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Liste des propriétaires du flipper JACK IN THE BOX
133 flippers JACK IN THE BOX trouvés dans le database
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12volt  Lancaster, CAUSALet me know if you have a back glass that's new or in real good condition.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
5701pin  ViennaAustria
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
abos69   LyonFrance
adam  HermanusSouth Africa
adam   HermanusSouth Africa
alf  RennesFranceSold 1400€
alf   RennesFrance
argail_le_sage  PloudalmezeauFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
bartrougoor   AaltenNetherlandssuper game!
bke1  AdelaideAustralia
bladis  LogroñoSpain
bobsterx   ottawa ontCanadaShopped, ready for action. Sexy artwork. Bare white cabinet.
bribo13  Ortonville, MIUSARe did the playfield, paint and clear coat. new and colorfull rubbers, a thing of beauty....plays fast and fun.
briechert  GimbsheimGermany
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
candr2112   Holton, MIUSAPrice will be $1000 when work is complete.
captain b zaar   BodenSweden
christophem   BourrignonSwitzerland
cine4home   BonnGermany
corsica52   AjaccioFranceje recherche 4pieds bon etat svp merci
crjfan  ViennaAustria
cyberpat59  VredFrance
cyrille   GrenobleFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
dallaspinball   Dallas, TXUSASold to a friend as their first EM pinball.
dboyes  Roanoke, VAUSAstill working on it.
deerlane   Derwood, MDUSA
demo   PolandPoland
denix   LuganoSwitzerlandBrothers machine.
dens40  PeyrehoradeFrance
deonz  CenturionSouth AfricaBusy with a full restoration playfield, Reprinted back glass.
deonz   CenturionSouth AfricaMy 2nd Jack in the Box in perfect playing condition, cabinet needs a repaint
dickdevente  AmsterdamNetherlandsJust bought this one and now ready for restoration. But it works!!! We know that :-)
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dragsto555   VezonBelgium
drawrod Canton, OHUSANeeds full restore.
drmarett  Dallas, TXUSAGreat playing machine which will be given a light paint/clearcoat update on playing field in 2014. The back glass needs a light touch-up if anyone knows a good source :)
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
d_b Stopemailingme, PAUSAReplaced all drop targets with brand new parts. Modified the assembly for single target replacement as per Clay Harrell's suggested mod.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
empined  Livingston, LAUSANice machine
epb0   LardyFrance
eric30-1   Fontenay-sur-eureFranceBonjour, je cherche décor de fond à gauche et dessus cibles. merci
ernest scribbler   LuxembourgLuxembourg
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
fabflip   Saint etienneFranceback glass avec un pet'
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fris   CenturionSouth AfricaExcellent playfield but no backbox or glass
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
glas claes   LerumSweden
golden   ParisFranceÉchangé, Mon premier à la maison ! je l'ai eu en 1979 x 2
goodeyeclosed  Greenville, MIUSA
gorgar  GifhornGermanyNew plastics, new drop targets, new flipper assemblies. A real nice "Kampf-Flipper".
gorgar GifhornGermanyBought from a young couple nearby who had bought a typically 1960/1970 house with a big "Partykeller" (room for parties in the cellar). They didn't want to own this machine although i told them which classic they have. So what should i do....?! Jack in the Box, of course, is one of the best games Gottlieb ever built. Looking forward to overhaul this pin and give it to someone else who really knows and understands its nostalgic value.
gottlieb guy  Middletown, DEUSAreal nice jack in the box. hard to find these in any kind of decent shape. cabinet has been redone backglass and playfield are in excellent condition.
grusom   BergenNorwaySetting this up in the club now. Set up in the clubhouse of Bergen Pinball Club, renovation in progress.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
hallett222   Portland, MEUSA
hamish   AntwerpBelgium
harryvi   VilleperrotFranceFini Plateau retouché vernis decors cibles pont de couloirs posts billes élastique translucides leds batteurs neufs
hilander   HenleySouth Africa
huguespel  HabayBelgium
huub  BocholtBelgium
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
incomer   HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
jackassbeirut  BeirutLebanonFULLY RESTORED AND CHROMED
jackotron  ParisFrancePremier flipper restauré, abandonné depuis plus de 20ans.
jakubtkacz   WymysłówPoland
jeanhube   MilmortBelgium
jefopel  Sint-truidenBelgium
jeremie590  DouaiFrance
jipeg  Mirebeau-sur-bezeFranceTrès belle Backglass. Très beau plateau. Décors impeccables.
jjpm74   Milford, CTUSAGame was sold.
jo 44   PaulxFranceje recherche un gottlieb joker poker ou un hot shot
joseallen  São mamede de infestaPortugal
jufath  Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
kangourou  LyonFrance
kctech  Kansas city, MOUSA
kse-23   Mountain view, CAUSAPurchased 1-9-2015 for $575 on eBay. Rented truck to pick-up in San Rafael, California. Waiting for repair. June 2017.
kubu  ErtveldeBelgiumIf you own this game, please get in touch!
kult arktis   Bobenheim-roxheimGermany
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
lacoche   MontrealCanada
lee   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
lolo  ChellesFrance
louiske123  MachelenBelgium
luc  HoensbroekNetherlands
lucaud   Fontaine le comteFrance
luis1923  MatosinhosPortugal100% Functional Complete 1973
luis1923 MatosinhosPortugal
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
macgyver  MaastrichtNetherlands
malibud2   Oxnard, CAUSA
malvoisin   WinnipegCanadaMissing Backglass
manouche13   MarseilleFrance
mark62   Commerce twp., MIUSA
matsholmqvist   GothenburgSweden
mclaugh  Rockville centre, NYUSA
mitsu 24  MensignacFrance
montauf45  OrléansFrance
monty1  JohannesburgSouth AfricaNice EM machine
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
oliverrrrr   ChavignyFrance
ozobol   SalzgitterGermany
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
pablio   BessegesFrance
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
pferrand   LimogesFrance
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSA
phillips88   Sewell, NJUSA
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballdork  Carlsbad, CAUSAAfter playfield touch up, this machine is a beauty.
pinballfundi  JohannesburgSouth Africa
pinbertpinball  AlmereNetherlandsNew Backglass
pinjost   ViennaAustria
pm22   BarrieCanada
printis   Houston, TXUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
quickdrain   Carpentersville, ILUSA98% complete. Scoring issues........
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ralfredo   OberhausenGermany
rcody67   Poughkeepsie, NYUSA
recycler  AndechsGermany
rolaf9   Chelsea qc.Canada
rosto   BalanFranceJ'ai une backglass état moyen à vendre.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
senpai   RomaItaly
shangwen   LilleFrance
spedygonzales  CentoItaly
steamfitter  OrleansCanada
stevensosebee  Flowery branch, GAUSA
strike king   Cincinnati, OHUSA
stubbens  HallstahammarSweden
swampwiz   Bogalusa, LAUSA
sylvain42  St chamondFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
tillone   Reggio nell' emiliaItaly
timmyvee   Elmhurst, ILUSA
tugdual   Sablé-sur-sartheFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
valmisha   Andover, MNUSASweet clean machine, plays great!
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
wisefwumyogwave   Fort myers, FLUSAat asylum
wizard   BurgdorfGermanyMy favorite Gottlieb (em)
wizpab  BolognaItaly
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
xymox   MarseilleFrance
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
zacaj   Delanson, NYUSA
zim57  SarregueminesFranceCollectors grade: shopped, outstanding PF, BG-zero flaking, Cabinet-still white!

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