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Collectionneur: twindavid
Localisation: Newark,DE USA (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers electromécaniques des tous les epoques
Inscrit le: 10/12/2012
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mis à jour le: 19/01/2021
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ALADDIN'S CASTLE Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPicked this one up in a tiny house in North Jersey. This guy has machines everywhere. 3 in the living room. 1 in the dining room. Even had 1 in kitchen. and all were beaters. I was looking out for moths or butterflies! Weird guy.  
BIG DADDY Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI picked this up from a vendor. I had been looking for this one as I am partial to Williams games, especially reverse wedge heads. The electronics are in excellent shape, but sadly the playfield and cabinet have seen better days. A beater. Pops barely push the ball. "A pinball machine is a terrible thing to waste" Update: Went over this game from rail to leg, and man! This game is a player. I ordered a repro backglass and of course it's flawed...but, galaxies away from the trashed glass. All pop bumpers, kicks and flippers have been rebuilt. Big Daddy has joined the many of death row.
BON VOYAGE Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisPerfect Original Condition. This Bally is like new. I got this game from a friend in PA. I was trading games back and forth and this one caught my eye. I was traveling a lot to Houston and this game fit my mood at the time. The backglass is really funny with some hidden humor! Like the 2 guys falling from the plane, or the insert coin here on the main girl's belt on the glass. "Big John" on the Pilot name tag. There is a lot of innuendo that tells the tale of how some games were designed for the bar/casino scene. It's a fun player that's fun to look at, too!
FREEDOM Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisAh, Freedom. This is my good karma game. I bought this from a cop in Southern NJ. Freedom was in desperate need of a cleaning and it didn't work properly when I got it home. It had a raggy backglass. I purchased a reproduction glass and got the game working and shopped. It's a fun game head-to-head and my twin and I play it often. Where's the good Karma? I found on the classifieds that somebody was looking for the EM glass for Freedom. I had it and shipped it to my man for the heck of it. Maybe somebody will do me a solid one day.
GOLD RUSH Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisCompletely refurbished this game in 2007. I got this game cheap enough, but the cabinet was termite infested. I replaced the cabinet with a Big Deal cabinet and refurbished it with original art and color. The backglass was reproduced, and the field was in great original condition. My twin brother and I used to play pinball at a pool hall after school. This game was THE game that hooked me on pinball! We were so hooked on the game, we "borrowed" some silver dollars from my Mom's collection to play. We got caught. But the matrix was set and we were pinheads. After serving our time, we decided to live the clean life and cut lawns to feed our pinball addiction! For those who may have noticed, the machine on the IPDB is indeed this machine. A hardcore Death row inmate!
HEAT WAVE Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI have been on the hunt for William's reverse wedge heads and Heat Wave was a prime target. The backglass was trashed, but thanks to BGResto, its as good as new. Will be restoring this keeper from top to bottom. Welcome to death row.  
LITTLE JOE Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI bought this game from an Ebay auction which is a crap shoot in itself...and this game was. A bad backglass, a terrible playfield, and non-working to boot. Since I was stuck with it, I decided to completely refurbish it. I wanted a dice game and this game was nearly a deliberate taunt to the gaming authorities trying to outlaw pinball. I sent the playfield out to Phoebe. She completely retouched the field and coated it. The backglass was shot, so I sent that out and had it reproduced. I did the mechanical repairs, and the cabinet was left in good original condition....the game turned out better than I expected. Death row inmate!
MONTE CARLO Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendThis is a fun game. I picked this up to round out my "gambling" motif for certain games. The game has a great original cabinet and back-glass. The playfield has been touched up and clear coated. It's a fun game to go head-to-head with. Great chimes and art!
SING ALONG Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI got this game from a guy in Haddenfield, NJ. It had virtually no art left on the playfield from the kick-out holes down! The cabinet was spray painted black with white polka-dots! So why did I buy this game? Because Sing Along is one of those rare games that deserves a resurrection! The beauty of the artwork coupled with the perfect playfield symmetry. Pinball at it's finest...Sing Along will never, ever, leave my collection. Welcome to death row.
SPOT-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisMy first woodrail. The game is significant in that this was the first to use the cascading kickout holes, ala Kings and Queens, Sing Along, and Melody. Actually, the kickout holes rely on rebound pins to progress to the neighboring hole. A nice effect. No "Game Over" lites on the backglass...just the match number. Buh Bye. A good playing papa daddy woodrail. Maybe soon, a flipper-less game.
SWEET HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisFound this Jewel in a local classifieds. The cabinet was great but the play-field was trashed. I had had a poor example of this game years ago, but didn't want to restore it. This game has great clean mechanicals, so that was a big influence. It took 3 months of hard work to touch up the play-field, I clear coated it and it turned out great. Replaced the back-glass with a new Gottlieb licensed glass. Its a great player and one of my favorites to play. Another Death row inmate! Away with ya!!
TOLEDO Williams (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendPurchased Toledo as non-working from an older couple who had the game for over 30 years. It needed a good cleaning and shop. The game plays and looks fantastic. Although not a well sought after title, the rule set is simple. This is a good game for the wife who like games that are easy to understand and easy to play. But, I enjoy it too
TOUCHDOWN Williams (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendI bought this game from a fellow in the Pocono Mt. area. He was winding down a vending repair business and this was his last EM machine. He did a really nice job refurbishing the cabinet, and the remainder of the game is original. The playfield and backglass are spotless. He threw in another TD body with decent playfield. I remember he kept throwing more and more parts in my truck as I was getting ready to go. The guy was done with the pin business. It was my day that day!
WORLD FAIR Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamais I got it from one of those kind of collectors that say things that make you wonder of you are getting the shaft. I use to have one and for some reason, I sold it. I have been looking for another for 4 years. Anyway, The collector sends me the pictures and the game looks too good to be true. A Shay backglass and the playfield is almost perfect. He says that it's all there, but will have a sticky stepper or two. I take a shot and pay upper spectrum for the game. It gets here and it's a time capsule. Sticky stepper or two? How about time machine from 1966 when it was put away! Actually, the best kind of find for me. An unmolested warehouse jewel. Dry as a bone, but dusty. It took a full shop to bring this beauty back to life, but boy was it worth it. . It plays great and it's great to look at, too! It has a great 1965 South Carolina Tax License on the upper apron that is in perfect condition! A nice addition to death row.
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Commentaires par d'autres membres de notre communauté
 De leckmeck le 28-04-2020 16:15:
“Sing Along will never, ever, leave my collection. Welcome to death row.” That’s pretty funny. That’s basically my response when people ask me why I spend so much time restoring games, which is “I want them to look good at my estate sale.”
 De surfchamp le 13-11-2018 00:47:
Great looking collection and cool stories.
 De jjm le 14-12-2017 15:16:
I really love the back stories on how you acquired your games....very interesting and thorough. Thanks for taking the time!
 De znet le 30-03-2017 16:09:
I like the fact that you included a Chicago Coin game, Hula-Hula, in the interest of diversity. I've never seen so many sparkling Bally playfields in one place. . .in my home state no less! Terrific line-up.
 De patblote le 18-02-2015 05:54:
Really enjoyed your stories for each game, and so glad to hear you enjoy playing them as much as restoring the classics. Thanks for sharing your smorgasbord of well restored machines.
 De webmaster le 14-02-2015 13:31:
I like collections like this one. Unusual titles, well cared for and in outstanding shape. Great pics, and the history behind each and every game is fun to read and adds to the appeal. Well done. Keep it going!
 De jackbot le 13-02-2015 20:07:
This pinballs are repaired, cleaned and great looking.
This let you see how much care they got and how much work they needed to be restored.
Really a very passionate collector: A+!
 De bally table king le 25-01-2013 09:07:
A food variety of classic games. Fun comments and anecdotes.
Great stuff!
 De bandwagon le 14-01-2013 19:12:
Nice selection of EM pinballs and good images. Love reading the stories associated with the games.
 De campgames le 12-12-2012 13:28:
I remembering playing all the games that are in your collection as a kid growing up back in the 1960's and 1970's....Your collection is outstanding and you should feel proud of your accomplishments.Nice selections of pins too.
 De stashyboy le 11-12-2012 04:37:
New to the site, but obviously not to classic EMs. Nice collection!
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