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Collection de flippers de wedgehead
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mis à jour le: 22/01/2021
  Collectionneur: wedgehead
Localisation: Saint Albans,WV USA (trouver sur la carte)
Spécialités': Flippers electromécaniques des tous les epoques
Inscrit le: 05/12/2009
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wedgehead possède ces 38 flippers:

nom du flipperDBfabricantÉtatà vendre?notesphotos
ALL STAR BOWLER  Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendNice example of this 1958 pinball cabinet style ball bowler.
ARROW HEAD Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisI owned one of these pins when I was in high school in the early 1960's. It took me four years to locate two of these in the mid 1990's. I bought both of them and made one nice game from both donor games. My Arrow Head is the one on shown on the IPDB.
BANK-A-BALL Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendVery nice original PF, plastics and cabinet. Has new repro BG. All back box balls are present.
BLACK KNIGHT Williams (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendVery nice example. Perfect original BG, PF is a 8-, plastics are a 9-. Cabinet and coin door are original and in very nice 8+ condition.
BLUE NOTE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, doit être réparéJamaisBought from a seller in Canada. I'm hoping to have it transported to Allentown Pinfest 2015. I've been chasing this title for over twenty years. I'm a happy guy! I'm currently (2/1/16) in the process of an extensive shop's now February 2017 and my restoration of this game is nearing completion.
BOWLING QUEEN Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, fonctionnantCa dépendGame is very nice as is, but I plan to do a complete shop job. Pics coming at later date.  
CAPT. FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendNice example of this title. Mint BG, near mint cabinet. PF is nice with no wear.
CENTRAL PARK Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendNice example of this title. Very nice original BG, plastics and PF. I repainted the cabinet a few years ago and it still looks brand new. No knicks or dings anyplace on this game.
CORRAL Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendTotal restoration with the exception of cabinet repaint which is planned for Spring of 2010. Game has repro BG and repro plastics.
COVER GIRL Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendRecently purchased. Very nice PF, has new repro BG.....Needs cabinet at a later date.....Cabinet repaint has been completed and the game has been totally restored. See pics.  
CROSS TOWN Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisNice example of this title. Very good PF and plastics, new repro BG and new repro Subway doors from PBR. Pics coming soon.  
DELUXE BASEBALL 1957 Williams (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendVery nice example. New repro BG, new, custom made oak lockdown bar, all wood refinished, cabinet totally repainted, new stainless steel bat handle, and new polished stainless lockdown bar hardware.
FIREBALL Bally (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisLooks to be a HUO example...I can't prove that fact, but it certainly appears to be a strong possibility. There are 11 pics of my Fireball on the IPDB. My pics are the last 11 shown on the Fireball page of the IPDB...
FLYING CHARIOTS Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerOui!
Game needs to be shopped and possibly a cabinet repaint. It has no BG, PF is a solid 9+, plastics 9+. If I can't locate a BG for this game I may use parts from both my Flying Chariots to make one really nice game and as much as I hate doing it, I might part out the rest.  
FLYING CHARIOTS Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerOui!
Game needs a shop job. PF 9+, BG 8, plastics 9, cabinet has been painted a solid color. Pics coming at a later date.  
GIGI Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendThis game is in excellent condition. Has a perfect original backglass and plastics. Cabinet graphics are very nice with a few well done touch ups.  
GORGAR Williams (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisThis was the second game I bought when I started my collection, so it will remain as a permanent piece, never to be sold.
LIGHTNING BALL Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendRestored.....part of my current collection....has new repro backglass and plastics....beautiful playfield...  
MAJORETTES Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisGame has been completely restored, including a cabinet repaint. Has a perfect original BG and near perfect playfield except for very light wear at kickout hole between flippers.  
MATA HARI Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendNeeds a shop job. I have both backglasses (plain knife blade and writing on knife blade. Both glasses are in mint condition. Pics coming at a later time.  
MS. PAC MAN COCKTAIL  Midway (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendNice Ms. Pac Man cocktail table. Works perfectly. A real classic. Pics coming soon.  
NORTH STAR Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisHas a near perfect playfield, new repro BG, nice original plastics and very decent original cabinet graphics. I have the original BG that is very nice. I would sell it if someone needed a BG.  
PLAYBOY Bally (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendTotal restoration except I did not need to repaint the cabinet. The PF was repainted and clear coated. Game plays fast. Original BG is near mint.
QUEEN OF DIAMONDS Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendNice original PF, new repro plastics and BG, excellent original cabinet. Pics coming soon.
ROTO POOL Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisI bought this pin in May 2012. Game is not working. It has a very nice PF, new repro BG and new repro plastics. Backbox pool ball's all intact and very nice.....Cabinet needs a repaint which is now underway. Main cabinet is complete. I started on the head a few days ago (11/24/14). I hope to finish sometime this coming week. Repaint is now complete (12/3/14). Mechanical work is now underway (12/6/14). Project completed on 1/22/2015. It was a very difficult repaint due to the complicated graphics, But it turned out beautifully.....  
SHOW BOAT Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendVery clean game....excellent condition with beautiful playfield and nice cabinet repaint.  
SILVERBALL MANIA Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendNeeds a shop job. BG 10, PF 5 (have a nice spare PF to install at time of restoration), plastics 9, cabinet has normal wear and tear. Pics coming at a later date.  
SKILL POOL Williams (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendJust bought this game yesterday (12/19/14). It has a mint original backglass, near perfect cabinet and backbox, nice plastics and very good playfield. After a thorough shop job it should be a beauty.  
SLICK CHICK Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisA ground up restoration was completed in September 2010, which included a complete cabinet repaint, new backglass, new coin door, new coin entry plate, new legs and many other new parts too numerous to mention. If it was available, I bought it.  
SLUGFEST Williams (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendThe game is very nice with the exception of badly faded cabinet decals caused from setting on a totally glassed in sun porch for several years. The direct sunlight certainly did its work on the cabinet decals...I stripped off the old decals and installed new ones and a new control panel overlay plus all new buttons. It looks like a brand new machine after that work was done. I plan to set it next to my Williams 1957 Deluxe Baseball. It will be quite a contrast having the old and the new technology setting side by side. I'll post before and after pics when I have the time.  
STRAIGHT SHOOTER Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaispicked this game up at Allentown PinFest 2013. Playfield is almost perfect, BG is a 9-, but I went ahead and bought a new repro glass. Plastics are also good, but I bought new repro set. Cabinet is in nice condition, but graphics are somewhat faded. It will receive a repaint....  
STRIKES AND SPARES Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendI just finished bringing this game back to life. I found a NOS populated PF for this game. It's really a beautiful game with the brand new PF installed....Overall rating: BG 9+, PF 9++, cabinet 7. Plays great!! coming soon  
SURE SHOT Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendNeeds a shop job. BG 9, PF 8, plastics 9, head is near perfect but main cabinet has numerous dings and scratches.
SWEET HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableJamaisNice example....Nice PF and plastics and new repro BG but could stand a cabinet repaint. Pics coming soon.  
TROPIC ISLE Gottlieb (USA)Démonté, à restaurerJamaisGame is currently undergoing a ground up restoration including a cabinet repaint that is underway.  
UNIVERSE Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendThis game was dismantled completely and painstakingly restored by me. It had been sitting in a non-working condition for over 25 years when I found it. The cabinet paint is all original. It's in excellent condition as you can see in the pictures. I have well over 150 hours into this restoration and many, many new parts in this project. The game plays just as good as it looks.
WIZARD Bally (USA)Démonté, à restaurerCa dépendPerfect backglass.....needs small PF touch ups just above flippers. Decent cabinet. Will be a very nice example when restored.  
WORLD FAIR Gottlieb (USA)Monté, jouableCa dépendRecently repainted complete cabinet. This example is collector quality. Very nice PF and perfect original BG. Pics coming at later date.  
IMPORTANT: Cette page montre la collection de flippers du membre wedgehead de Saint Albans, WV, USA. Les flippers à monnayeur énumérés ci-dessus, y compris leurs images, ont été téléchargés dans notre base de données par wedgehead lui-même; wedgehead est le seul responsable de l'information contenue en cette page. Les flippers montrés ci-dessus ne sont pas nécessairement à vendre! Veuillez se référer à la 4ème colonne dans la liste pour savoir si un certain flipper est en vente ou pas. Très probablement, la plupart des flippers de wedgehead sont des flippers d'occasion qui ont été installés dans les cafes et d'autres lieux publics; leur valeur en tant que collectable dépend en grande partie de l'aspect et de la fonctionnalité de chaque flipper.
Commentaires par d'autres membres de notre communauté
 De joseallen le 02-03-2018 09:39:
Congrats. A very nice collection. I truly identify myself with it.
 De surfchamp le 12-02-2017 15:14:
Nice collection. Would love to see some pictures of your Gottlieb Straight Shooter when it's done!
 De znet le 02-09-2016 16:21:
I love diverse collections, like yours. Your Universe restoration is noteworthy and that Fireball is pristine. Congratulations. Looking forward to photos of your Blue Note restoration. Thumbs up!
 De gorgar le 30-03-2016 19:13:
Very, very nice Collection. You must have spent thousands of hours to restore your games. Nicely done! Respect! Some of your games never reached Germany. Interesting for me (as a owner of "Hot Shot" to look at the "Sure Shot" pics. Is this the 1-player Version? Greetings from Germany: Gorgar
 De znet le 07-02-2015 21:52:
Terrific titles and equally great examples of each. Well done!
 De stashyboy le 03-02-2013 16:24:
Lots of great classics there! More pics please!!
 De webmaster le 06-10-2012 08:53:
One of the best classic collections of the entire website!
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