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Collectionneur: specialwhenlit
Localisation: Green Lane,PA USA (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers electromécaniques des tous les epoques
Inscrit le: 05/06/2007
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mis à jour le: 07/03/2020
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2001 Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint playfield, and orginal minty cabinet artwork with reproduction backglass and a minty orginal backglass. All new metal trim with the exception of the siderails. This game was from the Dave Christainsen collection. Game is zero timed and a Nick Raschilla Restoration.
ATLANTIS Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint Playfield with NOS plastics. Mint Cabinet with NOS backglass and NOS coin door. Game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration
BEAT THE CLOCK Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint Playfield, Repainted cabinet with correct steciles, lacquer paint and webbng. Reproduction backglass. Game is fully shoppedwith new metal and zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration
BUCKAROO Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisRepainted cabinet with correct lacquer paint and webbing, and correctly stenciled. Playfield touched up and clearcoated. Reproduction baclglass. All new metal. Game is completely zero timed out. Nick Raschilla Restoration
CENTIGRADE 37 Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendSample Game in great condition  
CENTRAL PARK Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisAverage cabinet, repo backglass, playfield touched up and clearcoated. All new metal trim. Zero Timed, Nick Raschilla restoration. This is the third game I purchased back in July 1999 from Vic Camp. I was looking for a game with animation in the backglaass and answered an ad on Mr. Pinball by Vic Camp. I didn't know Vic at this time and didn't know too much about Pinball Machines. So I contacted Vic and decided to take a day trip with my wife the three daughters. As to not make it too obvious that I wanted to start building a collection, I got everyone on board that the kids wanted another game. So, we loaded the kids into the van and headed to North Jersey to meet Vic at Classic Pinball to see the game. I played the game while the kids ran wild in Kevins store with all the games. After speaking with Vic and Kevin I decided to purchase it. After loading the game into the van, Vic kindly invited us back to his house to see his collection. When we walked into his gameroom, I especially was blown away! Vic rolled out the red carpet for us and the rest is history. The first two games I purchased were really for the kids, but this machine and adventure was truly a turning point for me in the hobby. Vic really got me started on building a gameroom and also the start of a great friendship. Thanks Vic!!
CORRAL Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendMint orginal cabinet, repo backglass, mint playfield, all new metal trim. Game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration
COVER GIRL Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendNeeds Cabinet repaint, has NOS playfield to install, Repproduction backglass and plastics. Low mile game.  
CRISS CROSS Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendMint playfield, repainted cabinet with reproduction backglass. Purchased this game form Dave Christiansen  
DOMINO Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendFully restored and zero timed, orginal cabinet paint, reproduction backglass and new plastics. Minty Bought this game at the York Show a few years back from Paul Linciotti.
EGG HEAD Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendPurchased the game for the NOS Playfield I have. Also have to paint the cabinet. Reproduction backglass. Game is from Ken Carroll  
FAST DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisThe cabinet is near mint with a repo backglass. The game has an NOS Playfield installed. This game was purchased from Mark Niemkiewicz.  
FLIP-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisGame is in orginal condition with exceptional playfield, repoduction backglass and orginal cabinet artwork in above average condition. Had game delivered to the Allentown show from Ken Hall
HAWAIIAN BEAUTY Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisSuper nice cabinet and playfield with a repo backglass. Movst expensive game I ever purchased in a bidding war on E-bay.  
ICE REVUE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint Playfield, Reproduction backglass, Touched up orginal cabinet, all new plastics and metal trim. Gameis zero timed out. Nick Raschilla restoration.
JET SPIN Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint Cabinet and Backglass, Playfield has been touched up and clear coated. All new metal. Game has been zero timed. Restored by Nick Raschilla
JOKER POKER Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint Cabinet, Playfield and NOS Backglass. Nick Raschill restoration
JUNGLE QUEEN Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisEntire Game looks NOS. All new metal with NOS Backglass and NOS Plastics. Nick Raschilla restoration.
KING OF DIAMONDS Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint playfield with reproduction plastics, Reproduction backglass, Repainted cabinet with correct lacquer paint and webbing. Game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration
LADY LUCK Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisVery nice example with very low plays  
LIGHTNING BALL Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendExcellent playfield, reproduction backglass, average cabinet.  
MARBLE QUEEN Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépend  
NORTH STAR Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendThis was an export game (France) with a completely mylared playfield from new. I removed the mylar to reveal a mint factory new playfield with no ball track mark inthe arch area. Game also had a plexiglass backglass and way above average cabinet artwork. Purchased this game from Gene Harmon.
PARADISE Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendPurchased this game from Michael Sands (Sands Mechanical Museum). Beautiful cabinet and playfield. Could use a glass.  
SING ALONG Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisWade Krause Playfield, Reproduction Backglass, Repainted cabinet with correct lacquer paint and webbing. All new metal trim. Game is zero timed out. Nick Raschilla restoration.
SKY JUMP Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMint original playfield and repo plastics, Touched up cabinet, Mint original backglass. All new metal, game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration From the collection of Mark Niemkiewicz.
SPIN-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisThis game was advertised on Mr. Pinball in Connecticut. Decided to do a road trip with my wife and three daughters to Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol. Went to the park on Saturday and I woke early Sunday morning before the wife and kids and drove an hour and a half to pick up the machine. I almost passed out when I saw the mint playfield this machine had, along with a super nice backglass. Got back to the motel just in time for breakfast.
UNIVERSE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisOriginal mint cabinet and playfield with a repo backglass. Refinished wood and painted coin door and legs with automotive paints. This game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla restoration.
IMPORTANT: Cette page montre la collection de flippers du membre specialwhenlit de Green Lane, PA, USA. Les flippers à monnayeur énumérés ci-dessus, y compris leurs images, ont été téléchargés dans notre base de données par specialwhenlit lui-même; specialwhenlit est le seul responsable de l'information contenue en cette page. Les flippers montrés ci-dessus ne sont pas nécessairement à vendre! Veuillez se référer à la 4ème colonne dans la liste pour savoir si un certain flipper est en vente ou pas. Très probablement, la plupart des flippers de specialwhenlit sont des flippers d'occasion qui ont été installés dans les cafes et d'autres lieux publics; leur valeur en tant que collectable dépend en grande partie de l'aspect et de la fonctionnalité de chaque flipper.
Commentaires par d'autres membres de notre communauté
 De kangourou le 04-02-2017 11:27:
Your pinballs are NOS, well done !
 De webmaster le 05-01-2017 13:29:
Hey Nick, everyone is talking about your legendary restorations... what about some pics so we can enjoy and... drool? :-)
 De budman le 31-12-2016 14:48:
I have had the distinct pleasure of not only playing Nick Raschilla's collection,( the 8th Wonder of the World , by the way) but also owning two of his full blown, complete / New in the box / zero timed restorations....Sing Along and King of Diamonds. If you are a serious collector and /or lover of EM's, you should own at least one of his. But beware.... they are like Lays potato chips! I sold my previous two EM pins because the difference in appearance and gameplay didn't compare. Go to my page and see what I mean!
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