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aaronhanson   St louis park, MNUSA
ac70  TorontoCanadaHad one of these a couple of years ago. IMHO probably the funnest Wedge head ever made. Looking forward to working on this one and getting it back into working condition. Okay, so I finally started to work on this the other day. Really enjoying the work and the idea of getting this machine back to its former glory. And with over 300,000 plays on its play meter it had a lot of glory (and must have made a lot of money). Finished assembling and tweaking C37 the other day and have been thoroughly enjoying re-living the glory days on this title. As this title is really too fun to keep all to one self, I lent it to a local bar for a while to fully re-live its intending purpose and provide pinball bliss to general public once again - if only for a short while. Well did it not rack up over a thousand more plays in the month it was there. She performed well and from all reports was a big hit that provided much pleasure. Really is a fun game. See a full write up on this title at under the EM section.
atlanta_paul   Acworth, GAUSAFlawless playfield, New repo backglass, works 100%. Substantial cabinet fade.
ats136   Finleyville, PAUSA
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badknees  Alliance, OHUSA
baptur   Boadilla del monteSpain
bdonegan2 Simsbury, CTUSA I do not own a perfect example but such a cool game.
blownfuse  Castro valley, CAUSA
bravedog Mckinney, TXUSA
brenna98  Wind point, WIUSAFully restored playfield. Works perfectly. Cabinet is original but nice. Backglass is very nice.
brewmeister_us   Tampa, FLUSA
bribo13   Ortonville, MIUSANice player, back glass is 6 of 10, playfield is 7/10 cabenet has fade. but it plays and works great..I play the hell out of it, not a collecters machine. but a great game room player. I love it.
burge2 London ontarioCanadaNice centigrade 39000 plays this machine is clean inside & out one of cleanest machines i had in my collection love the art work
busjoe  Portland, ORUSAHUO machine,low play, beautiful condition
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camel   WinterthurSwitzerland
campgames  Clifton, new jersey, NJUSAI purchased this game from a New York City pinball collector in 2004.This game has a really nice playfield,cabinet and backglass.I stripped the playfield and rebuilt all flippers,pop bumpers,new rubbers, cleaned/waxed and ended up with at least 90+ total restoration hours into this great player. This is one fantastic playing late 1970's animated wedgehead that is a players dream come true game.This game could be one of the best playing wedgeheads in this late 1970's series of player friendly 3" flipper Gottlieb games. So much to shoot for with many skilled flipper shots throughout entire playfield and lots of strong ball action. I will try to explain how this game is played. Here we go! Making A B C D advances the thermomter 5 steps and lites the 500 points drop targets (one per letter)to advance thermometer one or two steps depending on if a player has the double advance feature lit and also lites the green 1000 point value in top right kick out hole for a total of 5000 points(nice feature).Knocking down the four bank set of drop targets will light the stand up targets to give a player a chance at resetting the drop target bank or lighting the double advance feature. A player should try to hit the stand up target to light the double advance before hitting the stand up target to reset drop target bank(most important shot). Once a player has reached the top of the animated thermometer in the head of the game it will light the special in the kick out hole and the kick out hole becomes another the key shot. The kick out hole is always an important shot to make during the game and a player must be able to make this skilled shot at will to beat this game real bad for replays and points. The kick out hole will sometimes drop the ball into the 5000 point right side rollover lanes for points or advancing the thermometer if needed(another important feature). When this game is restored to perfection and all moving mechanical parts are working like factory new and everything is fine tuned it will play super fast and powerful with tons of top quality action. A lot of the late 1970's drop target wedgehead games were more player friendly and really fun games to play because i think Gottlieb at this time period wanted the players to continue playing pinball machines instead of the new video games that were just starting to take over the coin op industry in the 1970's. This game in my opinion could be one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line. If you really want a all around great player, skilled shooting, good ball action, backglass animation, drop target wedgehead from this era look no further and find one of these sought after EM games. This game stands proud next to my Atlantis, Volley, Big Hit, Golden Arrow, Sure Shot, Jacks Open and other late 1970's wedgeheads in my collection. This beautiful looking masterpiece of a game will excite you for sure if your a true pure EM player at heart! This game in my opinion is one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line.This beautiful looking masterpiece of a game will excite you for sure if your a true pure EM player at heart!Totally restored."All Original Condition".Basement game room location since 2004.
campgames  Clifton, new jersey, NJUSAI jhad this game in my collection for a short period of time before trading it for another machine that is in my collection today.
centigrade   Worcester, MAUSALooking for tips on cleaning up unit.Works great but, very dusty from previous owners storage. Also am interested in buying spare parts for game, "just in case". Thanks!
cflipperfingers  Ringoes, NJUSA
chibler   St. louis, MOUSAMy first pin purchase and the only game my wife plays.
cjs001  Fort ann, NYUSAReproduction Backglass, playfield all Original
ckcsm  Lansdale, PAUSAI love the look of this game.
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darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSAVery nice overall original condition. Last Gottlieb em with backglass animation. Fun game to play.
daveebs  Viroqua, WIUSACool artwork, sample game. S/N 01117S. Excellent sci-fi graphics. Nice playfield layout. This is one of the kid's favorite EM pinballs.
denisn72 East broughtonCanada(Bought in April 2019 / Sold in October 2020)
dgpinball   AldergroveCanada
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04908 Rebuild complete 2/24/13. 35K original plays. Fun game to play. Repro backglass installed 5/22/13. Yea! Sold 4/5/2014.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 05473 Operational, but not restored. Traded 5/2013
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04890. Rescued this from sitting in a semi-trailer outdoors here in MN, 4/2014. Exceptional cosmetics, but very dirty. 38K plays on the meter. Think this one will restore nicely. Cleaned up the playfield and got it running. Sold June 2020.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04930. Sold July 2014. Needed the space!
dirtflipper Shakopee, MNUSAser #05110. Acquired 5/16, from down in IA. 48K plays or so, good cab colors. Rebuild complete 7/31/16. Very clean machine to start with, so the rebuild went smoothly. $1600 or trade. Sold 10/2016.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04958. The sixth example of this title to enter into the collection. This one has very vibrant original colors, is low play, and may displace the previous keeper. Will have to carefully compare them. The local distributor/ops must have done well with this title, as they sure have made frequent appearances around here.
drano  TorontoCanadaI picked this game up in Oct.2012. It was my first EM and appeared to be in very nice shape. I played it a while ago at the PHOF and just fell in love with it. I feel very lucky to have found this rare title! I later spent a lot of time stripping down the playfield, levelling all the inserts and airbrushing in any corrections before clearcoating it. The cabinet was re-sprayed with custom stencils I made to bring the pink back to life. It looks and plays like new now. Probably my favorite pinball artwork of all time too!
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enzo  TarnFrance
equalizer   Bracey, VAUSA#01235
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faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fanuminski1  Circle pines, MNUSAlove this game! added new pics of Play field touched up and auto clear coated. new pops, posts, lane guides, & repro plastics. replaced the ribbon in the thermometer -looks great!
fanuminski1  Circle pines, MNUSAreturned to sender! sold 4 years ago and picked back up 1/16/21
felixlechat MontpellierFranceje possède ce flipper depuis prés de 20 ans, il est strictement dans son état d'origine, j'ai juste changé les caoutchoucs des flips, il marche bien, il faut changer un fusible pour que le tableau s'allume, les pieds sont oxydés et la trappe du monnayeur ne ferme plus. J'ai essayé d’être le plus objectif possible dans la description.
footer  Stillwater, MNUSAser#: 04933, fully restored and playing 100%. Sold to nb4444 from Ham Lake, MN.
framejias   SantiagoChile
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geoffr_aus  MelbourneAustralia
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
graytiga  MelbourneAustraliacan ship
greenacres0802  Rome, PAUSANot the farthest I traveled, but first time out of the country to get one. 263 mile trip to Hamilton Canada for what I would concider the nicest route EM I have seen. outside of the yellowing of the case, the wood and mechanics look almost new. 40K plays on the ol girl. Restoration should be minimal. Great deal, Great find.
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hammerhead   MelbourneCanadaSold for $1800 CAD 02/02/2019
hanky   Collegeville, PAUSABarn find that needs restoring, bought a Ron Webb repro backglass for it.
heatbag   North vancouverCanadaRestored with Gottlieb Guru Brian Carlson....Thank you Brian!
hensteeth2go  GlasgowUnited Kingdom1977 (August) good all original wedge head game which has been well maintained over the years. Excellent early space theme with active backglass. Love the whirrs n clicks and manic xylophone sound effects as you build points and bring the space girl dressed in green to life. One of the best of its era. What's in the name? Centigrade 37 is the temperature of blood.
hidravi  VillenaSpain
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integ194  Taylors beachAustraliaSerial no 05111. Purchased US 23 May 14. Machine in wonderful original condition with low plays of 17k. C37 is a great game!
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jodini   Omaha, NEUSA
jufath  Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
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kangourou  LyonFranceSample version
kangourou LyonFranceSample Version - 100% full working
keysey94   NewcastleAustralia
kingpinman   San leandro, CAUSA
kodokigk   Kennett square, PAUSAIn very good original condition
koji  SurreyCanada
kovalski3   Manahawkin, NJUSANice Original Machine. Very slight fade to the cabinet. Nice play field and repot back glass from Ron Webb
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lacoche   MontrealCanada
leckmeck  Afton, MNUSATraded a sample Lucky Hand to DirtFlipper for this nice example in May 2013. Less than 30k plays on the replay meter. Serial number 5473. Sold 10/16/2014.
leckmeck  Afton, MNUSAPicked up in July 2014. My second Centigrade 37 from DirtFlipper. A couple of notches nicer than the previous one. Serial number 04930 with 50k clicks on the replay meter. Restoration completed December 2017. Lotta elbow grease went into this one. The magenta on the cabinet was resprayed to bring it back to its former glory. The playfield was touched up, inserts leveled, and clearcoated with lacquer. A Ron Webb reproduction backglass was the finishing touch.
leking0369  Trois-rivieresCanada
lenub   Oxford, PAUSA
lenub   Oxford, PAUSA
lenub   Oxford, PAUSA
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makiza Houston, TXUSA
malibu ss  WinnipegCanada
manitouguy   VancouverCanada
marcxus  MelbourneAustralia1978 Electro mechanical brilliance. The artwork is just classic pinball art. It is a great picture of a girl trying to clone herself and you helping her by getting to 37 degrees. The game play is also a notch above the rest with drop targets, bullseyes and a skill shot - all to be got in the right order to maximise points - and of course, trying to move the thermometer to 37 degrees to clone the girl and get the special.
mark-john   Urbandale, IAUSA
mark62   Commerce twp., MIUSA
matadorman Madison, WIUSA1600 made. Beautiful futuristic artwork combined with an animated thermometer on the backglass make this pin a joy to look at and play. This combined with a deep ruleset that includes drop targets, stand up targets, a kick-out hole, plus parallel bagatelle lanes on the right side make this one of the best EM's ever made. Last single-player Gottlieb machine produced. This one is in great shape, awesome backglass & playfield. Asking $2200.
mg   Lompoc, CAUSA
mikeo   Overland park, KSUSA
moogyzl  Tracadie-sheilaCanada I have some problems with the lights on the playing board but all the rest is running perfectly!
museum  EspelkampGermanyJust arrived at the exhibition for guiding and playing
mxzini PragueCzech Republic
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
nb4444  Blaine, MNUSASold June 2017 to local collector.
nedi  KangasalaFinlandPlayed about 7000 games only.
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old school   Santa barbara, CAUSA
olive00   EssonneFrance
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
paparufus   TorontoCanadaGreat title. Almost as good as Atlantis, which i regrettably sold. Love the bagatelle feature and I love hitting the hole for special. It reminds me of Sure Shot, long diagonal shots to the hole for special.
paragon66x   Cedar rapids, IAUSAVery nice example.
pbal   BudapestHungaryBudapest Pinball Museum
phillips88 Sewell, NJUSAGreat game! Glad I pick this up when I did because I haven't seen another in years. Excellent condition!
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSA
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSA
pin4steve  Chillicothe, OHUSAFixed to work 100% but not shopped. Still needs a good cleaning.
pinballdan   San rafael, CAUSA
pinballparlour  Ramsgate, kentUnited Kingdom
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinchic28  Palmyra, VAUSA18k plays New playfield & NEW backglass works perfect
pinfix18  Farmville, VAUSAGreat backglass & playfield LED's galore.
pinfrog   PerthAustralia
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSAPlays nice
pinw   Berkeley heights, NJUSANew repro backglass courtesy Ron Webb, new plastics courtesy Pinball Rescue, cabinet re-paint in the near future!
popflop763   Blaine, MNUSA
powdernoid   York, PAUSAPicts to come a great low game count pin!
printis   Houston, TXUSAfantastic machine
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quintus   PibracFrance
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randykluber   Highlands ranch, COUSABeautiful Example of this classic Gottlieb. This machine has a stunning backglass and missing no paint on BG or playfield. Approximately 24K plays on the playmeter.
rd3110  MelbourneAustralia
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
replay wizard   Ephrata, pa, NJUSAMint original game
ricky   Barberton, OHUSA
runbikeskilee   Catonsville, MDUSA
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scozza   SarsfieldAustralia
shonky   PerthAustralianeeds major restoration - but it works!
snackies   Pittsburgh, PAUSASets up plays, works, glass is dead mint, going to get playfield restored. May sell or trade in future, but want to keep for now.
snydermark   Saint paul, MNUSA
spacelab guy  Syracuse, NYUSATraded for 1967 Chicago coin Ball Bowler
spacemanspiff   CalgaryCanadaSerial #04012
sparknuts  Las vegas, NVUSAMachine looks like it came off Gottlieb's showroom floor. Looks and plays great! You gotta love the artwork and the animated thermometer on the backglass.
sparky   VaudreuilCanada
specialwhenlit  Green lane, PAUSASample Game in great condition. NOS Coin Door, Playfield Plastics and backglass along with a Wade Playfield.
speedway98   Avondale, newfoundlandCanada
spiroagnew   Scotch blockCanadaNeeds a cabinet repaint. Otherwise, decent looking example.
steelerz   Mehoopany, PAUSAGame is in working order in decent shape. Glass is really nice play top shows the ball wear. It keeps resetting and I need some help to figure out the problem. I would also like to buy parts to make this game as sweet as it could be. I would be willing to trade both my machines for a good working unit but would rather restore them. I have never restored one before so I would take all the advice I can get.
superphiljr  Wilmington, NCUSAbackglass excellent, playfield very good, cabinet good. acquired from online auction along with el dorado. 20 hour round trip drive by myself to pick up machines from Chester, PA. auction 11-6-19. picked up on Sat. 11-9-19. game plays near perfect. couple lights out,Paid about $1400, but very happy with purchase of rare pin still in very good original condition working near perfect. Only issue is after 5th ball drains machine goes to game over, but still kicks out ball to plunger, but game is over, all scoring and playfield action is off.
szabo   York regionCanadarare - hard to find - Fun game - good condition. new plastics and back glass
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tandem2   Gibsonia, PAUSAOne of the last real classics from Gottlieb. Lots to do on the playfield, like the backglass animation. Nice art package.
targetlaf  LavalCanadaexcellente condition. Une des plus belle centigrade 37 que j'ai vu. Playfield 9.5+/10(mylard jour 1), cabinet 9/10, backglass 10/10.
tellispins Modesto, CAUSA
titi78   YvelinesFrance
tkaye   HamiltonCanadanice example to have in the collection
toktotte SkellefteåSweden
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
wagonaire   East greenville, PAUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
xeneize Jacksonville, FLUSA

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