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.cri   OlotSpainWuau !!!
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
185joker SeregnoItaly5500
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
5701pin  ViennaAustria
5701pin   ViennaAustria
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
acpmr  SillaSpain
adamper   AvestaSweden
addegbg   GbgSweden
aeiodad   WallaceburgCanada
again   MontelimarFrance
agusta   Avon, COUSA
agvp   Melrose park, ILUSA
akltm1  BremenGermanyPerfect condition. Clearcoated playfield, completely revised, lighted Backplex, original cabinet decals, Pinballpro-Sound, anti-reflection glass.
aladinice  NiceFrancein mint condition ! great machine beautifull and secure ! with colors dot lcd = great sensation ! *
aletoronto   JaguariúnaBrazilI will put a new playfield soon.
algrande   CalgaryCanadaall chromed, clear coated playfield, custom apron, almost every mod out there, it's stunning!
alvin15   FrancfortGermanysuper nett. danke juan
amg   WissenGermany
andrea11   RomaItaly
andrea1975   SordioItalyin attessa di restauro a presto le foto
anejo68   TerniItaly
anke  HannoverGermanyNr. 16 Proto Price 13000€
anve   HakadalNorway
aquasat   OostendeBelgium
argos   WindachGermanyNice playfield, leds, subwoofer....
ariale  Buscate (mi)Italyall amico Filippo, Spero tu sia contento dell tuo MM .
arrow67   SaverneFrancele plateau à besoin d'une petite restauration car malheureusement comme beaucoup de MM il a de l'usure au dessus des batteurs.
ascags   FremantleAustraliaMMR
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
aston ParisFranceRestaurer entièrement reserver
azaque   CartagenaSpain
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
backrush   Charlotte, NCUSA
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
balintfr  HarkanyHungaryNice condition
ballyclown   YvetotFrance
baltes Crepy en valoisFranceA vendre tres beau medieval 6500€ a prendre sur LYON
bamsefar1   FetsundNorwayCost me equivelent to two new Stern machines. Was it worth it ? Hell yes :-)
baptur  Boadilla del monteSpain
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bay78  WinnipegCanadaCancelled my pre-order of MMR because of the opportunity to buy this original Medieval Madness. It has a new Mirco playfield (2nd version with the right colors) fully shopped with white rubbers and mantis protectors. Also has the ColorDMD. New decals and looks and plays great.
bcgames  Anaheim, CAUSAnow has color dmd
beasty  BostonUnited Kingdom
bejelit  ViterboItalyIn attesa di essere pulito
ben91 EtiollesFrance
ben91  EtiollesFranceMagnifique exemplaire !! Caisse refaite, plateau neuf et vernis, chateau troll rampes plastics décors bobines cibles tout est neuf, leds de qualite ... Le medieval, y a pas à dire c'est vraiment un jeu TOP.
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bil   LorientFrance
bilko1340  ChelmsfordUnited KingdomBeautiful, original machine.
binos Neauphle le chateauFrance
binos Neauphle le chateauFranceVery nice Medieval Madness to sell. Looks completely new, repro on nba basics. New PROMS (profanity). Playfield, plastic ramps, set of plastics, full troll assemblies, full castle, translite, cabinet decals : all genuine new. Full led (quadri leds) playfield + backbox. Metal ramps new gold 24 K. Of course Legs, siderails, gummis, balls, new. Additional Mods: - green leds in skull eyes - red led in troll eyes - plexi backboard- merlin etc. (Pinball near paris) Options: - DMD color : +400 € instead of original one. Mod: merlin, chevalier etc in option. Price 7500€
blackbone   Thorigne-fouillardFrance
blueeyesxx  Blaton 7321BelgiumReal gold has been used on all the ramps (coating) !!!
bluice   ChietiItaly
boardingdave123   CoaldaleCanada
bob cusp   São pauloBrazil
bob cusp   São pauloBrazil
bobbyconover   Seattle, WAUSA
bok-tapok  LahtiFinlandWith add-ons.
bop-martin  AalenGermanyFantastic condition like new. With 2k-clearcoated playfield.
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
bouli   Luxeuil les bainsFrance
braga   BragaPortugal
brianhanifin  Santee, san diego, CAUSANeed gate assembly for Catapult entry area.
bruceclark   North wales, PAUSABought "new-in-box" - a home-use-only game!
brunodalp  Castiglione torineseItalyil piu bello di tutti !!!!!
buyitaly LecceItaly5900
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
cableguy918   North chicago suburbs, ILUSA
caholopes  Porto alegreBrazilMinha Medieval Madness é uma das mais belas máquinas que eu conheço. Arte original do caixote, tudo 100%, com exceção da asa do dragão que quebrou e eu retirei. Os trolls acendem luzes nos olhos. Vou adicionar vários mods que já estão comprados, como o topper de dragão, o troll, o Merlin, os arqueiros e o fundo de raios. Quando estiverem instalados posto as novas fotos. Máquina fantástica!
calacak   Westerville, OHUSA
calvin12   Bolingbrook, ILUSAabsolutely perfect original game.
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
carlitoshl   ZaragozaSpain
cbo69   LyonFrance
cbr900rr   Olathe, KSUSA
ccsatriani   CholetFrance
cedric   AllexFrance
cedric4   MontaubanFrance
chobin LombardiaItalyIn fase di scambio con altro flipper di mio interesse. Medieval Madness in buone condizioni, piano smontato, pulito e lucidato, elastici e lampadine nuovi,plastic set nuovo, adesivo di classic arcade a coprire due angoli pergamena usurati. Scambio solo con Addams gold con placca e certificato. Medieval Madness Very Good condition, playfield clean and wax, new lamps and rubber, new plastic set, decal classic arcade to cover waer in the scroll, only exchange with addams gold with certificate and palque in similar condition.
chris8   AntibesFrancei think's i refit this one this spring that' my favorite games
christophenathan  LuxembourgLuxembourgCompletely refurbished, new decals, new legs, clearcoated playfield...
ciaoturbo  RovigoItaly
cid   Sao pauloBrazilNewly restored by Belluzzo.
claudio.sp  São pauloBrazilAll Original. Pristine condition. Mods added. Trolls with Glowing eyes - one Red and one Blue. Lighted Mod Castle with red skulls eyes. 6 Knight figures. Light up Dragon Addon Kit - the mouth lights red, the eyes light green. 100% working without errors. 100% Led lighting.
cliffy   San ramon, CAUSAFull restoration. New repro playfield, cabinet work and decals, replated wire ramps. Added Mike Chestnut gold (brass) siderails and lockdown bar and PinballLife gold legs  LimeiraBraziltudo 100% como nova!
control  BresciaItalycabinet pronto piano pronto ultimi collaudi , è uscito perfetto!!!
cpelotti  BolognaItalyCompletamente restaurato portato a condizione pari al nuovo. Mint condition
craigc   Elmhurst, ILUSA
crucser   NackterhofGermanysagenhaft, sensationell,KULT
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsOne of the best games made ever, i guess.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
dandrimontp WasquehalFranceTrés trés beau Flipper et excellent ! Plateau avec 7 couches de vernis. Figurines médiéval supplémentaires.
danielfortesque   PionsatFranceCollectors condition - perfect condition - Fully restaured - perfect playfield - anti reflect glass - full leds - mirrors inside - etc - etc
danjan   örebroSwedenAbsolutely top class condition. New playfield (ceramic coated), new ramps, complete with LED:s (Noflix Plus, flashers, GI etc.)
dannyb62   Hartford, WIUSACompletely Restored All The Way Around! New Cabinet & Artwork. New Playfield, New Plastic Set, New Color DMD, New Rottendog Main Board, New Rottendog Audio Board, New Coin Door, New Speaker Kit With Sub-Woofer, New Playfield Parts & Castle Decals, Cointaker LED's And Cliffy Protectors. New Shaker Motor Mod, New Lighted Transparent Lightning Back Box Mod, New Lighted Merlin Mod, New 4-Figure Mod. New Legs And Glass. Professionally Shopped Out & Completely Serviced.
dannyboy   BarnsleyUnited Kingdom
dannyelmonarca   Phoenix, AZUSA
dany64  MontréalCanadaA beautiful restoration...
darklord   FredrikstadNorwayVery nice Condition, traded my Revenge from Mars to get this machine.
dave  BergamoItalyCredo sia uno dei pochi medieval che non ha il piano grattato,stranamente e' perfetto.Ho cambiato tutti gli elastici(bianchi mentre i flippanti rossi),cambiate tutte le lampadine(sia flash che fisse)x avere stessa luminosita'.Rimontato tutto il piano,non mi resta che sfilarlo e cambiare tutte 5 le decal del cassone anche se non sono brutte.Lo voglio perfetto...
dbishop1982   SidcupUnited KingdomExcellent condition with mirror polished and chrome trim. Mods galore
degen   UmeåSweden
degen   UmeåSweden
demon  VeneziaItalyFlipper in ottime condizioni.
derroland   SchwabachGermanyAwesome original condition. goldplated wireramps, SW.
dgarrett0  Geneva, ILUSAGreat condition, plays great.
dgpinball   AldergroveCanada
diabolik64   BolognaItalyok
diddol79   FollonicaItaly
diegotech  Botticino seraItalyVeramente molto bello, devo finire il restauro
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
dino5   MontrealCanadaPerfect playfield. Cabinet in very good condition.
dmesserly  Sterling, VAUSA
dragonheart   BruchköbelGermany
drano  TorontoCanadaMy third machine and my first full restoration. This was my Everest. Paid a lot for it and threw a lot more into it. All new decals, re-plated everything, chrome trim and legs. Did a little playfield restoration and automotive clear coat.
droico  Bagnolo in pianoItalyMedieval tenuto perfettamente dall'amico Corvette che me lo ha ceduto ad un prezzo da amico! Non appena avrò tempo per metterci mano farò le foto che merita. Grazie Corvette !!!
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
e0026856   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
eas   UddevallaSweden
eax11   InverigoItaly
ebjimmyg  West chester, PAUSA
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
elrey   BarcelonaFrance
elwoodbe   CourcellesBelgium
eneatoluzzo  PeregoItalyCostruito da zero!!! Replica dell' originale, made at home.
enzetto   Ascoli picenoItaly
epb0   ArpajonFrance
ericlebaron  Mareil le guyonFranceNew playfield - New cabinet decals - new gold metal ramps - all new plastics (castle, ramps,....) - full new trolls devices - Full led (4 smd) playfield - Eyes in castle skulls - Red leds in troll eyes - DMD color - Anti reflective glass - Gold lockbar - gold siderails - New Rottendog electronic boards - New coils/plungers/bumpers/...
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
etta   ComoItalyDMD colour
extraball  WettingenSwitzerland
extraball54   NancyFrance
ezio56ge   ReccoItalyFunziona perfettamente, ma ci hanno giocato molto e ha bisogno di amorevoli cure e restauro. Prossimamente....
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
fabard   Chennevieres sur marneFrancePré-commande pour 2014 Medieval Madness LE n°__/1000 -NIB
falaip77   CuneoItalyarrivato !! Il piano rasenta la perfezione !! Presto foto . Verrà da paura!!!!
fandeflip   ToulouseFranceBeautiful 10/10
fastrmacr   Denver, COUSA
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
fcampos  Santo andréBrazilmaquina com playfield restaurado by Daniel Z, adesivos novos, caixote em bom estado, e toda no led, exceto os flashs. R$ 16.500,00
fedemilano  Cesano madernoItaly
fernando   BoituvaBrazil
finokiss  Kirchheim unter teckGermanyExcellent restorated Condition with many parts in Gold, LED'S + SW + Mods. "The" Pinball for every perfect collection. I'm very happy to own one in this shape!
finokiss  Kirchheim unter teckGermanyMy second MM in great shape. The most searched machine from WPC-95 generation.
finokiss  Kirchheim unter teckGermanySorry guys third MM, but this is an really fu.... good machine....
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomcolour display, great condition for a completely un-restored machine, all playield inserts have Led's
fitzroy   JönköpingSweden
fjn   GothenburgSweden
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilMint condition! Second owner!
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilAll Led! Excellent condition!
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilWorking on restoration right now. Will be soon in perfect condition to complete MM Triplets!
flipper50  AarauSwitzerlandMint Quality! New IPB Playfield, new Ramps, gold wire Ramps, New Cabinet Decals, new Plastics Set, Fix Price: CHF 9'500.-
fr3ak   St ingbertGermany
fr3ak   St ingbertGermany
franck81  ArthesFrance
fred33  MacauFrance
freddy   Cisterna di latina (lt)ItalyIN RESTAURO...
frg   KirchheimGermanyExcellent original condition. NOS clearcoated playfield. Only very little damage on the cabinet. Some nice decent pimps.
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
frosty   MelbourneAustralia
funckymen   BarcelonaSpain
furro66   PerpignanFrance
futika   Sao pauloBrazil
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
gamearcade2006   BrindisiItaly
garymartin   Lawrence, KSUSAFull NOS restore on the playfield and everything on it in 2001. Under 500 plays since then.
gaspgian   BolognaItalyPiano e cassone sono in buono stato, piano di gioco quasi perfetto, rampe dorate e moltissimi mods interni ed esterni.
gastoon   CabrisFrance
gator   PartilleSwedenVery nice condition.
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermanyLike new in Box
geoninja   CreteilFrance
gerardcolbert Newcastle upon tyneUnited KingdomTOP restored Medieval Madness Gold! Only serious buyers please! The asking price is 8000 EURO!!!
ghigos  MilanoItaly
ghigos  MilanoItalyGuardate le foto! Rifatto completamente dall amico Nicola che ringrazio. Senza badare a spese! Visto che ne ho in arrivo un altro...potrei anche venderlo .minimo 15 mila euro. Offerte di 14.999,00 verranno rifiutate! Pezzo unico al mondo come me!
ghigos MilanoItaly
ghigos  MilanoItaly
ghigos   MilanoItaly
giorgio86   00049 velletri ( roma )Italy
giwi04  HönigsbergAustriaNOW with new Cabinet-Decals and restored Playfield . It plays very good ! ! !
glhali   Monroe twp., NJUSA
gregtopf  River edge, NJUSANice original game
grendal  RavennaItalyVenduto per mancanza si spazio, pentito ancor prima di darlo via. Primo amore che spero un giorno di riavere.
grospaquet31  Le gresFranceParfait état. Plateau vitrifié.
grs57 Petit rederchingFranceFull restored 9500-€
guicobra   Poços de caldasBrazil
guigui58  ImphyFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538Germany
harold   AucklandNew Zealand
harta_1   LindesbergSweden
havana7   MadridSpainPerfección total gracias a mi compatriota juan
hbbos82   OsnabrueckGermany
helmutzerber   Wolverine lake, MIUSAPin is absolutely perfect. Completely restored - clear coated playfield, add-ones, replanted all gold parts, etc.... It is breathtaking.
henkelibonk   UppsalaSweden
hensteeth2go  GlasgowUnited Kingdom1997 Refurbished cabinet with clear-coated fully protected play-field. Sound-Pro speaker system., full plastic protector set. Synchronized Fully illuminated Thunderbolt effect acrylic play-field back panel (By TomDk). Modified Green swamp lighting to moat, gold plate wireforms. This pin has been cherished over the years and duly refurbished with skill and attention to detail. Plays fast and strong........worthy of all the hype..
herwig Sao joao do pesoPortugal
hporto  CampinasBrazilNew cabinet decals, lacked playfield ans several mods.
hristro Hrirstrov, CAUSAthis machine is ready to go at a very affordable price. for more information on the machine contac me.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
idtattoo  Plymouth, MNUSA
infrastition   HardricourtFrance
ink   BoråsSweden
ivan   MoscouRussia
izs-49  BudapestHungaryThis is a Medieval Madness "WHITE"...:) Look the different in the last picture.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
jackbot  CagliariItalySostituito il piano di gioco, completamente restaurato eccetto le decals che si presentano discretamente.
jagman  Stratford on avonUnited Kingdommint playfield with colour dmd, cab is excellent
jarnie  WarszawaPolandwith LED lightning... the nicest example Ive ever played !
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jgmackay   Camas, WAUSAHUO second owner
jimakost   EdmontonGreece
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHEP
jimwilks   OntarioCanada
jman   Itajubá - mgBrazil
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilColorDMD Display,Ultra Bright Leds (playfield,G.I.,Backbox),Blackout MOD,Shaker Motor,new speaker panel !
joelany  BensheimGermanyplayers machine. good condition. cabinet strong colours. little wear around flipperbuttons. minimal 3 spots of playfield wear.
johnson85 BristolBritish Virgin IslandsThis is a used Medieval Madness pinball by Williams and is one of the most sought out pinball machines ever. This pinball is fun for people of all ages and has great features. It comes with an animated castle with a motorized drawbridge which lowers allowing the balls into the castle to complete certain goals. Also has two animated trolls below the play field which pop up during certain game play modes. These extra features provide for a great play. The ultimate goal of the pinball is to destroy the castle and get the high score. This is not a replicate, this is an original Medieval Madness and highly collectible.
jonathanmorrison   Woodinville, WAUSA
jordano8   BuderimAustraliaThe most amazing MINT condition rebuilt by Pinball Dreams in Germany with every trim in chrome and color DMD
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugalIn perfect state. i searched for years for this machine and i finaly found it...
josem_lo  OrihuelaSpainWow the best!
jpedras  Rio de janeiroBrazil
jrohn   Atlanta, GAUSAGreat condition for a machine that's been on the street for 15 years. Playfield near perfect. Works great. Got it from an operator December 2012.
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in operating at örloggsbasen in Karlskrona
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in my home
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in operating at interpool in Malmö
jukepin   Port orange/ daytona, FLUSAFANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
junior brasil   São pauloBrazillindona!
jura   UppsalaSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
k5steel Dixon, CAUSAExcellent condition with LEDS
karl   OsloNorway
kaston1573  Abilene, TXUSAI now have one for my collection. It is all cleaned up. Looks and plays great. This machine will be the last to leave my collection. Put in a full super bright LED kit from Cointaker. It looks awesome!
kinou89  AvallonFrancePrêt
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumGood overal condition.Inside looks like new
kmoore88  Bellevue, IAUSAPurchased in routed condition and then I fully restored it including new CC PF in May 2011.
kosta   PerthAustralia
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSACollector Quality.
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAPlay field is at PFR.... Im no longer excited about getting it back. I may be dead by then of old age.
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAHUO. Mint Condition.
kris-seeburg  Sint-niklaasBelgium
kse001   Madison, WIUSAFull restoration - new cabinet decals, new IPB playfield, new plastics, new ramps, new Mantis castle gate upgrade... the list goes on.
kykyka24 TrélissacFrance
kykyka24 TrélissacFrancele plus beau MM de france !!!!! Préparation pinball dreams Médiéval madness neuf tout en chrome! Plus beau qu un neuf sorti du carton!!! : décals de caisse neuf sous licence,caisse et fronton entierement poncé et lissé puis peint en noir int et ext,intérieur ,dmd couleur,caisse poncé en dessous,porte chromée,pied chromé, lock bar chromée,side rails chromé, panel des enceintes Williams neuf,plateau neuf, toutes les rampes gold 24k,merlin, dragon a 2 têtes avec leds ,protection de tout les éjecteurs par des cliffy,toutes les rampes neuves,trolls neufs leds et en plus troll leds,archers leds,catapulte led,merlin, boutons flipps leds, arrière de fronton neuf avec prise chromée, tout les décors neuf,château en option avec les 2 têtes qui s allume,bille neuve, entièrement équipé en led plateau et fronton,,fond du plateau série spécial transparente avec flash,tout les boutons neuf, apron éclairant, miroir sur les côtés,trappes neuves et serrures neuve, vitre anti reflet, etc!!
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
lbayfield   NorwichUnited Kingdom
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
leewong   Hong kongChinaVery beautiful thank you! my friend Noblejuan
leffe   JakobsbergSweden
legacy   Houston, TXUSA
leif   LaholmSwedenPlays good and quite nice playfield. Have new playfield, ramps, plastics, decals...
leof  Rio de janeiroBrazil
lequintal   Saint germain sur avreFrance
letzi_71   LuxembourgLuxembourg
levis   São pauloBrazil100% restaurada, até todos os metais, incluindo os parafusos foram zincados.
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyLuigi
loanguy7171973   Central il, ILUSAVery nice playing MM. Kids really like this theme.
lod BorlängeSwedenFor sale: 7000€ ... Bought from Reno66 in Italy ... Thanks
lod-tenn flipper   GustafsSweden
lorenz38 GrenobleFranceHuman burgers ^^
lucavr  VeronaItaly14-08-2013 MEDIEVAL MADNESS. Ringrazio Massimo di Pinhouse che me lo ha trovato risistemato e fatto tornare a nuovo splendore.(Super Super Pinball machine Super Fantasies Medieval Madness. Thanks Massimo of pinhouse that me it has found restoration and made to return to new splendor.)Di settimana in settimana potrete vedere foto mai viste del Mediaveal Madness con Fantasie e personalizzazioni uniche.(Week by week you will be able to see photos never seen of the Mediaveal Madness with Fantasies and only to personalization).
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlandsAs new. Many mods, LED
luigi_ccnb   WorpswedeGermany
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgRefurbished
lxl   BoråsSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
mago bago  PesciaItalypiano gioco bellissimo cassone ottimo, solo qualche piccolissimo rigo !! funzionante perfetto!!il prezzo e di 6000€ accetto scambi solo con top titoli e con differenza a mio favore!!!
mago bago  PesciaItalybellissimo medieval con piano gioco perfetto come nuovo!! cassone molto bello!!! richiesta 6000€ funzionante!! INVIO FOTO SOLO AD INTERESSATI
magod   MadridSpain
mahatma   FirenzeItalyIl flipper è stato restaurato a livello elettronico perfettamente funzionante, il piano e tutte le plastiche sono al 100% è molto bello..... Il cassone è un pò sciupato :o(( dovrò trovare qualche anima buona che mi faccia il lavoro delle decals ._. accetto proposte non troppo costose.... Purtroppo lo pagato parecchio da un noleggiatore "ma ne è valsa la pena" lo cercavo bello.......
maioman   Annapolis, MDUSAI really love this game.. I think this will stay with me for a long time..
malu  FrosinoneItaly
malu   FrosinoneItalyCondizioni eccellenti manco a dirlo grazia a ............
mann.thomas   DarmstadtGermany
manu95  VaurealFrance
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
marcolu  Versilia -toscanaItalyDa riparare, Qualche figlio di buona donna in sala giochi si è divertito a bruciare con un accendino tasti flippanti e tasto lancio palla. Appena revisionato metto le foto ;) Piano già restaurato.
marcopi   MonzaItalyDa resturare
markeemark   PortsmouthUnited KingdomCollector's condition
markpin   PetropolisBrazil
marksalas   Cleveland, OHUSA
markv  UusimaaFinlandMM was ledded 30.1.2015 with pinballbulbs' ultimate kit. Last picture shows the new look.
marlboroman  MontrealCanadaAll original no decals..pinball decals merlin mod,pinball decals archor mods,Pinball decals targets, gold mirror blades, Pinballpro Medieval Madness complete speaker kit, full cointaker playfield and backbox LED'S, pinbits shaker motor.... a perfect example of collector quality.
marrosi   MilanoItaly
martin911   DebrecenHungaryFully restored
massa92117   San diego, CAUSA
matte78 CogliateItalyNUOVO..e' meglio del nuovo punto! nuova mod. installata alla catapulta vedi pimpmypin...illuminazione sfondo!
matthewra   TorontoCanadaNeed someone to do full HEP-level restore - anyone?
max77  FribourgSwitzerlandTrès beau! Tout est fonctionnel, il vient d'être révisé. Caisse 8/10 Fronton 8/10 Plateau 7/10 Etat général 8/10 Prix de vente à venir prendre sur place CHF. 6'000.00
maxtrony  FontanellatoItaly
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
medieness   UberabaBrazil
meee69   SjöboSweden
memar   NiederscherliSwitzerland
metroider  MetroiderSpain
miami   RioBrazilobrigado noble juan francês
michaelsimper73 Newcastle upon tyneUnited KingdomHUO! Perfect condition. Please feel free to contact me for more details and photos.
misterflip   NemoursFrance
mistertwang   Gujan-mestrasFrance
miticoboss   MilanoItalyNON E' IN VENDITA
mlm   TorontoCanada
mnpinball   Cokato, MNUSA
mo   EdmontonCanada
monster-bash   GoianiaBrazil
monsterbash  CascaisPortugalPart of my WPC collection!
mosh   BavariaGermanyGREAT! - Beautiful Pinball machine in unrestored original condition!
mpbola  Petropolis - rio de janeiroBrazilFully restored by JOÃO CARNEIRO, Led Kit, Custom Topper, Side art
mpbola  Petropolis - rio de janeiroBrazil
mr mic  LidköpingSweden
mr tilt   MelbourneAustralia
mrcleanhead   Cleveland, OHUSA
msl   VantaaFinland
mssony  Sao pauloBrazil
mssony   Sao pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada São pauloBrazil
mufcmufc  The middleUnited KingdomBeautiful game with no wear and very nice cabinet
murilofc   Cunha-spBrazilColor DMD
mv8ball CaterhamUnited KingdomColour DMD
mwong168   TorontoCanadaHUO
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
nanar-lenflur   Orry la villeFrance
napayno  San jose, CAUSAExtremely nice Survivor. Could be HUO.
napayno San jose, CAUSAThis is a nice Medieval Madness pinball machine that was manufactured by Williams in 1997. This is considered to be the Holly Grail of pinball machines by collectors throughout the world. The toys on the playfield include 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 5 single stationary targets, 2 ramps, and a couple of pop up trolls. The flippers have been gone through and rebuilt and are as strong as they were when this machine left the factory. The cabinet is in very nice shape. The playfield is also in very nice shape. I have completely disassembled the playfield, cleaned, polished and waxed the playfield, cleaned and polished the plastics, replaced any burnt out bulbs and flashers, replaced all rubbers, re-assembled the playfield and tested/verified everything on this machine is working perfectly. Look at the last picture to see mirror like finish on the playfield after I waxed it. All playfield lamps have been replaced with color LEDs.
nappis   MonninkyläFinlandKnight add-ons. Dragon topper. Plastic protectors, Cliffy and mantis protectors. Very nice condition
nedi   KangasalaFinland6900 euros
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinlandNew playfield
nedi KangasalaFinland6600 €
nevus   Shreveport, LAUSASweet sweet MM!
nibirudan PerpignanFranceEchange contre Austin Powers (Stern) + World Cup Soccer (Bally) + un 3eme flipper
nickb4141   BromleyUnited Kingdom
nico51   TroyesFrance
nico51   TroyesFrance
nicofontaine   Braine-le-comteBelgium
nicogoy   BeaufayFrance
nicolas du 33 Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceI want 6500€ for this Medieval Madness if you are to interest to send I an e-mail. Otherwise why not against several pinball Cordially Nicolas
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrance
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceChange
nikus   Preston, lancashireUnited KingdomBought from UK, very very nice condition
nilesoverly   Columbus, OHUSA
nilobraga   São pauloBrazil
noitbe11  Montigny le bretonneuxFrance
nolan  ParisFranceTrès beau médiéval Madness Echange contre Monster Bash + tron ou Twilight zone
nollan   FouesnantFranceEntierement restaure Superbe etat
nordi   CasoriaItalyil numero 1
noworrys   KalmarSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ogc17   La rochelleFrance
ola   GöteborgSwedenIn very good condition.
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
ollimm   OttobeurenGermany
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
oscarharley  AlcañizSpain
oscarspa   JaénSpainGold Edition, dragon with red led eyes, shaker, gold door, gold all mechanisms under the playfield, subwofer pioneer, spekears pioneer, topper, candylight in all parts of the castlle,
outhole  NrwGermany
outlander   DowntownGermanyawesome condition
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
p.personale  TeramoItalyQui le foto di prima e dopo il restauro ,un ringraziamento a Danilo che me lo ha venduto e control che mi ha ceduto il piano laccato.Gran bel flipper.....
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerlandNew Playfield
papaber StyriaAustria
paulofreitas   Sao pauloBrazil
payne  BrunoyFrancecomplete restoration, vitrification, full led, dmd color...
petaco   GijónSpain
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumMediëval Madness; my most favorite pinball which i will never sell. Playfield polished, perfectly working and all ramps and plastics ok. Cabinet in normal condition. 1 Mod still needs to be installed; Master Troll with led eyes at left ramp.
phoenix   StockerauAustria
phoerber   Gig harbor, WAUSAALL ORIGINAL IN HOME USE SINCE 99.
picchio62   PortoferraioItaly
piersimone   RomaItalyI soldi dove ca..o sono i soldi Joe! Grazie Joe!
pinball junkie  Kanata, ontarioCanadaVery nice condition. Several medieval men add-ons easily removed, and hand painted castle all done by the talented Mario from Quebec that I purchased the game from. Color DMD, Red troll eyes led mod. Merlin led mod. Polished chrome lock down bar and legs. Plexi backboard mod coming soon. Never thought I would own my dream pin…. Check out Maaca and Pinball Revolution.
pinball-collect   BudapestHungary ZagrebCroatiaSold for 4500 EUR
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballbart   TorhoutBelgium
pinballch   WinterthurSwitzerland
pinballfreak  Cheyenne, WYUSAFully restored to better than new by (Teekee) Anthony Daly
pinballslave   LitvinovCzech Republic
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWe bought this game from Doug Huse of Let`s Play Pinball. It is absolutely gorgeous and in mint condition.
pinbally_1968   OisterwijkNetherlands
pingod   CalgaryCanadaGoing through a full retoration as I type this.Tons of mods,to many to list.
pinlawyer   Phoenix, AZUSAWill be chrome-pimped, redecaled, LEDs, clearcoated playfield, custom sound system
pinmeister   Cherry hills village, COUSAHigh End Pins Restoration
pinobsessed   LondonUnited Kingdom
pinsplit   ZurichSwitzerlandbetter than new! subwoofer etc
pintracen   HoofddorpNetherlands
pinwiz   SydneyAustraliaNew decals and colour DMD
pittfall   FrankfurtGermanyPerfect
planeta9999   ValenciaSpain
plusdebrol   CasteauBelgiumTotally restored! new decals, new playfield, new plastics, etc!
popop_122  Clermont ferrandFranceplateau vernis, decals de caisse neufs 7800€
purre   SollentunaSwedenSerialNo: 50259101083, MfgDate: 1997-08-09
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
quincy  MilanoItalyCompletely restored, it's as new. Completamente restaurato e laccato, ora come nuovo.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
redeyes420  Lancaster, PAUSAHUO MM One owner before me, picked it up at an estate sale. whoever owned it, this was there only pin they had.
remo Tempio pausaniaItalypraticamente nuovo.lo ho comprato da un conoscente tedesco..vendo solo se ottima offerta,invio foto
renatocm   BarueriBrazil
reno66  BolognaItalyFlipper perfetto in ogni sua parte,restaurato pari al nuovo,dal gioco veloce e dalle musiche stupende,montati troll con led,placate oro 18k le rampe!!!!!!! BELLISSIMO!!!!! Flipper perfect in every part, restored like new, the game fast and beautiful music, with LEDs mounted trolls, 18k gold-plated ramps!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!
reno66  BolognaItalyIl mio secondo MEDIEVAL MADNESS,a differenza del primo e' come nuovo e mai restaurato,TUTTO ORIGINALE oserei dire come appena sballato il piano non presenta la minima usura da nessuna parte (buche comprese)decal immacolate,plastiche perfette,display luminosissimo,rampe come nuove, completo di chiavi e manuali originali!!!Impossibile da trovare!!! My second MEDIEVAL MADNESS, unlike the first and 'like new and never restored, all original as I would say just busted the plan does not have the slightest wear anywhere (including holes) decal immaculate full original manuals and keys! IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND
reno66 BolognaItalyFunzionante,completo di manuali originali,decal esterne in ottimo stato ma da rivedere alcune decal del piano che sono consumate!!! Working, complete with original manuals, outdoor decals in excellent condition but the plan to revise some decals that are worn out!!!
reno66  BolognaItalyAppena ritirato,il piano di gioco è bellissimo ha solo bisogno di una pulita per renderlo super,completo di manuali originali e perfettamente funzionante! Just retired, the game plan is beautiful just needs to make a super clean, complete with original manuals and fully functional!
reno66 BolognaItalyGrazie Fabio!!!!Bellissimo flipper,in condizioni strepitose,nessuna usura sulla pergamena!richiesta 6000 euro !!!! Beautiful pinball, in amazing condition, no wear on the parchment!!! Request € 6000!
rfrysztak   Naperville, ILUSAExtensive lighting and aesthetic mods, including castle, dragon, topper and playfield LEDs.
ricardoipc PetrópolisBrazil
rinpoli  GuarulhosBrazil
rjsoeps  KatwijkNetherlands
rob t   Riverside, CAUSA
rodneyolsen   Seattle, WAUSA
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano in buone condizioni e decal solo un po' consumate sui bottoni dei flippanti
rossz   LilleFrance
rrb   Sao pauloBrazil
rsss  QuébecCanadaMMRLE built by Chicago Gaming in order. I hope release in 2015???
ruben   KarlskogaSwedenFully restored to perfect condition. Clear coated playfield and new cabinet and back box side arts. Excellent condition and looks brand new!
runer71 PorsgrunnNorwayClearcoated playfield, airbrushed back to protoplayfield, lightning backboard.New plasticset, cabinet freshed up to a very nice condition, got a spare playfield to this one.. 12k usd..
rushseven   JöhlingenGermany
rvdv   Corona, CAUSAhuo, mint !
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
s017dd   TullingeSwedenIn very good condition. Translite is signed by artist John Youssi.
salle44   MotalaSwedenTop condition with nice extras, knights, light in dragon eyes and trolls. All week spots of the game improved (merlin hole, castle gate, moat etc...
santeh   Tampa, FLUSA
sarapakerche New york, NYUSA
schmuykel   GifhornGermany
schuch   Bietigheim-bissingenGermany
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scoma1994   Keller, TXUSA
scottinsgfny   South glens falls, NYUSA
sebinouse   ParisFrance
sensfreak   Ottawa, onCanadaLimited Edition from PPS
sergiocalheiros   Sao bernardo do campoBrazil
serjio66   Umuarama, prBrazilLeds Kit, 4 horsemen Kit, Glowing eyes Trolls, Glowing eyes/mouth dragon
sfa WetzlarGermanysome areas need stickers, scroll, jets... 2 insert decals must be replaced magic shield overlay works fine,nice ramps ..still golden, nice dmd, nice decals and apron got a set new orginal decals with holo would sell or trade...
sfm-313   LuxembourgLuxembourg
shootagain91  ParisFranceCollector's condition ! 13000€
shootagain91  ParisFranceMedieval Madness Gold ! As new !
shootagain91  ParisFrancenew cabinet decals and others... 100% working 8000€
sidgametech  São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazilRestaurada e com leds
silver76 FribourgSwitzerlandTrès bon état, plateau 7/10, caisse 7/10
sleazius   SydneyAustralia3 owner HUO.
slowcade   TrondheimNorway
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smokedog   SaskatoonCanadaNeeds new cab decals, otherwise it's cherry. Plays 100%. Great game.
smokedog   SaskatoonCanada
smyken   örebroSweden
sofy  RomaItalyBellissimo medieval....kit led multicolor e molto altro...
sofy  RomaItalyIl secondo medieval...ottimo cassone e piano
sofy  RomaItalyTerzo medieval, bellissimo perfetto
sofy  RomaItalyMedieval....bellissimo piano perfetto...e anche questo a casa........
sofy   RomaItalyOttime condizioni,...
some1chillin   Sayreville, NJUSA
sonnycor  RovigoItalyGrazie Max!!!!!! :)
space ace   TeramoItaly
spazzman90   Portland, ORUSANew playfield installed. Backboard changed with translucent one so lightning bolts flash with the pop bumpers. Nice shape. Plays fast.
speed8   Loire atlantiqueFrance
spider-man  SplitCroatiaBest pin ever made! I'm so lucky to have one! Lot of mods will be added so the pics will follow...
spiderman  BerneSwitzerlandThe Pinball is in perfect cond. HUO
spilleman   MernDenmark
spinster   CalgaryCanadaMy first MM in really great condition. Adding a few mods to make it my own.
squeck   BlaubeurenGermany
squrlnutz  Lewisburg, WVUSA
stavs   Allentown, PAUSA
steel cat  DelmenhorstGermany
stefano75  BresciaItalyFinito....a voi i commenti.
stephbob  ChatouFranceRefait à neuf decals, plateau d'origine vernis, décors et rampe neuf ! presque HUO maintenant ! Quel plaisir à jouer ! Par contre jai vendu un rein pour le payer....merci a Nico51
steveivan   Aberdeen, MDUSA
stevepin   Sanbornville, NHUSANice machine
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stiloso   SottomarinaItaly
stlc1   Reno, NVUSA
stocky   SydneyAustralia
stof13300  Salon-de-provenceFranceEtat collector neuf
supermulti  St.katharinenGermany
sylvain42  St chamondFrancetrès bel état plateau et décors , 100 % fonctionnel
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
t5low   AscotUnited KingdomVery good condition, side perfect, some minor playfield wear around the jet bumpers.
t800  ParisFrance
t800   ParisFrance
tashellen   Minnetonka, MNUSA
tehashix  TervilleFranceSuperbe caisse d'origine, plateau neuf.
teo76   Sesto calendeItalyMonitor a colori
terminator_italy  VicenzaItalyIL MIGLIORE!!! FANTASTICO! revisionato, perfetto, tutto convertito a led. Aggiunte modifiche: Arceri laterali con freccia luminosa + Orco verde con occhi luminosi su rampa sinistra + lampi di luce blu dietro al castello + aggiornato ROM
thebaro  BresciaItalypiano da gioco perfetto!sembra nuovo non ha un graffio..bisogna solo dare una pulita generale e una messa a punto di alcuuni particolari..poi è perfetto!
thechief12   Akron, OHUSA100% Working in very good condition with minor scratches on cabinet.
thegoat913   NycEritrea
thomas b  StuttgartGermany
timberman   BolidenSweden
tlacuj01  Le brassusSwitzerland
tokioguy   Aliso viejo, CAUSAFinally got my hands on this baby. Definitely not going to let mine go now that I have it.
tompellowe   Denver, COUSAFavorite!
tonnerremeca   MontremFrance
tony rodriguez   Brownsville, TXUSA
tonymadrid  CestasFranceBel exemplaire avec caisse et plateau d'origine, 3 mods fraichement installés (Trolls leds, Château cranes led, et Dragon leds) élestiques et billes neuves, Un bijou dans son écrin.
tonyyen   BurnabyCanada
torqua   VicchioItaly
tortelvis  Sussex, WIUSACustom lightning bolt legs. Catapult LED mod. Color DMD. Lighted Apron
tr8kr   La rochelleFrance
transcards  Varennes sur allierFranceplateau neuf, decals originaux neufs, ecran couleurs , pieds et sides neufs Inox porte neuve , nofix+, mirroirs de caisses inox, vitre anti-reflets et bien plus.
translogic   Huntington beach, CAUSA HEP restoration
triple a   ZürichSwitzerland
tristan44   Olonne sur merFrance
tsv1860  MunichGermanyCompletely restored, original cabinet decals with 2k clearcoat, playfield clearcoated, all metal parts on the playfield gold plated, leg´s - siderails and lockbar gold plated, led´s, mirror blades, subwoofer, new backboard and many more.
tyamry   Federal way, WAUSAFully Restored, Clear Coated Playfield.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ulisse18   FaenzaItaly
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
vannja2   LaisvallSweden
vermelho   PiracicabaBrazil
vespucci1994 PalermoItalyflipper restaurato richiesta 5000 € chiamare solo per acquisto 333 4072575
vic   Bracciano(rm)Italy
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
vincz  Pinball cityFranceoriginal cabinet. top playfield. incl. blue coldlight , eyes trolls new backboard color DMD and totally in chrome
vivierois   ViviersFrance
voxtech   Tampa, floridaUSAFinally the grail pin ! As much fun as expected. Put red LED's in trolls eyes & smaller ones in the dragon's eyes. Also put flickering yellow LEDs in castle windows.
vpety  DebrecenHungaryNice and restored
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
waloum   Romorantin lanthenayFrance
wdpvideo   Harrison, ARUSA
wennieboy   Mount albert, ontarioCanadaNew reproduction LE ETA Summer 2014
wesleycowan   Colorado springs, COUSAFull led kit
wheelson  HodmezovasarhelyHungaryRestored, nice!
william  Lochem/heemskerkNetherlandsclearcoated playfield, nos ramps nos plastics dragon led mod subwoofer
williamball   AntwerpBelgium
winbot   KamloopsCanada
wingwalker   MarkeBelgium
wistiti   TorhoutBelgium
with   KoldingDenmark
wizard   BurgdorfGermany9,5/10
wonder1   PerthAustraliaNew playfied and translight waiting to be fitted,work 100%
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
yellowflate   CagliariItaly
yunkjard   LuzernSwitzerland
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
zaifer75   FrederiksværkDenmark
zak1602   BolognaItalyNeed some small attention in next few months
zampafelice  San maurizio canaveseItaly
zarnet   BundabergAustralia
zsciaeount   St. louis, MOUSAVery nice shape. Just needs a little tuning.
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zzzed BudapestHungarysold

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