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acnryan76  Merrillville, INUSACurrently needs shopping but will be done soon
activmaster  La louviereBelgiumGood states. owned since 1994
arci KlagenfurtAustriaFor about 40 years nearly unused in my grandfather's cellar. Lights and mechanics work fine as far as i can tell.
arkuz  Champaign, ILUSADave Christensen appreciation
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
atpcfiaim  Tacoma, WAUSABought when I lived in Idaho. Backglass mint, playfield pretty close. Cabinet repainted back to original.
axl   NesoddtangenNorway
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bally baba  AgdeFrance
ballystern  ValenceFranceextrait de pinballs le temps des flippers (2008) éditions cuvier .
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
bintzknocker  Rosemount, MNUSA
bobloks   Belleville, ILUSA
bosselectric   Denver, COUSA
brenna98  Wind point, WIUSANice example, perfect BG, nice PF, fully shopped and plays nice. Asking $1500 Sold to coworker for $1200
bribo13  Ortonville, MIUSA
bucket30   Fort wayne, INUSA
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cactus   ReigoldswilSwitzerland
chapmrb   Granbury, TXUSA
cherokee97  Aixe sur vienneFrance
chocolatedog   Spartanburg, SCUSA
chuckwebster1964   Wakefield, MAUSAnicely restored players machine. it might be worthy of a playfield touchup and clear coating down the road to make it collector quality.
cnpandrews  Port orchard, WAUSAThis machine has been in our family since the early 80's.
corndogprince   Big timber, MTUSA
crosbypinball   Crosby, TXUSA
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dallas0606   Dallas, TXUSA
dallaspinball   Dallas, TXUSARough project game. Game partially disassembled and will need considerable work to repair. Backglass not perfect but decent condition. May have a friend with another parts Old Chicago pin who might be able to combine the two to make one decent project game and a parts game out of the two. Will end up in storage until we have time to dig both games out and compare condition and come to an deal on the other game.
dapinballwiz   Williamsburg, VAUSACabinet was painted black! Ugh! After some work I can barely make out the old graphics. Will trace out new stencils off another Old Chicago and repaint the entire cabinet. Everything else is good. Project on back burner for right now.
dasvis   Salem, ORUSAMissing backglass, cabinet needs re-paint, playfield & plastics look good. 9/12/15 - Ordered reproduction backglass from CPR. 8/22/16 - Mechanical restoration done, works. Repainting cabinet. 11/2016 - DONE! Plays great, installed a playfield protector
dave58 Albemarle, NCUSAThis is another game from my 70's memory bank. It is one of my all time favorite games with beautiful artwork that Bally was famous for during that era. This game was restored a few years ago by Herb at Fabulous Fantasies. My "house" record is 220,000 set Feb. 2016. Would part with it for $1,750.
delawsone  Rural hall, NCUSA
dgonz5   San antonio, TXUSA
dgpinball   AldergroveCanada
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dlcastillo51  Tampa, FLUSA
donnyo999  Glenelg, MDUSANice game, CPR playfield swap complete and looks great; needs cabinet restoration and a coin door upgrade as the current one is beat.
dorian_adams   White bear lake, MNUSA
dragon60   Bowling green, KYUSA
drscottsmith   Duncan, SCUSAExcellent condition with 13k plays. Some inserts sunken. No wear on PF. BG is 9.5/10. Cab has some wear. Apparently on location for one year (76-77) and then placed in a home environment.
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ed flipperhands   Langhorne, PAUSAVery nice BG, cabinet has some dings and scrapes. PF is very nice, but does have some very minor wear near the center kickout, and very minor planking. PF layout is very interesting on this game with pops down near the flippers, adds an element of skill to master. Very attractive BG on this pin.
ela   WaalreNetherlands
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
em junkie  St. catharines, ontarioCanada
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flippinem   Winnipeg, mbCanadaOriginal as found. On the list to restore.
frank   DoetinchemNetherlands
frankie898   Willoughby hills, OHUSA
frenchy   WinnipegCanada
full house 66   LondonUnited KingdomBeautiful backglass - very good multi player game.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
ging   SherbrookeCanada
gloorch    thalwil / zurigoSwitzerland
gonzjoe   Porter, TXUSA
goodolddays SydneyAustraliaI have done a complete mechanical overhaul on this game (everything stripped, cleaned and adjusted , light lube with Superlube as required). Cabinet repainted in matching original colours . New flipper kits installed, all new playfield posts and runbber kit , all coil sleeves replaced with new.
gosub4  Powell, OHUSAA great match with my Captain Fantastic.
gringonaut  HolzmindenGermany
grusom   BergenNorwayRenovated 2021. Playable in the club house of the Bergen Pinball Club.
gt7kt7   Williamsburg, OHUSA
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han   Penbroke pines, FLUSA
haydeng   JohannesburgSouth AfricaMy Machine has fully been restored to new, I will add pics at a later date. I have owned it since 1983
hdlast   Mill creek, WAUSANice playing game - BG 10, PF 8, Cab 7. Great theme.
highroller  Eastsound, WAUSA
homebrood   Glenview, ILUSASuper nice Old Chicago!
hooper   Lincolnshire, ILUSA
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jack26  ValenceFrance
jacob GuesnainFranceEntičrement rénové (plateau, caisse, fronton,...)
jaybird   Seattle, WAUSAEarly Production orange playfield and Over The Top backglass.
jerryreyer   Southfield, MIUSAtrouble with score motor
jknpa  Pottsville, PAUSA *******Great Backglass***** Why I bought the Pin....LOL.
jmsvero Vero beach, FLUSA
jodini  Omaha, NEUSAOne of my better looking machines! Had to repaint the cabinet, but it beats the smoke stains it had! Tough game to play but love the multiplayer!
joelany  BensheimGermanyVery very cool EM machine. Never heard before, but this one is really attracting. Update: I have done a new backglas myself. Direct print on glass (like original). If someone is interested, please contact me. see pictures for quality! Cab will be restored with new colors.
joelany  BensheimGermanyVery good playfield after cleaning. Will be clearcoated. Cab gets a new, cooler design...Chicago Skyline and theme, instead of these bubble linear design originally...will be posted soon.
joschi   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermanyAll original, clean state
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
karl   OsloNorway
kiwipin   AucklandNew ZealandI bought this with a stripped playfield. Would be a perfect candidate for a cut and then clearcoat. Backglass is good. A classic 4 player with Dave Christiensen artwork.
kse-23   Mountain view, CAUSAPurchased 8-16-15 on eBay, for $499.00. To my surprise, there were no other bidders for a shopped machine! I just need to put on four extenders, as the pinball stops on the playfield. STI shipped it in record time from Maryland!
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lagoontrap   ThunSwitzerland
lberry   Fayetteville, ARUSAHave two, one is project.
ldavids  örnsköldsvikSweden
leckmeck  Afton, MNUSASerial number 3894. Found on Craigslist in February 2016. Seven hungry scavengers vied for it, but a good friend provided essential assistance so it could be mine. My wife says the playfield looks like a birthday cake. Sold April 2019 to make space for other projects.
leffe   JakobsbergSweden
lets   Richmond, CAUSA
lostinthezone   Washington, DCUSA
louiske123  MachelenBelgium
luxflipper   WasserbilligLuxembourg
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
mac   KristianstadSwedenSold 2007.
macgyver  MaastrichtNetherlands
maio54   Salo'Italy
matsholmqvist   GothenburgSweden
max135   TicinoSwitzerland
maxvit  PerugiaItaly
mcdonaldpj  Rochester hills, MIUSA
michel maignaut   MontfrinFrance
mitchell  Seattle, WAUSA
mnpinball   Cokato, MNUSA
movingpictures  Montreal, quebecCanada
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
nicovolta  Roanoke, VAUSA
nikosdos   Sint maartenNetherlands
nstolze  Mchenry, ILUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
old school   Santa barbara, CAUSA
oldpinguy  Westfield, INUSA
omo   TrondheimNorway
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
oryk zinyo   Bremerton, WAUSA
osprey  Brookings, ORUSAThis was my first pinball machine. On a scale of 1 to 10, the backglass is a 10. Playfield would be a 9 and the cabinet a faded 8. Love it!
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
p.   UtrechtNetherlandsGood condition, no playfield wear
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerland
pathand   EibergenNetherlands
pathand   EibergenNetherlands
pezjohnson   Centennial, COUSA
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballark  KalmarSwedenGood condition, but some parts are repainted on the PF, and after that it´s clearcoated. The cabinette is worn, but it´s original. I will keep it this way, but everything else is shiny polished.
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSAextra double
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSAdouble
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pinheadlem   AbbotsfordCanadagust got it
pjw   Garfield hts, OHUSAneed cabinet decals.
pkp   LigueuxFrance
pocketpal   Olney, ILUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
redvette  Houston, TXUSA
rempins Pompano beach, FLUSAI found this game on the side of the road being thrown out, the back was completely gone from water damage and the owner kept the backglass, I brought it home rebuilt the back of the cabinet, cleaned it up and got it working, 3-years later I hear from Tim Arnold he has a backglass for me, now the game was complete but doomed. Update: This game has already been sold.
rfeldman  Wayne, NJUSA
robg   BrisbaneAustralia
rockburch   Burch, SCUSA
rossignols   Saint denis de pileFrance
rrwalters   Valparaiso, INUSAIf you own this game lets get in touch
rschar   Livermore, CAUSA
rvalluy  échalasFranceI love it, no equivalent in em, alpha or datamatrix ones.
rvdv   Corona, CAUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
same player   NantesFrance
sasebokid   Laguna hills, CAUSAhas always worked. Re-conditioned with new rubber rails a couple of years ago. $ player.
shazzam   West bloomfield, MIUSAVery Nice - Very Little PF wear
snackies   Pittsburgh, PAUSAReally nice original example
sorcerer   Loup city, NEUSA
spiderman   BerneSwitzerlandPerfekt EM condition , Side Artwork is special, plays great,
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
stscs   Atoka, TNUSAPurchased September 2018 from Danny H. Brown in Jackson, TN. Perfect back glass (looks brand new - might be a reproduction or just an immaculate original). Cabinet repainted by previous owner (close to original pattern but not exact). Playfield is decent but not fantastic.
stubbens  HallstahammarSwedenNOS backglass. This game is imported from Norway.
superchris3475   Monona, WIUSA
sureshot  OdessaCanadaFound in a gravel basement and very humid. 2/3 of the playfield was mylar crap, it save the cars
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
tantor  PoitiersFrance
tbags  Pawtucket, RIUSA
themjj  Fairview, NCUSAI need to repair the bumpers. There is one coil that looks burnt. There is also a weak flipper. Other than that, it works great.
timr720  Lafayette, COUSA
todd   OshawaCanada
turd.ferguson  WaterlooCanadaReceived with no backglass, otherwise plays fantastically. Looking for new backglass
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
u235  Bridgeton, NJUSAFirst pinball machine
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
vdrums2112   Salem, INUSA
vivasantana   Pittsburgh, PAUSABeautiful game. Has it all kick-outs, spinners, drops sweet looking pin!
voltan78   Rock creek, OHUSA
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
willem jan   ElmptGermany
wizard   BurgdorfGermanynice one
wizardblom  KloetingeNetherlandsMost of the parts are restored: plastic set, bumpers, flippers, new rubbers. Have a stencilset from pinballpimp, will be painted next summer.
wolftownjeff  Madison county, VAUSABeautiful, restored by CPR artist. Invisaglass by JJP. All PF parts chromed. Cabinet painted in 5 color gangster stencils by Pinball Dreams. John Dillinger with machine gun. Original and new CPR BG. New legs. Works 100%.
collectionneur emplacementnationnotes
zacaj   Delanson, NYUSA
zesurfer  Saint-jean-de-luzFrance

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