hollygames   WaxenbergAustria
hooked  West charlotte, NCUSAHeavy Mods
hr  PettnauAustria
hulstein   ApeldoornNetherlands
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
iamnan   Folsom, CAUSA
ian007   LondonUnited Kingdom
ice 7485   Saint- aunesFrance
icehill  LjubljanaSloveniaAll ramps are new, also installed protective plastics on the playfield.
ilinx   RecklinghausenGermany
illuminami   Verbania pallanzaItaly
imeh   Virginia beach, VAUSA
importmedic   Mobile, ALUSAThe best!
incomer   HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom
indigocc  ølstykkeDenmark
indochine08  Dom le mesnilFrance
indy500   SintraPortugal
indy500   SintraPortugal
indy5mike   Greenwood, in, INUSA
ink   BoråsSweden
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
ivorymelon   St. petersburg, FLUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
jack burton   WaterfordIreland
jackbauer  BibbienaItalyPerfetto, piano come nuovo.
jackettd   Minneapolis, MNUSASold locally
jaidesgrandpa  Lodi, CAUSARomulon Ship Mod w/ LED's, Borg Man Mod w/ Laser Cannon, Klingon Ship Mod w/ LED's, Star Ship Enterprise Mod w/LED's, New style Laser Cannons w/ new cannon covers, new play field plastics with plastic protection barriers, new Coin Door, New Black Legs, New Borg Ship, LED Lighting, Pro Speakers w/ Bass speaker Upgrade, All new Ramps(Alpha, BETA, and Delta) Including Stickers, New Coin Box, New Coin Registers, New Ball Trough Transmitter and Receiver Circuit Boards, New 16 Opto circuit Board,new flipper board, new DMD Board, new DMD plasma screen, new Mirror Glazed Pinballs, rebuilt pop bumpers, replace all ribbon cables, updated to LX-7 prom, replaced all lighting with LED and incandescent bulbs, replaced all bad solenoids and bad sleeves, rebuilt all flippers...Pinball Machine has new play field glass and more. Game is completely operational. Play field and Cabinet are in great condition.
james  TorinoItalyMAGNIFICO! Smontato come al solito pezzo per pezzo, lucidato e restaurato al 100%. Customizzato con cannoni laser e astronavi da collezione! ! ! Nelle foto il flipper ultimato . . . ;-)
janikajanika   TörökbálintHungary
jantequera   Madrid- spainSpainIt´s in perfect condition after a deep restoration that includes Mylar in tha PF and chromed metal parts PF: 9.5 C: 9.5 BG: 9.5
jarbasmorais  Uberlândia - mgBrazilCompletamente restaurada. WBeluzzo/Danielz Kit Leds
jarn54   NancyFrance
jasonny   Owego, NYUSA100% working, not actively looking to sell but would consider offers
jay-jay  TilburgNetherlands
jay35   Cleveland, TNUSAFully restored, purple powdercoated trim/legs, clear coated PF, custom ships, lighted flipper buttons, custom topper
jazman   New berlin, WIUSAExcellent ccondition, very lightly routed game.
jbsilvauk Sao pauloBrazil
jcablett  HuddersfieldUnited KingdomGreat condition. Few minor damages but incredible condition for how old it is. Many new parts.
jc_pins   Colorado springs, COUSA
jean 68   GenovaItalycome primo flipper sono soddisfatto
jeanphil011   DisonBelgium
jeffbarrett NapoliItaly
jeffbarrett  NapoliItalyFlipper semplicemente perfetto...le foto parlano da sole, sembra nuovo. Ha giocato pochissimo e il playfield non è laccato e non ha segni d'usura. VENDO o SCAMBIO SOLO CON MEDIEVAL MADNESS più conguaglio da parte mia. La richiesta è di 3900 euro. Non lo spedisco ma lo posso imballare perfettamente per il ritiro./ Simply perfect...the pictures speak for themselves, it seems new. It played few times and the playfield has no signs and wear. I SELL or I can TRADE ONLY WITH MEDIEVAL MADNESS plus my money. No shipping but I can prepare perfectly on pallet. Price is 3900 euro.
jeffpaletz   Minnetonka, MNUSA
jehrlich73  New york, NYUSASet up at reciprocal nyc skateshop in e.village of nyc for play
jepie   Le vesinetFrance
jerry57   Ham-sous-varsbergFrance
jetspin   Santee, CAUSA
jfried1399  Westfield, NJUSA
jhermann   Garland, TXUSA
jhermann   Garland, TXUSAEarly model. All new ramps installed.
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHUO
jinjillo  FirenzeItaly
jk2171   Chicago, ILUSA
jlchappy  San antonio, TXUSA
jmgalvin   Stillwater, MNUSA
jmk   MontreuxSwitzerland
jmn   SundsvallSweden
jmn   SundsvallSweden
joemagiera   Evanston, ILUSA
joffrey  EstairesFrance
joffrey   EstairesFrance
john-hall   VoorschotenNetherlands
johndelnj   Pequannock, NJUSA
johngravenews   LondonUnited Kingdom
johnrezz   Ashburn, VAUSA
johntfriedrich   Fallon, NVUSASold
johnvorwerk New ulm, MNUSASold at the Texas Pinball Festival 03/25/12
johnvorwerk   New ulm, MNUSA
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaThis is a partial restore at the moment with concentration on the workings of the game.Internal cabinet restored. New subway fitted with all optos checked and or replaced. Homepin trough opto board fitted and NO ball spitting out when not supposed to. New plastics and plastic protectors set installed. New bling balls, all Vuks and pop bumpers serviced. 3 New flipper rebuilds kits with new coils added. Superbright Led's through out playfield. Colour DMD (of course).Lasserific topper. Playfield is all original and is a very nice example with no signs of wear except some around neutral zone now fitted with a Cliffy. Catapult lane Cliffy fitted as well. Illuminated apron. Needs a full exterior cabinet resto to bring it up to scratch.Plays fault free and a real nice game.Sold,I just couldn't get into this one.
jordanb   VernonCanada
jordanm   VancouverCanada
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugal
joules  Little suttonUnited KingdomFantastic STTNG in original condition. Super cleam under side of play field and very little wear on the upper side. Full premium LED conversion and upgraded sound too!! Original and alternative translight.
jsknappjr   Bella vista, ARUSAMany upgrades included LED lights, laser cannons, klingon ship, and added enterprise ship
jtschoen   Kenosha, wi, WIUSA
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSweden
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenIn operating at P7 in Revingehed
jukepin   Port orange/ daytona, FLUSATough game. Mean outlanes.
julien42  Saint etienneFrance
jumpytnt MilanoItalyCompletamente ristrutturato e reso più luminoso nel gioco in alto. FULL led e mods, cannoni nuovi, astronavi areografate nuove, deca interne, gioco divertente ...... vendo a parte topper enterprise originale con scatola completamente leddata. Bellissimo. Foto su richiesta .
jussisai  TuusulaFinland
juzzo72 SalernoItalydisplay a led , pulito, gomme nuove, completamente a led. Aggiunta illuminazione supplementare a led
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
k0balt  LombardiaSwitzerlandPiano molto bello, a LED. anche la General Illumination e a LED con intensità e colore regolabile....direi splendido
karl   OsloNorway
karl   OsloNorway
karl  OsloNorwayMy second ever bought machine back in my collection. A beautiful machine full of mods
kaston1573  Abilene, TXUSASold this Machine
kcroke   Saint louis, MOUSAI wish I had time to play more...
kello   JönköpingSwedenColorDMD, Signed by Steve Ritchie
kennebunk   Pelzer, SCUSA
kennedysgrandpa1  Lodi, CAUSA
kenshiro90   VelletriItaly
kenz   InverurieScotland
kewaskum   Boylston, MAUSA
khafar31   ToulouseFranceRégulièrement entretenu. C'est le seul flipper dont je ne me soit jamais lassé...
kidorbit   Sewickley, PAUSA
kindler   South croydonUnited KingdomAT FLIP OUT LONDON AVAILABLE FOR FREE PLAY
king  Ortona a mareItalyrestauro finito e perfetto molto bello....
kirk332   Queensland, little mountain, 4551AustraliaIn great condition and plays 99% perfect just need to figure out why LH canon doesn't cycle on start up. Shaker motor and Colour DMD
kiwipin   AucklandNew Zealand
klemens   ZeissingAustriaHighClass pimped machine: Decals inside cabinet, Mods on ships, lit star posts etc. etc.
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumMore than 100 houwers of work wire ramp and pistol in chrome new decals,ramps,cannons,full led etc... looks like new
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumfully restored decals,playfield etc... really nice !
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium3800 euro no wear and new decals
kloom00   V.Netherlands
kobe   Sao pauloBrazil
kobe   Sao pauloBrazil
kos71   ArrasFrance
kringel   BaesweilerGermany
kris888 Brandoa, IDUSA
kruuger   WinnipegCanada
ksarcade   Dunbarton, NHUSA
kts500  KurikkaFinlandGoog condition. Color dmd and led lightning
kubator   PragueCzech RepublicJust bought, fully working, but i want to buy brand new ships.
kungfucop   VancouverCanada
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
laby   WeinfeldenSwitzerland
laly56  Suffolk, VAUSA
landy.86   Castell'alfero (at)Italy
lapostadimax RomaItalyPerfetto ! Perfect ! Perfecto !
larsbert   UlmGermanyColor-DMD, Cabinet-Flasher
lash   BocholtGermany
laz   StockholmSweden
lcs ZwönitzGermany
leberry  ElcheSpainPlayfield in good conditions, restored, disassembled and clean, very good game without wrongs.complete all LEDs and LED flashes
leberry   ElcheSpain
legui  Le cannetFrance
lehrerandy   San diego, CAUSAPerfect condition!
leigh   MelbourneAustralia
levis   São pauloBrazil
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyUwe
linkmadness  EpoissesFrance
linolium  Taunton, MAUSA
lionelpo91   Saint michel sur orgeFrance
lionsfan   Land o lakesf, FLUSA
littev   ViennaAustria
lizzard   SchöftlandSwitzerland
lod  BorlängeSweden
lolodu47  TonneinsFrance
lonnie   Grandview, MOUSACompletely restored and has Mods
lordbj   AucklandNew Zealand
loritide   Superior, COUSA
lovandijk   DelftNetherlandsColor DMD installed
lreinach  PretoriaSouth Africa
lucasergio  VicenzaItalyAcquistato nel 2015, Come primo flipper mi piace molto! un sacco di cose da fare. si vede che ha giocato.. Comunque completo e funzionante, decal leggermente sbiadite e un Po rovinato sotto la gettoniera, piano usurato ma ho già a casa un piano sempre usato ma messo decisamente meglio pronto per essere sostituito.
lucavr  VeronaItaly01-08-2018 Un mito come modello, le musiche molto belle, un flipper che ha un carisma soprattutto il piano di gioco, mitico, Un Flipper di grande giocabilità  e divertimento grandi musiche incedibile. Ci si diverte sempre.Il caccia stellare verde e lo schuttle ho cambiato posizione. Più aggressiva la prima e più bella ora.(The green stellar hunting and the schuttle I have changed position. The more aggressive before and beautifull hour)
luiginix3939   SassariItaly
luis19  AlcañizSpain
lunicajd   SostanjSlovenia
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgBought on 29.12.2017 in original state, all fine and perfect
lvplayer   Las vegas, NVUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes LyonFrance
m4carp   NarberthUnited KingdomAfterglow led, PinSound, Colour dmd.
macgyver MaastrichtNetherlands
mach1   UmeåSweden
madmack   MadridSpain
mag   Castiglione torineseItalyTutto a led
maggo   InnsbruckAustria
magilla   Alessandria (al)Italy
magod   MadridSpain
mahatma   FirenzeItalyMolto bello e divertente forse uno dei migliori... mi piace molto la saga dei film e telefilm....
maiden1977  VicenzaItalyTenuto benissimo,impeccabile considerando l'eta'
mainelycoasters   Sabattus, MEUSA
makkasz   BalmazújvárosHungarySOLD!
mali79  AostaItalycleaned playfield, ramps, new red-white rubbers, new clear plastic and plastic protectors, original cabinet decals, new backbox decals, leds, new legs and bolts, few touch ups on the black cabinet parts and coin door
mamemaster   Syosset, NYUSAI've wanted this for a long time and now she's mine.
mamemaster   Syosset, NYUSAFully restored to it's NIB glory. All that's left to do is replace the head art. The machine has been fully modded and updated. A real keeper!
manny65   MelbourneAustralia
mannymasy MalagaSpainRestaurado.. 4150 +shipping or change x-men pro-huo
mantadoc   JuelsmindeDenmark
manu95 VaurealFrance
mara60230   ChamblyFrance
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland1
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland2
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland3
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPolandclearcoat playfield
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcoe3c   MilanoItaly
mario-super   GrazAustria
mark2511  BilbaoSpain
markdw   TorontoCanada
marks-pinball   Cincinnati, OHUSA
marrosi   MilanoItaly
martin.restin   TrollhättanSwedenFully led
martin911   DebrecenHungaryFully restored
martinup  EstevanCanadaAdded a playfield protector. Led the whole machine. Changed all sleeves. Re-rubbered to white. Made my own topper. HUO. 2ND Owner. Cliffy Protectors
marty22  LoudeacFrance
master of chaos  SaarbrueckenGermany
mateui   HalifaxCanada
matthewra   TorontoCanada
matty   Kirkland, WAUSA
maxbusan   PožegaCroatia
maxtrony  FontanellatoItaly
mazzaneo   LimassolCyprus
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
mccork   DunaharasztiHungary
mccorn  BerlinGermany
mcfly   Woburn, MAUSASecond owner. Own it since 1998.
memar  MeiringenSwitzerland
memphis777   Atoka, TNUSA
memphispin   Millington, TNUSA
menacefire   Naples, FLUSA
metal-thomas   DarmstadtGermany
micjac  EnschedeNetherlands
midnight BolognaItalyFlipper in buone condizioni, sostituiti i fotodiodi che creavano alcuni problemi.
midnight   BolognaItaly
mikan  GolubacSerbia-Montenegro
mikan   GolubacSerbia-Montenegro
mike in p-hill   Pleasant hill, OHUSA
mikel  RenfrewCanada
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
mistertwang   Gujan-mestrasFrance
miticoboss   MilanoItalyNON E' IN VENDITA
mjm697   Williamsville, NYUSAFirst newer d.m.d. im going to keep, I have tons to learn, always open for help.
mlm   TorontoCanada
monsterbash  CascaisPortugalPart of my WPC collection!
monty007  BoskoviceCzech RepublicVery good original condition, nice cabinet and 100% playfield.
moonnight  VicenzaItalyIl flipper è in ottimo stato...... Devo essere onesto, Filippo che lo ha rianimato lo ha fatto proprio con arte........ Aggiungendo anche 2 mod.......Decal praticamente perfette
mordario MilanoItalyTotalmente revisionato a nuovo. Cassa e piano originali in ottime condizioni. Leddato. Numerose Mod
mordario  MilanoItalyIn ottime condizioni generali. Già acquistato tutti i ricambi e fra poco lo cominveremo
mosh   BavariaGermany
most71   BergamoItalyvenduto a Carlo
moversteyns   HoeseltBelgium
mpp   HeinolaFinland
mr.worf  Groß-gerauGermanySehr schöner original Zustand, LED, Transparente Silikongummis, Convolux in Gelb,, No Shipping, Price 39000€ Evtl. auch Tausch gegen Transformers, Stern Kiss, SW-Pro, GotG
mreeb   Belle riverCanadaThis is our first superpin. Being a closet Trekker, we had to have this one in our collection.
mrjones  TelkiHungaryNew ramps, neutral zone hole protector.. Lit star posts. Fully equipped with LEDs. In restoration, will be better than new, as alll my refurbished games, with mods and toys.
mrpar   JönköpingSweden
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
mrwhite   ViterboItaly
msh   KorsbergaSweden
msquires   SwaveseyUnited KingdomFully Working, shopping out as present adding mods and new lighting
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mstellato   WoodbridgeCanada
mstr  KrefeldGermany
mstunick   Sf bay area, CAUSA
mucha   LubskoPoland
muck1600  Osterode am harzGermany
murelloso84 PiacenzaItalyLeddato, vendo perfetto tranne schedino sotto piano in corto a 1500 trattabili
musiclvr66   New berlin, WIUSA
mv1313   BoråsSweden
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
mwong168   TorontoCanada
myapp   LiphookUnited Kingdom
mypinballs  OldenburgGermany
mypinballs  OldenburgGermany
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
nanar-lenflur   Orry la villeFrance
napayno  San jose, CAUSAThis is a prototype STTNG in very nice condition
napayno San jose, CAUSAThis is a great STTNG. Fully tricked out with SB LEDs. Very nice.
nascar2   5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nascar2  5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nedi  KangasalaFinland2000 €
nedi  KangasalaFinland
nedi  KangasalaFinlandFor sale 2600 €
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi  KangasalaFinland
nedi KangasalaFinland
nedi KangasalaFinland3490 €
neilmcrae   Woking, ukUnited Kingdom
neil_in_houston   Katy, TXUSA
neophyte   EdmontonCanadaPlays awesome with no errors. Superbright LEDS, cliffy's, under light kit, colour changing topper, pinball pro speaker kit, flipper mods, custom cards, plasma mod, stickers on stand up targets, chrome backboard trim, star blue powdercoating with metal flake, anti-glare plastic, hole light, El wiring kit to light up ramps/playfield, backboard decal, laser cannon mod, pinballs with Star Trek emblems, brand new Rotton Dog driver boards.
neotide  Austin, TXUSAI got the backglass autographed by Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn. I also got to speak to each of them about it. The machine is mostly restored.
nerino   San marinoItaly
nervo11   LjubljanaSlovenia
nevus   Shreveport, LAUSARe-import. Restored by me. All new plastics, hardware, cannons w/ laser, and customs ship models. My favorite game. Engage!
newdos   HartlepoolUnited KingdomNow fully shopped and re-decalled - Mint!!
nicholasawhite1   O'fallon, MOUSACherry Condition
nicoevan Gignac la nertheFrancebonétat full led side board tres joli
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrancebeautiful playfield as nine has to sell
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceTres belle exemplaire avec quelques mods et full Leds
nikonesca   ToulouseFrance
niski   WarsawPolandLooking for decals, plastic set, mods maybe?
nissantt90  QuebecCanadaUne très belle machine, tout de led, DMD color, un Topper de Laseriffic Inc., Small Borg Cube led Mod et plusieurs autres mods ajoutés.
nitschepinball   WendlingenGermany
nm72  HorncastleUnited KingdomBought round 11-12 years ago as refurbished. Great machine with lots of features and a secret game or two, to those that know.
nmeun87007   Reedsburg, WIUSA
nobrain LompretFranceMy first 1 !
nomadwltnot   Washington township, NJUSA
nordi   CasoriaItaly
november   Houdain lez bavayFranceENGAGE !
nurbi   WeilheimGermany
nvockenroth   GifhornGermanySince Dezember 2013 in my collection.
nybbler   LondonCanadaFull LEDs, Kerry Stair protector for NZ, new ramps in 2012.
nyborje   AvestaSweden
nynda   SumperkCzech Republic
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ohaerter   SindelfingenGermany
oizdob  PolandPolandJust shopped.Super
olibaba   ElversbergGermany
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
ollimm   OttobeurenGermanyVery good condition, LED and Mod's
ols75020   ParisFrance
omega   BorlängeSweden
onedeath   Cleveland, OHUSA
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
onomo   Milton keynesUnited Kingdom
opnieuwgerubberd  WemmelBelgiumGreat game - this is my first pinball I purchased. Top game, nice challenges
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugalFull leds, many new parts - 2.700 €
ovvvi  BucharestRomania
ovvvi   BucharestRomania
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
p.personale  TeramoItaly
p.personale  TeramoItalynecessita di essere restaurato
pablopist   PotteriesUnited Kingdomnice machine
pahuffman   Fultondale, ALUSAGreat deal on a local buy.
palmero1305  SaluzzoItaly
panos   AthensGreece
partyzone  SpelloItalyFlipper tutto funzionante Piano un po' usurato sopra il flippante sinistro Richiesta 2800
patrick17 La rochelleFrancevendu
pau59l PetersfieldUnited KingdomSold!!
paulohotline  WinnipegCanadaPurchased from a collector in Vancouver Island, plays very well. Playfield is very nice with laser canons installed. To boldly go where no MAN has gone before!
pb SalisburyUnited Kingdomworking ST:TNG that has the following issues: 1.) drop target locked on. 2.) a cannon wiring fault (I think one of the small wires has broken). 3.) in need of new plastics throughout and could do with a clean in areas you can't reach without a total strip down. 4.) it has been modified under the playfield, 2 wires into 1 for each coil, not sure why they did that but I suspect it was suppose to help easy coil removal when on site.
pb  SalisburyUnited KingdomFormer project machine, now working.
pblover   CataniaItalyPerfetto! Grazie Sofy.
pburgering  HeerhugowaardNetherlands
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyFor Sale Shipping WW
pedrettigaming  BergamoItaly
pelle   HelsinkiFinland
pelle   HelsinkiFinlandSold 12/2014
pelu   SoriaSpain
pershing3110  Oestrich-winkelGermany
pershing3110   Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco   GijónSpainEarly example
peter62  BethuneFrancetrès joli sttng ayant fait lobjet d'une restauration partiel ... tout les dessus de plateau est neuf .. rampes plastique, post, kit decors , caoutchouc, batteur , divers switch et contact , pose d'un playfield protector pour conservation du plateau en très bonne état, vitre, pieds verrin , protection de caisse neuf etc ... !
phantasize   RandersDenmark
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumIn restoration, went to Netherlands Theo
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400France
phlydme   Oak park, CAUSA
pierostrada  MilanoItalyWorks perfectly. In my opinion, the best pinball game ever!
pikijussi   KuopioFinland
pin up girl   VictoriaCanada
pinball ray  Riverbank, CAUSA
pinball-collect   BudapestHungary
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°21
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°21 High End Restoration for selling in progress (new decal - 2K) - all metal piece galvanized
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballbart LichterveldeBelgium
pinballboy MagentaItalyCompletamente ristrutturato, mi manca solo di pulirlo...
pinballcat2   DevonportAustraliaSwapped a pristine Last Action Hero for this :)
pinballch   WinterthurSwitzerland
pinballholder   Rocklin, CAUSAColorDMD, Nifty LEDs
pinballmaniac40   Houston, TXUSAColorDMD
pinballpaul    tadleyUnited Kingdom
pinballpool   BorgholzhausenGermany
pinballrock   Arlington, TNUSANeed a repairman near Memphis, TN. Problem is 5V drop, I think.
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWhat a beautiful game. We got this game from Doug Huse of Let`s Play Pinball. It has chrome siderails and a chrome lockdown bar. The only mod we put on this game is the laser cannons.
pinballwizardius  SittardNetherlandsInstalled three new ramps!
pinballzz   Manteca, CAUSA
pinbitch   WarendorfGermany
pincycle   VöcklabruckAustria
pinflup  Spittal an der drauAustria
pinkroom  BresciaItalyelettronica e maccanica perfette (una rarità in questo flipper) piano bello poi ne ho uno di scorta originale , decal discrete e ... gioco fantasticamente coinvolgente. Bello 7+
pinrob  CanberraAustralia
pinsplit   ZurichSwitzerland
pinwiz   SydneyAustralia
pin_-_k   Lakeside, TXUSA
pippo74  MonzaItalySpettacolare e coinvolgente, un flipper che non ti da nemmeno un attimo di tregua tra le sue mille opzioni di gioco. Sto pian piano aggiungendo i led nelle zone più buie per renderlo ancora più "spaziale" E' indiscutibilmente un "Superpin" Un'altro flipper della mitica Williams che a mio parere è stupendo!
pitpinball  GnieznoPoland
pnblwzd   Culver city, CAUSAHome use only, bought new from an operator who had it in storage, my first DMD pin in 1997
pohodavole   PragueCzech RepublicI would like to trade for another top 10 pin..
pohodavole   PragueCzech Republic
pokefred  CarquefouFrance
pokefred CarquefouFrance4000€
pool shark   WatchetUnited Kingdom
powr   StockholmSweden
precisionpin  NijverdalNetherlands
prenki   NeumarktGermany
printimus   BytomPoland
printis   Houston, TXUSA
pschraut   NeuenstadtGermanyColorDMD
psychopsonic  Raleigh, NCUSATranslite and slings signed by Steve Ritchie and Greg Freres; ColorDMD installed; laser cannons, PDI target decals. Pinball Pro HE speakers. Comet Ultimate LED kit with LED ROM. Uninstalled items include complete NOS plastics set, numerous single plastics, NOS Borg ship, and extended right lane divider.
pufer  CologneGermany
purre  SollentunaSwedenSerialNo: 52123380571, MfgDate: 1993-12-08
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
quarrens   FécampFrance
quincy  MilanoItalyAs new.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
r1ker   MelbourneAustralia
raa   WarsawPoland
radsson   BoleslawiecPoland
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
raikus   Tallahassee, FLUSA
raisu   AugsburgGermany
ramarapins   RamaraCanada
rapzilch   Plainfield, ILUSAFully restored
ray   LommeFrance
rcarlson   Hemet, CAUSA
rcbrown316   Webster, NYUSA
rckrazed   Boca raton, FLUSA
rdavid51   ReimsFrance
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
regiscorsu   FranceFrance
regiscorsu   FranceFrance
replay hunter   HellNorway
rfrysztak   Naperville, ILUSAExtensive mods, including all ships. Custom built lighted topper ties into game play.
rgemagic  SevenoaksUnited Kingdomdisplay gone
rhaferl   GänserndorfAustria
ricardo.spassos   PeruibeBrazil
rinpoli  GuarulhosBrazil
rivadj   SondrioItaly
rjurman   Greenwich, CTUSACompletely shopped out. Collector quality piece!
roadshow16   BristolUnited Kingdom
rob knapp  Colorado springs, COUSA
robbiedoo   EdmontonCanadaLEDs - Needs new DMD. Very ROUGH cabinet, looks like it was on location and someone scratched it up with a knife or something. Cabinet art is the thing I care about the least, so I don't mind too much.
robhorror  La pocatièreCanadaUne très belle Star trek, plusieurs mods ajoutés.
robinstr   BrasschaatBelgium
robo1  LuzernSwitzerland
rockfantasysteve   Middletown, NYUSA
rodneyolsen   Seattle, WAUSA
roger72  Le mansFranceExcellent gameplay, très bonne musique. Une réussite !
rom82   ArcadeItalyCabinet perfect and Playfield new € 1700
rom82   ArcadeItalyAstronavi funzionanti decal bellissime e piano perfetto
ronj   Boston, MAUSA
rubberfist   QuesnelCanada
rui  JohannesburgSouth AfricaMy ultimate machine, and also my coffin one day
ruse MontelimarFrancebeau sttng full led 100% fonctionel 2700 euro
rushseven   JöhlingenGermany
rv33 Sainte eulalieFranceen état collection plateau et caisse, équipé 100% led et entièrement fonctionnel. voix originales
rvalkenburg  Cinnaminson, NJUSATraded my Ripley's for this game. Needs a good rebuild but game is working very well
rvdv   Corona, CAUSA
rwrona   Brighton, MIUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
saec  MadridSpain2200€ Together with TOM 5000€
sanch  KecskemétHungaryFully restored. Original condition!
santa  BudapestHungary
sarge  Clarksburg, MDUSAAmazing condition. Beautiful play field. Upgraded Borg ship, shuttlecraft, Klingon, and Romulan ships, added Enterprise, Ferengi, and Cardassian ships. Full LED upgrade kit, LED flashers mounted under cabinet, mirror blades installed, Borg plasma mod, and full ColorDMD.
saroboxer86  CataniaItalyVery nice condition. All led bulbs
schlauch   MensdorfLuxembourg
schmuykel  GifhornGermany
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
schorsch   UnnaGermany
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scottlaw3   Fort myers, FLUSAPretty nice
scottrogers   Windsor, COUSAGame is in fantastic condition. Recent LED's and plans for more toys
seast9   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
sebiz60  CompiegneFrance2 translites
seiman   NiederbippSwitzerland
sergeant   North port, FLUSAAwesome game
serjio66   Umuarama, prBrazilLed kit
serjmarx  Foz do iguaçuBrazilBeautiful machine. Modifications Gun with laser, borg, enterprise, decal at bottom LEDs. WONDERFUL. Linda maquina. Modificações canhão com laser, borg, enterprise, decalque no fundo, led´s. MARAVILHOSA.
shadowolph   Cincinnati, OHUSA
shaggy91   NorthamptonUnited Kingdom
sher-lock   BergkamenGermany
shirleyknott  Sexual ealing, londonUnited KingdomI paid way too much for this, as it was my first, and i got it from a professional who musta thought it was Christmas. still as awesome as it was when it was the one that drew me back into the hobby after 15 years away. it's a very nice example of the game, fully working, and currently out on loan at a friend's place. THIS ONE HAS NOW LEFT THE COLLECTION :'(
shootagain91   ParisFranceCollector quality
shootagain_qc  GatineauCanadaThis was a re-import from Germany. This game was in great shape and perfect working condition.
silverballdfw   Plano, TXUSAPicked this up as a filthy broken project. Getting it all working currently then it'll get a thorough shop job and stay for a long time.
silverballsc   Seneca, SCUSA
simon13 LjubljanaSlovenia1400€
simone81 RovigoItaly Bellissimo titolo, cassone messo bene, playfield perfetto tutto originale, alcune plastiche da sostituire e un braccetto in plastica di un lanciatore!!!!!!VENDO CON SCAMBIO MM IN CONDIZIONI PERFETTE più conguaglio
sinatra   KongsbergNorway
siwy   BrzeskoPoland
skycrane   ViterboItalyDemolito e totalmente cannibalizzato
skycrane   ViterboItaly
skypilot   Canfield, OHUSA
slam_tilt   BramptonCanada
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smepelle   BollnäsSweden
smily24680   QuebecCanada
snackies   Pittsburgh, PAUSAshipped out, looks awesome, led's custom painted ships and cannons, new parts, new trough opto boards..
snakeeye   NyköpingSweden
snakeeye   NyköpingSweden
sofy RomaItalyStar trek pari al nuovo.....strepitoso
someoneelse  MunichGermanyBeautiful original condition.
sonambulo   Palamós, gironaSpain
space ace  TeramoItalyCompletamente revisionato piano e cassone perfetti vendo 2200€
space ace   TeramoItaly
spacedude   RastedeGermany
sparhawk   Liberty, MOUSA
spartacus MilanoItalypiano laccato,luci led, dispay a led blu, plastiche nuove, tutto cromato, toys colorati a mano, mirror blade, decals nuove australiane,profili testata cromati, manuale originale, topper personalizzato con led interattivi,schede e opto revisionati...bellissimo. Scambiato con Omar
spawn   RomaItaly
spedygonzales  CentoItalyTENUTO BENE..
spedygonzales  CentoItalyPerfetto tutto a led
spedygonzales  CentoItalyAppena revisionato e funzionante al 100%
spider-man  SplitCroatiaWhat a machine!For me this is one of the best pins ever designed!All compliments go to Steve Ritchie!If you like SF theme this one is a must have period!Amazing machine!!!
spiderman   BerneSwitzerlandVery nice Pin, plays and works good,
stack   Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
stack Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
stack   Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
staf   BruggeBelgium
stan2323   Sumter, sc, NYUSAI added a couple of mods. Very nice
startrekdom  ViennaAustriaTranslite autographed by Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Robert O´Reilly, Jonathan Del Arco
starwin  MonsBelgium
stefano75  BresciaItalyRitirato nuovo negli anni 90.
stelios   ThessalonikiGreece
stephbob ChatouFranceun peu décu, meme si c'est une affaire de gout ca reste une valeur sure
steve wizard   AmpthillUnited KingdomV good example needs led,s
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stevie694 BlackpoolUnited KingdomOne of the all time greats and a lovely player
stevo24   TemukaNew ZealandJust had a refurbishment and plays better than it ever has. Well done Pintech!
stp   GöteborgSwedenOwner STP/BOZ
strange218   Neenah, WIUSA
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
streetmagic   BethuneFrancebelle caisse d'origine , tres beau plateau , leds
strolz   Pool in wharfedaleUnited Kingdom
suhy_pl   OpolePoland
superbest79   AmandolaItaly
superjackpot  MississaugaCanadaSept2014Looks great, plays great. Installed all new ramps, with Mantis protectors. Of course all new flippers mechs, proper coils.
supermulti  St.katharinenGermany
svante   StockholmSwedenThis game was first price in Swedish Pinball Championship. I bought it from the winner.
sweetmike TrollhättanSwedenVery nice condition. Everything works! 27000:-
swenlarsson  älvdalenSwedenSäljes eller bytes.
switol   OldenburgGermany
sword MilanoItalyflipper venduto a filippo. pinball sold filippo
sylvain42  St chamondFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
t-hacker  CorroiosPortugal
takodani   Grant, MNUSA
tanulovezeto   SzegedHungary
tarruella  Villena - alicanteSpain
tarumon  AkaaFinland
tay   Bassano del grappaItaly
templar  TorinoItalyPiano e cassone stupendi, 100% funzionante, vendo o scambio.
teo76   Sesto calendeItalyMonitor a colori
tesusnavas  SavignoItalySuper flipper.cassone e piano bellissimi,luci a led e topper.grazie a chi mi ha venduto questo capolavoro. Vendo a 3300 euro.
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgium
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgium
tglover   HamiltonCanada
thebaro   BresciaItalypiano perfetto, plastiche pure, ha giocato davvero poco..avuto per poco o niente come soldi..evvai!!
thechief12   Akron, OHUSA100% working in excellent condition. Complete LED conversion.
thedarkknight68   Lincoln, NEUSA
theduss  LilleFrance
tholin01   Linton, DEUSAFinally bought one of my favorate pinball machines. Works great...Looking for advance mission cliff protector
thunderbirds   Mont saint aignanFrance
tiilt   Mentor, OHUSA
timboch  Farmington, MNUSAI have always wanted this table. Finally got one March 2016.
timepilot  Spotswood, NJUSAMany mods done. Still more to go. Looking for something cool for topper.
timr720  Lafayette, COUSA
titi77  CrevalcoreItalyIl mio primo flipper acquistato. Dotato di una sofisticata elettronica con barriere IR è abbastanza difficile trovare i guasti ma una volta sistemato, è un orologio. Questo esemplare ha lavorato pochissimo in quanto a causa dei problemi elettronici che lo affliggevano, è rimasto praticamente nuovo.
tj928   Lewiston, MEUSA
tjalle.c   TrollhättanSweden
tkaye HamiltonCanadaSOLD
tlacuj01 Le brassusSwitzerlandSame as new. Incredible condition. ...... "Thank you Mr Data....." To trade with Safe Craker, Attack From Mars, Tales of the Arabian nights or make an offer. May also sell rhe pin. Cleancoated, new bawlls, documentation, no plastics broken ,playfiled with leds and some superbrights general illumination leds. Electronic fast new, BR 1-4 & old components changed for safety.Beautiful machine.
tlang   Lakeway, TXUSAHUO - with cast member signed backglass
tmick73   Moose jawCanada
tobbe   SkellefteåSweden
tobstar79   BremenGermany3 times now... :)
tof26   LarnageFrancesuperbe etat
tomytek   SwordsIreland
tonic  NidauSwitzerland
tonnerremeca   MontremFrance
tony rodriguez   Brownsville, TXUSA
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonypinball  LavalFranceTres beau plateau, 100 % fonctionnel, 95 % leds, batteurs et outlanes rallongés pour plus de fun et de durée de jeu. Mirror blades. Dernière mise a jour de ROM anniversaire avec pleins de samples ect... Translite alternatif
tonyyen   BurnabyCanada
tp-pinball  TullingeSweden
tp-pinball  TullingeSweden
tr8kr   La rochelleFrance
trailmaster   Loveland, COUSAhallmark ships and lazer cannons!
transam PatrasGreece
treb   SundsvallSweden
treedoctor   AdelaideAustralia
trekkie   MalinesBelgium
trevormckay42   HalifaxCanada
trumpy   RaleighAustralianice orig cond leds supabands
tsiotas  BolognaItaly
tth  HamburgGermanyclearcoated, Laser Mod., signed by Steve Ritchie & Greg Freres, ColorDMD, PinSound,
tth  HamburgGermanyTranslite signed by Greg Freres
turbo27   AdelaideAustralia
tviste   NyköpingSweden
twilight zone   LandgraafNetherlandsNice playfield, protectors installed on ramps
tws   CopenhagenDenmarkVery nice original condition. Privately owned for more than seven years.
tzatzadakis CyprusGreece1800euros
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
umeuffe   UmeåSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
val72ua  KievUkraineVery poor condition
valexxx69   VicenzaItaly
varom  LilleFrance
veit.sander   DautphetalGermany
vengeance   KeswickCanada
vespucci1994 PalermoItaly1350,00
vespucci1994 PalermoItaly1600
vic   Bracciano(rm)Italy
vicpin   VictoriaCanada
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
viimne   VästeråsSwedenVery nice condition, has LEDs and middle scoop green led mod
vilant   Warminster, PAUSA
vincevfl BlonaySwitzerlandHuo, dmd color ,Full Chrome, leds ,Pinsound + speaker, apron custom , slingshots customs,convolux, alternativ translite,...
viphlegm   Austin, TXUSAPlayfield and cabinet only. No cannons but the rest of the pf is there. No boards although I might have one or two broken ones laying around.
vitxen   SillaSpain
vivierois   ViviersFrance
vivix   EstrablinFrance
vladimir  BeglesFrancePinball in good conditions, needs some clean, all complete and working. I can send pics if user is really interested.
vood2005   Milwaukee, WIUSA
vourgeo  PatrasGreece
vreten   MorupSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
waingro   TorsbySwedenIn beautiful condition, could use some cleaning but other than that it´s super nice.
waldo  LondonUnited Kingdom
waldo34  Lake villa, ILUSAGreat game it will be missed
waloum   Romorantin lanthenayFrance
wanzman  BottropGermanyMake it so...
wanzman  BottropGermanyWenn der erste weg ist, weiß man erst was man daran hatte...
waruaki   Keizer, ORUSA
waveman   San jose, CAUSA
wdennie  Farmington, NYUSA
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFrancebof bof
whiskeytango  Orlando, FLUSA
wickerman   Denver, COUSANever sell, too heavy to move again!
williamball  AntwerpBelgium
wisefwumyogwave   Fort myers, FLUSA
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumHUO. Perfect playfield, very nice cabinet and backbox.
wizard   BurgdorfGermany9,5/10
wizpin   MalagaSpain
wotan2481   SchorndorfGermany
wouldi93   PiolencFrance
woz  CoquitlamCanada$3500 collector quality. NOS playfield was installed just before I purchased game back in 2001. Has only 2K plays on it since then.
wvpinball   Charleston, WVUSAArtist autographed
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
xander   StavangerNorway
xeneize   Jacksonville, FLUSABright cabinet colors, with minor dings. Color DMD. LEDs throughout. Mirror Blades, new domed cannon covers, Zitt Hallmark KBOP, Hallmark Warbird and Enterprise installed in 07/2016 with all LED wiring complete. New subway and full shop done in 09/2016 - also installed Great Lakes Modular trough opto board, new cannon arms, and apron LED strips in 09/2016. Ball popper (VUK) dressing, target decals, GI OCD, LED OCD, and PINSMX subwoofer board all installed in Sept 2017.
xflyx   Zielona goraPoland
xianek  WarsawPolandAmazing original cabinet. Fully restored playfield with automotive clearcoat.
xianek   WarsawPolandSold in 2013.
xtheblackknightx  Vancouver, WAUSA(1998) Purchased in 1998 while in Germany. Part of the ~200 early production machines that had red starfire domed phaser cannons. Superb+ Condition.
xvincent76  DijonFrance
xyz_dave   LiverpoolUnited Kingdom
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
yellowflate   CagliariItalyNovember, 1993 / 4 Players Production: 11,728 units (confirmed) This game was part of Williams/Midway's "SuperPin" line of widebody games. 26/08/06
yueki13   HerbornGermany
yunkjard   LuzernSwitzerland
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
zaftax   DromeFrancebelle caisse , quelques inserts sur le plateau a refaire
zarnet   BundabergAustraliaGood condition, recently overhauled. $7700
zcary1   Upplands väsbySweden
ze   MalveiraPortugal
zsciaeount   St. louis, MOUSA
zuhi   DebrecenHungary___ NOT FOR SALE NOW ___
zyan  PlankstadtGermany

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