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Collectionneur: tenholtpianist
Localisation: Haarlem, Netherlands (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers electromécaniques des années 50'-60'
Inscrit le: 20/06/2010
16 flippers
mis à jour le: 20/12/2020
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BALLS-A-POPPIN Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamais1956 Bally. After I found some small parts of this game at internet, I decided to build and assemble missing parts myself and reconstruct a complete Balls-a-Poppin game. After a year of work I was able to play the first game at this famous multiball pinball. The most difficult part was reconstruction of playfield silkscreen print. This is a list of parts assembled or made by myself: panel and cabinet (made from 50-ties Bally bingo games), print on panel and cabinet, woodrails, plywood playfield (silkscreen printing included), wooden playfield parts, wires, all stepper units (from Bally bingo components). Remaining playfield parts were assembled by Bally 60-ties parts. List of original parts used: score motor, 6 relays, reset bank, flipper buttons, tilt assembly, coin shute, credit button, plunger, lock bar, cigarette holder, 4 sling shot kickers, kickout hole unit, outhole kicker unit, wild ball kicker unit (partially), 20 playfield posts, 4 plastic shields, 6 rollover buttons, instruction and score cards. Reproduction parts imported from USA: back glass, bumper caps and flipper caps. Special thanks to Riccardo (webmaster of this site) who was kind to show me his great pinball collection in Milano. He allowed me to measure his Balls-a-Poppin game in detail.
BE-BOP Exhibit (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamais1950 Exhibit's. Cute game with 'bobble bumpers'! Almost every part of this game was repainted in horrible colors. (For some reason the games I find in Belgium are almost always repainted). After long hours of work the mechanic parts work. The graphics need total reconstruction.  
BIG BEN Williams (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamais1954 Williams. Bought this game in Italy. The backglass is flaking badly. I will make a new silkscreen backglass this year.
C.O.D. Williams (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamais1953 Williams. I got fascinated by this early Williams game because of asymmetric playfield. The game features 5 trap holes. Once caught by a trap hole, ball will remain stuck until end of game. But the trap holes award big points. This game offers many ways to earn free plays. It works almost perfect but playfield needs restoration. I recently made a real silkscreen back glass myself (picture 3 and 4). This game makes me smile every time I play it. The automatic flipper on the right bottom is very funny. It's controlled by the pinball machine itself. C.O.D. is the only EM pinball ever made featuring a single automatic flipper.
DOUBLE ACTION Genco (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisGenco 1951. This game features a vertical playfield in the backrack. Olive green glass marbles bounce vertically in the bagatelle during game play.
FLYING SAUCERS Genco (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisGenco's 1950. Pretty graphics and surprisingly nice to play. When all kickout holes are completed and the three planets are lit almost all targets score a replay. The body of this game was repainted in horrible colors. This needs restoration.
GEORGIA Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamais  
HI-SCORE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamais1967 Gottlieb. I was about 9 y/o when I first played Gottlieb's Hi-Score. I fell in love immediately. The colors look great. Fast ball play.
HUMPTY DUMPTY Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamais1947 Gottlieb. Mint condition, fully shopped. Excellent silkscreen repro backglass. Playfield in great condition, untouched. Cabinet very nice.
KICK-OFF Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisSoccer Kick-Off, 1958 Williams. Looking for a better backglass. Very nice playfield.  
NIFTY Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamais  
NINE SISTERS Williams (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisWilliams 1953. I recently purchased this game in US. It needs restoration, but it's complete. Just like C.O.D. and Big Ben this game features an asymmetrical playfield. It has a ramp too which is extremely unusual for an EM game. The game is in poor condition, but I love to restore pin games and wake them up.
SEA WOLF Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisWilliams 1959. I bought this game in Sweden. Seller found it in a barn. It had been stored there for decades. The owner of the barn used to have a bar where visitors could play this game. It has been vast asleep until now. After many hours of work the game plays fast and smooth. It was fascinating to clean the mechanical parts of the disappearing bumper, which is a very rare playfield part.
SKYWAY Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisWilliams 1954. After a long, long search I found this great game. Skyway features an elevated wireform track which is highly unusual for a 50ties EM game. The game was in very bad shape when I bought it. Recently I finished silkscreen printing of the playfield and the game is set up and working now. Last step is to make silkscreen print of the backglass.
STAR-JET Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamais  
THUNDERBIRD Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisWilliams 1954. Found this game in Canada. This game has a remarkable rule set. Balls captured in left bottom pockets can be released by shooting playfield ball in the right top lane. This causes to advance balls in pockets one step downwards. A ball landing in the bottom gobble hole is returned to shooter. On the bottom right there is a special scoring lane. It can be entered by first opening the gate. If a ball enters this lane a spectacular sequence starts. The ball scores a special and is shot back up to the right upper kickback lane and advances any ball(s) in the pockets on the left side. If a ball makes it to the bottom gobble hole it is returned to player and this opens the special lane gate again. The ball in play is kicked back and passes the special gate to score a replay and being shot up again. The sequence continues until all balls in the left pockets are returned to player, scoring extra balls and specials at the same time!
IMPORTANT: Cette page montre la collection de flippers du membre tenholtpianist de Haarlem, Netherlands. Les flippers à monnayeur énumérés ci-dessus, y compris leurs images, ont été téléchargés dans notre base de données par tenholtpianist lui-même; tenholtpianist est le seul responsable de l'information contenue en cette page. Les flippers montrés ci-dessus ne sont pas nécessairement à vendre! Veuillez se référer à la 4ème colonne dans la liste pour savoir si un certain flipper est en vente ou pas. Très probablement, la plupart des flippers de tenholtpianist sont des flippers d'occasion qui ont été installés dans les cafes et d'autres lieux publics; leur valeur en tant que collectable dépend en grande partie de l'aspect et de la fonctionnalité de chaque flipper.
Commentaires par d'autres membres de notre communauté
 De pake67 le 19-07-2020 15:24:
Love your Sea Wolf!!!
 De patblote le 09-01-2020 03:34:
wow, amazing restoration skills...really like your collection of classic and unique games
 De joseallen le 27-07-2018 16:41:
Great collection there. Your rebuild of Balls-a-Poppin is unbelievable! Congrats
 De surfchamp le 19-05-2018 18:12:
Great collection! Love the Flaying Saucers game.
 De klokkie le 12-04-2018 14:06:
Great collection. Seen them live and they are amazing. :-)
 De integ194 le 02-12-2017 22:48:
A wonderful collection. Your craftsmanship is astounding-congratulations.
 De gorgar le 29-04-2016 10:38:
Nice Little collection. Very interesting to see, that they already used the stepper Units back in the 1950's. Looks like they stayed the same until the end of EM in the mid-70ies. Would be beautiful to Play a few rounds on your Balls-a-poppin. Greetings from Germany: Gorgar
 De danimal1481 le 06-01-2016 21:41:
Your reproduction looks great. I can't even guess how many hours you have into the project. I'm working on an almost complete machine and still get overwhelmed sometimes. Do you have and resources on where you reproduced the plastics and backglass?
 De znet le 23-11-2015 17:33:
Incredible Balls-a-Poppin' creation. I am astounded that you undertook such an arduous project. We'll done!
 De webmaster le 14-07-2015 13:42:
Hey, your Balls-a-Poppin looks almost like the Real Thing. You have amazing building skills and it shows up!!! Congrats, can't wait to see what your next project will be :-)
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